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    Thank you, really!

    I'm happy you like it =)

    Dear all,
    I just made 20 free patches for the Access Virus, i made these with a Virus TI2.
    You can download these for free on my official website .

    There are two soundbanks:
    - The CS Virus Plucks containing 10 plucks/pikes sounds.
    - The CS Virus Pads containing 10 pads sounds.

    Thanks for downloading, I really hope you like these!

    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


    Hi everyone!
    First of all: my name is Dario, I'm from Italy and I'm 23yo.
    I'm making music from lot of years, I made Trance until 1 year ago (my Trance alias is Tragida).

    Now, after thinking about my music I created like a "bin" for it, I called it "The Colorspace".
    This bin contains 3 projects:
    - Need a Name (Ambient / Chillout glitched music)
    - Tragida (trance/dance or all the stuff doing "tunz tunz tunz tunz")
    - Kiis (ambient/nautre/piano slow and relaxing music)

    My new album for Need a Name will be out in January 2011, 8 tracks, in the while I'm working on albums for the other two projects too.
    I used the Virus for all the sounds, never used presets, all sounds created by me, the only other synths I used a little near the Virus are the Roland GAIA and my own VSTs created in Synthmaker.
    I'm adding previews of the new album on YouTube every 4, 5 days until the release date (near January 16th).
    It will be released on iTunes, Amazon and all big stores around the web, plus on my website (paypal/credit card), acutally under construction.

    Well, I'm going to link you to my YouTube channel, you'll find first two tracks I uploaded today (please subscribe to it if you like the music!!).
    Access: thanks for the Virus, I created this project (Need a Name) only thanks to it and I'm sure I'll use it for the two others too!


    Thanks for your time reading all this (I know, my english's bad) and I hope you like the tracks. :)