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    And this thread helps the silent ones to leave their system intact , while being "in a productive enviroment" and update when almost everything seems to go well. Virus forums saved me a lot of headache especially in the 1.xx TI updates!!

    As far as I have tested, commercial soundbanks for the virus can't reach the quality of the presets, it's kinda weird, but free sounds from access are enough for starting point and are free, not to mention thousand of perfect patches on access site (omg nearly 3000 presets) and we are not talking about a sampler here, it's a VA waiting for you to twist it's knobs.
    Most of the commercial banks demos I've heard are just a bunch of detuned saws and woobly basses ,ideal for those wanting to use their VA as a tape deck, but I don't give any respect to sound designers willing to be paid for something given free. I'd pay a donation though to Rui Pixioto or Richard Devine for example, beacuse analyzing their patches game me a new insight to use the TI more creatively.

    TI 's volume controller is in the digital domain and must be connected to a mixer if you want your eardrums and your woofers to be safe.
    Many users including me, experienced this noise burst with early OS's (V 1.0 ), the noise was humorously named "satan saws" but nowadays is fixed.
    Download the update again, just in case it was semi-corrupted and try updating the firmware again. TI is a computer and sometimes can behave nasty .

    I love this artifact, especially when I turn the reverb level all the way up. It sounds like a paranoid conversation. However you can try automating it by hand and record the result via analog outs. :)

    I had a problem with the crazy blinking bpm light,causing tempo instabilities with 4.0.5. Now with 4.1 the problem is solved. So for me, it works in the reverse order....

    IMHO Zebra sounds phat, but flubby. There is not such a soft synth in the market that can beat the virus in terms of crispiness and fatness. But this is a forum about synthesizers and not cars. The purpose of a synthesizer is to produce music and not being compared with another one in terms of "horsepower" and "torque".After all, minimoogs oscilators were the most unstable but the most musical. This unstability was so humane and thats one of the points of music after all, To make us remember that we are humans. So much clinical approach to music results in tasteless music. Didn't meant to offend someone, you can always have fun with the oscilloscope, but the ear and the brain are such different beasts...

    Very cool and inspiring sounds, hope the update is universal for us ,TI mk 1 owners! (it should be)
    I can hear a formant filter as well?
    Nice surprise!! :thumbsup:

    I'm afraid you can't do much with TI's vocoder except pad like sounds which are interesting . Robot voice is the weakest point, :thumbdown: IMO you'd better go for a mikrokorg. I wish all of my above statements to be wrong...

    I cannot spot easily the difference between usb and analog, the levels are different, only matters if you have a decent preamp following the ti.
    I bet that many no1 hits are made using the usb outs and noone using the analog ones... :whistling::D (joking of course)
    Convinience is the No1 factor for me, especially if you have to sacrifise so little in sound quality.