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    If you are reading this message, this is after the website update that took place i think 26/9/2018... I think we can all agree that while this is not the update we all wanted, it still is good news. Some people have reported issues and I really hope the update has resolved them. Plus, this update (not sure if it's just the looks of the site?) maybe is proof that Access has not forgotten about us...i mean... they could have let the forum slowly fade away. Instead they invested some time in this upgrade. It's a sign that they are alive! What do you guys think?

    Did exactly as you said, when I turn the intensity knob fast it creates something like a really short white noise/scratch. it's audible in all octaves not just the lower range so i guess the good news is that, i think, your unit is fine.

    Now why this happens I have no clue...

    On another positive note, the sound created as described when played in octaves or simple power chords is pretty neat :)

    It‘s really puzzling why the wavetables are not sorted alphabetically, neither in the hardware nor in the VC plugin’s menu.

    On a similar note, "Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3" and so on in classic mode is not ideal either :p

    I cant replicate Geschwalm's finding on the TI, it only works on the actual hardware. Funnily enough if you change the WT on hardware it won't be shown on the TI. Obviously the one actually loaded is the one shown on hardware.

    Thanks both for your tips! Always interesting reads when you two discuss :)

    Oh wow if that was a live edit then that changes everything, its even more impressive now :) I really hope our comments will be useful. Keep us posted bro, can't wait to hear the finished version!

    I heard it all without skipping...Absolutely love the sounds and the general mood..the intro kinda reminds me of Eternal Darkness music (yeh i'm a gamer too). Nice one bro!

    My comments production wise...not that i'm an expert are my 2 *humble* cents:
    1. i feel the drums are a tad dry?
    2. the melody at 3.50...absolutely love..consider a quick "turnaround" that goes below the tonic every 16 bars maybe? and maybe animate that sound a bit more?
    3. mid/low end is a bit busy and mid/high a bit blant?
    4. at the "drop" at 6:00 consider removing the kick for 4 beats, think it will increase the "boom" factor. It kinda feels like the outro is beginning there so it may help a bit.
    5. flangers/phasers are slightly excessive to my ears
    6. at 6.49 at that mini snare roll..before the main melody is introduced again....push it :D
    7. Try to "draw attention" to the main lead when re-introduced...its a bit straight/plain

    Don't get me wrong, I really liked it, but being an artist too i feel that simple comments like simple "well done" wont help anyone...Hope this helps!

    Hi Dave

    I don't wanna sound like an Access Official but Bitwig is sadly not an officially supported DAW. But probably you are right, the connecting procedure should fundamentally be the same. Consider diving into Bitwig's manual.

    I highly doubt we will ever see a VST-only virus, whether DAW-exclusive or not, there are pirates out there...

    I really hope you manage to get it working! :)


    well...does the audition button help?
    If you go first shift+twist sustain slope knob and then hit the audition button, you can still edit sustain slope while auditioning your sound.

    I was staring at this post for like 10 minutes, then turned on my virus to try out what you guys were talking about and would still not understand, then it hit me that you must be talking about the shift key of the keyboard we type with and not the shift button of the virus...(sigh) I feel so stupid but I shall excuse myself; it's been a really shitty and tiring day at work :)

    GESchwalm, you could also try a solution like an on-screen keyboard that works with the mouse, for example Free Virtual Keyboard (just google & download), this one is also re-sizable and the shift button stays pressed with a single click :)

    I upgraded a couple of weeks ago from Saffire Pro 24 DSP (main) + M-Audio Profire 2626 (ADAT slave) to second hand RME Fireface 802 + RME Octamic II...will never look back. Super solid, more flexible mixer software and the sound is just very transparent and unreal...

    I chose the 802 over other RMEs because it has 2 ADAT ins as I always like to plan ahead - i can add another octamic or even a second 802 or even UFX if needed. I was also considering the UFX and UFX+ but the extra cost was not worth it to me.

    You gotta indeed link the TI to the midi out plugin.

    On your TI wrapper, under settings, under MIDI, set for instance input port 1.
    On your Midi out plugin, set Port as 1 (to link it to TI). On your midi out again, on the left side, the "channel" is the patch that corresponds to the virus patch.

    You follow the same approach for other hardware synths or VSTs that offer multitimberality (for instance Omnisphere) but make sure you select a unique midi port to each synth.

    On my FL template I have 28 midi out "plugins", 16 of which are for the virus :)

    Let me know if this helps.

    Mod matrix is your friend :) check the parameters that are linked to your modwheel...reverse their polarity in the mod matrix. For instance if you have the filter cutoff in the matrix at +72 turn it to -72 and it should work. Leave the actual filter cutoff unchanged.

    An alternative solution would be to utilize the USB only for the TI software and MIDI functionality and let the sound through only the analogue outs, if you are able to do so. In theory wouldn't that make the USB data stream more efficient?