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    Hi guys...First of all please let me make clear that i did create a support ticket to Access, however I'm not receiving a confirmation email so, not sure if they have received my query. Below I'm copying the same ticket created.

    Hi there,

    When I load the TI software (TIS) the following comes up

    Virus TI has discovered a setup problem. The host is using an odd audio interface buffer size which causes communication problems. Please adjust the buffer size to any of the following sample values instead: 64 128 256 512.

    Now my sample rate actually is 512 and the above error still comes up. So far I have tried the following without success of getting rid the message:
    -changed buffer size to 64 128 256 512
    -reinstalled soundcard
    -reninstalled Virus
    -downgraded virus to previous version
    -upgraded again to latest version
    -tried older version of my DAW
    -changed USB port (which is on a dedicated PCI slot, so the virus is on its own)
    -switched audio driver to asio4all
    -switched back and forth to 48khz and 44.1khz sample rate. The virus is set to automatic/external.

    Please note that the error doesnt come up when i load the 64bit version of TIS, however I have unfinished projects that use the 32bit version and the error does come up every single time.

    Extra info: I use FL 12.3 and have 32GB of RAM installed. My OS is Win8.1. My virus is desktop TI2. Any tips are welcome!

    Thank you,

    Hi MrMateusz

    Proud user of FL 12 here with a TI2, working with the TI software though and a Saffire Pro 24 interface. I'll help as much as I can!

    1. The actual hardware or the TI software doesn't allow you to select digital out (unless if I missed this) - I think you have to set the output as "Out1 L+R" so the digital out is a copy of Out1-just like the headphones socket. Please note that with 2x analogue outs for a total of 3 channels, the analogue ones will be mono.

    2. Not sure about this as i've never tried it - i'm using other midi only hardware synths and the latency is truly negligible - both when playing and recording. I always check the syncing manually though after rendering just in case.

    3. We have 3 options here:
    a. Midi Out FL plugin
    b. Patcher FL plugin (in case you have lots of time available!)
    c. Try out an already made editor for the virus, like the mystery islands one.

    I hope this helps!
    Kind regards,

    Armino-g you can go up to 6 channels if you use both the usb and the analogue outs...or even 9 if you use the analogue outs as mono :)

    Guys I disagree with a few of you saying that the synth "is not relevant anymore". It's a synthesizer - it all depends on how you use it and program it to make the best out of it. Yes Access are a bit radio silent lately regarding the Virus, no updates, Vocoder still doesnt work perfectly but hey, we got one of the best synths in the market. I truly feel grateful for owning a Virus (Ti2 Desktop) but I guess it's human nature to be wanting more and more isn't it?

    Hi pryere,

    From the official Access page, under Support, select discontinued products and under category select Operating systems (older versions). From there you can download the latest software for your Virus B, which is v4.8. Inside the zip there is a folder called Manual Addendum, which includes a pdf that describes all the differences between OS 4.5 and 4.8.

    Kind regards,

    Hello! It seems that Access have removed them from their site - here you go, uploaded!


    Please verify the contents of the archive - don't want people thinking I'm spreading a virus :) (pun intended)


    Hi DJKeysThe feature request here is to modify existing preinstalled arpeggiator patterns. Imagine I want to use pattern 53 but change a step a bit or change velocity somewhere - what would I do? It can't be done.

    Hi Derek,

    Try to change the buffer size from FL internally (options, audio settings) and set it to 64, 128, 256 or 512. If the soundcard does not support these values (which I don't think it doesn't) then you should consider using alternative audio drivers (for instance FLAsio or Asio)

    Are you OK with the 64bit version? Did you manage to sync it with the FL clock?

    Regarding your USB slot make sure you dedicate a whole line of usb slots just for the virus. If you have a pci card with usbs with lets say 3 usb inputs, use only one and only for the virus (when the virus is active). If you have a desktop pc and can add a pci card i strongly suggest you do so.

    Hope this helps.


    Hi Derrek,

    I hope I will be of assistance, as I am using a very similar system to yours. FL 12, Virus TI2, Windows 8.1 and a saffire pro 24 dsp soundcard.

    Try this:

    On your FL go to options - audio settings and set the buffer length as one of the suggested values as per your pictures. This should eliminate error no.2. I think that scarllet interface does not have a dedicated mix software. Personally I usually use 256 unless if I want to record something by playing the keyboard.

    Then load the Virus control as you would with any other vst. You will always get the "error" as per picture no.1. There you have to press cancel. That message is not valid for FL 12 as pre delay compensation IS automatically adjusted in FL12. It seems that Access might need to adjust that pop up message when Virus Control is loaded on FL 12. When the virus control is loaded, make sure you route it on an empty channel, the rest will be done on its own. Try a simple 4/4 beat to make sure it syncs. Let me know if it works!


    Hi all,

    I'm running VC on the latest version via FL (again, latest version). I'm currently doing a track which has 55 automations, most of which are linked to parameters on the VC. When I tried to add one more, it wouldn't let me (the option to create an automation channel was grayed out).

    When I created a brand new project to see if the issue is Virus related, I could create an automation as always.

    When I reset all channels in the full project and tried to automate something , it wouldn't let me, so it doesn't seem to be a memory issue. I'm barely reaching 25% of FL's memory even with the full project.

    At this point I'm not even sure if the issue is FL related, Virus related, or PC related (though I would class my pc as high-end).

    Anyone willing to shed some light or suggest things I try out? Is there a limit in the amount of automations one can do via VC?