Posts by psylence much as I absolutely love my virus, there's no shame admitting that I would not use the virus' envelope follower :) For your specific purpose (i.e. automations on, no menu digging) I would use a software solution.

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    The envelope follower basically allows you to input sound and convert it into a control signal.

    To do a starting patch, load an init patch and go to FX 1 section.
    The INPUT (the normal input, above env follower) should be off.
    ENV Follower: Set input to In L+R and level to around 90. The level is the sensitivity towards the incoming signal. At this stage the filter envelope is disabled.
    In the mod matrix set as mod. source "Filter Envelope" and a desired destination, for example OSC pitch and set amount all the way to positive. Hit a key & tweak to taste! Really bizarre things can happen...

    I might be wrong but I don't think you can map these parameters though - its more of a live thing.

    Oh, It was my understanding that you had a separate midi keyboard! Since your virus is a kb version, yes you needed to go with midi out.

    Anyway I'm really glad to hear you got it working! Enjoy your new virus :)

    When you say "the keyboard", you mean the controller I use for the Virus, not the keyboard on the Minilogue, right?

    Yes that was my understanding of what you wanted to do - am I correct? Midi keyboard to control both ML and Virus.

    Hope your new one is better :) When you get it let us know and we will assist!

    One more point...Please make sure you have the connections correct. It looks like you have this:

    KB (midi out) => ML (midi in)
    ML (midi thru) => Virus (midi in)

    Instead of:

    KB (midi out) => Virus (midi in)
    Virus (midi thru) => ML (midi in)

    OK i got it running with both synths just to make sure. My setup midi-wise is as above, but with my virus not usb connected (sorry!).

    As you probably know, on each (digital?) synth, each "part/patch" is usually represented by a midi channel number, as a "listening" port. On the Virus, part 1 is midi channel 1, part 2 is midi channel 2 and so on. This is the case when the virus is on multi-single and multi mode. On single mode the default midi channel is 1, but you can change that under Config under midi settings page 1/3 (global channel).

    I'm not sure about the midi on ML cause it's unitimberal and analogue. I would firstly link only the ML to the keyboard to find out the midi channel it listens to - in any case, some homework for you here!

    Then, you have to change the midi channel on your keyboard to represent the part/synth you wish to play with (i.e. to send midi signal to the wished "listening" port. In my case I have the Nord assigned with midi channels 1-4 (it's 4 part multimberal) and this is configured in my Nord midi settings. So if I set my kb to play midi channel 2 I know I will be playing the 2nd part of the Nord. If I set it to channel 10, I will be playing the 10th of the virus.

    Please note I'm not a keyboardist or a live player and there might be an easier or more live-friendly way to achieve what you seek for.

    In any case please let me know if the above is sufficient or if more help is needed and I will do my best!

    The truth is that midi only hardware synthesizers sync almost least that's what's happening with mine. For the virus, if using TI, a workaround would be to press the play button some time before the part you actually wish to audition - I find a whole bar is usually enough. It needs its time :)

    -For the GUI I would also add a resizable plugin window and a shortcut/combo on the hardware to switch the plugin tabs

    Not sure if that's necessary, we have knobs almost all over the synth for all functions! The resizeable plugin is a nice one..added on OP.

    We already have that. It's the knob in the far upper left corner. :D

    Sorry lol I meant per AMP ENV per OSC :) edited original post

    Hi guys, this is my consolidated list of features for the virus...I'm not complaining, I absolutely love the virus, I know it's pros and cons but some things could easily (I think!) be implemented... in my list I will also suggest possible ways to make things easier on Access, as I'm aware that just like all hardware, memory is an issue! I will not be suggesting hardware updates...

    Global on/off button of FXs...+ make that button modulable :) not sure if this word even exists

    OSC Section
    -detune on OSC1
    -positive and negative detune on all OSCs
    -draw or import wave function - provided this is a single cycle. This could be a part of the existing wavetable osc, but it would be awesome if the imported wave could be used in all OSC modes. I understand this will be an issue if we eg use all 16 parts with own waves due to memory limitations so a hardware update might be needed, I personally would be very happy if I had this feature on at least 2 parts.
    -how about additive synthesis? The virus can handle 9 saws, I dont see why it couldnt handle 9 or even more sines..
    -portamento curve/link to envelope
    -route from another patch to make ultracomplex patches (obviously sacrifice 1 OSC)
    -reverse / contour /change polarity
    -this might be unusual...add pwm for subosc

    Filter/Envelope Section
    -how about a few more envelopes? :)
    -to show graphically via a eg dot where the sound is at in envelopes (like serum)
    -loop function on envelopes (clocked?)
    -self oscillation without pressing keys
    -separate envelopes for each osc or in matrix add separate volumes for each osc

    LFO section
    -lfo fade in on lfo 1 & 2
    -trig phase on lfo 3
    -env mode on lfo 3. I know that lfo3 is supposedly made mostly for vibrato effects but since we get to use lfo3 in the matrix we might as well get the full thing.
    -update the graphic of the wave on the TI on all lfos when messing with contour or trig phase (eg introduce a vertical line)
    -draw/import own lfo shape
    -can the lfos go faster into sort of fm mode ? :)

    Matrix section
    -this is a tough officially support amp envelope convexity using lfo or other envelope, or
    -even change attack shape in filter section (exponential, linear etc)
    -to add support on lfo rate while on clocked mode
    -to add "arp rate"
    -to add character tune and wet amount
    -OSC as mod source
    -we are missing (I think) some parameters from the filterbank section.

    ARP section
    -new mode: sequencer - to show "velocity" in semitones
    -to edit existing presets => this could be done using an edit mode that overrides the user mode (so no memory issues on the actual hardware) or
    -"copy" existing presets into "user" mode, or at least
    -set the loop for existing presets (eg loop bars 5 to 9)
    -glide mode - not everything has to sound like a modular system

    FX section
    -make that vocoder usable (sigh!) & increase in bands maybe? (might need hardware update)
    -use vocoder with own oscillators (eg osc1 carrier and osc2 modulator)
    -add Q to low and high frequencies
    -LFO on delay and phaser to have clocked modes (so we dont sacrifice an lfo for those)
    -compressor (might need hardware update)
    -add in characters "Virus A/B/C" to emulate the difference in the converters

    -Chord mode/memory
    -some settings are found only on the hardware (eg config) and others only in the software...why not have all settings in a one stop shop
    -96khz sample rate (optional!)
    -resizable plugin (thanks Daksha)

    Dear Access - Christmas is coming... :)

    Alright, here are my 2 cents for you...

    1. connect your virus to your daw using the TI software. Disable/disconnect all your other midi devices, including the keyboard and the cirklon. Load an INIT patch, and set OSC balance all the way to OSC 1 so that only OSC 1 is audible.
    2. Set filter balance all the way to the left, so that only filter 1 is audible.

    Press a key with your mouse within your daw, you should be hearing a static saw wave. Please confirm.

    Can you still hear an lfo going on? If yes, can you identify what is going on in the sound, i.e. which lfo is NOT actually zero?

    Move a bit the filter cutoff 1 value on the LFO page from the software AND from the machine. Are the values being displayed the same?

    Let us know :)