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    Oh no no no no don't do this to me I currently don't have space here even for a TB303...

    It definitely thinks it's a virus, I mean look at the design and the knobs are probably the same. Not as fat sounding as a virus, wonder how much it will be priced. Wouldn't say it has a distinct character, which may be good or bad. No WT import! Start up company, hmmmm...even if I get it, I definitely won't be an early adopter.

    Even one of their demo songs funnily enough is called "dark star"...

    Not familiar with Logic, in FL there is a midi debug option where you get to see all the incoming messages as they occur. A twist of a knob from value 0 to 10 would generate like 20 lines on the report. Maybe logic has a similar functionality which will enable you to trace the source of the signal?

    An update on the above OP.
    I discovered that, if I turn on the virus first, and the issue happens, I simply press a key on my keyboard and the LEDs start blinking normally, i.e. at the actual LFO rate. It looks as if the synth is looking for an input signal to start syncing the LFOs. I then continue firing up my DAW and all seems good.
    Note my midi keyboard is directly connected to my virus via midi.

    Fun thread indeed, and lol at the MJ comment.
    Yes i mean psychedelic. Apart from sounds I also tend to make my own words. Oh well!
    Any screen protector for a phone will do, just cut it in shape. Just make sure it's plastic (bending) and not the more expensive glass ones. Now that I see it, I may need a new one :)

    So... I'm the only one using baby wipes? Gently though, I don't want the synth to get all wet.
    About once per month I also remove all the knobs and give the synth a nice clean with a liquid cleaning product for stainless steel and another one for the front wooden panel. I should also get one for the knobs...
    I also have a screen protector installed and my gear is generally always covered under a nice thick psyish tapestry.
    I think I may be sick...

    I'm not sure if you can get a backlight without the LCD - I always had them in my mind as one. In any case, your best bet would be to contact access support to see if they can send you one. Otherwise you may want to look online for used synth parts or contact the persons that created the above videos.

    That is some fantastic work man, well done!

    I'm wondering how and with what synth the patches at 7.25 were made...the gliding lead and the arpy (not acid) lead starting again at 7.25 and vanishing by 7.40, I can swear I listened to the exact same patch on a track by astral projection...

    share your magic!!

    This may or may not be a hardware issue. I'm a Windows user so I will be of limited help. So the TI software loads and you still getting no sound? Maybe contact support to report your issue.

    I would however try the following just to get more information about the error:
    1. make sure that when the unit is on and no sound comes out, that sound actually comes out directly from the headphone output of the synth
    2. how does the synth behave without DAW?
    3, check your virus outs options vs your logic configuration (usb or jack?)
    4. check ALL outs - maybe it's something with a specific out.

    If you decide to give it away for free, please pm me :)

    Jokes aside, if you have followed the best practices (such as updated software, correct and good quality cabling, dedicated USB port via dedicated PCi port, fairly recent computer, compatible and updated DAW and OS, fair distribution of the synth RAM etc) and still have issues. you may want to consider a midi only solution. I've had my TI2 since May 2010 and although it does have its hiccups, its perfectly workable and i'm still in love with it.

    You shouldn't have major issues. If you elaborate a bit more on your issue we may be able to help you.

    Hooray 100th post!
    Indeed that would be nice, and indeed it is free running.
    There are two ways to get around this:
    1. use LFO 1 or 2 (or matrix linked to LFO 1 or 2). Sadly this supersedes the purpose of the dedicated phaser LFO but it gets the job done, especially if your phaser LFO rate is slow.
    2. Set phaser LFO rate to 0 and control phaser feedback manually.
    Personally I never used the phaser LFO for the the exact same reason as your post concern. I always use method 2. Another benefit of method 2 is that you can get very very creative, especially with lead sounds - let alone the fact that I am, admittedly, a control freak.

    I agree its a very superficial :)

    Here's my list...

    1. Nord Modular G2x. Because it's sexy as f*ck.
    2. Moog Voyager XL. It was printed directly from a designer's dream.
    3. Access Virus TI2 (whiteout edition). Innocent and pure.
    4. Arturia Matrixbrute. "LOOK. AT. ME."
    5. DSI Prophet Rev2, classy. Could be pretty much any DSI synth here.
    6. Korg Minikorg. A musical tank with knobs, faders and an oscilloscope.
    7. StudioLogic Sledge v2.0. We all have that one punk friend.

    I wouldn't say the virus (normal edition) is particularly appealing when it comes to looks...I have it for it's beefy sound :) Though it's usually my first choice of inspiration...