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    I have just gotten an m1 max mbp and I’m considering mystery islands but I’m seeing a lot of feedback on how it’s not perfect and that support is poor. Is it worth the risk to pay for something that doesn’t work and the developer doesn’t respond?

    Man, this sounds so exciting. I've got a new 16" M1 MBP on the way and I've had anxiety on how this will impact my workflow as I am still using High Sierra on a 2010 Mac Pro so haven't had to worry about the lack of support Access has shown in the last few years.

    What's the best way to transfer projects from relying on the Native Access TI plugin to the Mystery Islands plugin? I can imagine trying to run both at the same time would cause all sorts of chaos?

    Mojave is end of life as of November of last year... so now you have the choice of security updates or a working Virus

    If you're in a country that has consumer protection laws, please file a claim/lawsuit. The fact that they're still marketing this feature and selling new units that are broken out of the box is unreal

    This is the only hope I have at this point to get their attention

    How do you go about this?

    You know, I’d reluctantly agree if Access had officially declared that they had discontinued software support or had they discontinued the TI but this is not the case.

    Just take a look at the “virus” section of their website boasting the Total Integration and free software updates. This spilled with the fact they’re still selling brand new models is clearly false advertising!

    Have you considered taking legal action against Access Music? Their guise of “Total Integration” is nothing short of false advertising. Their support team have refused to comment on any intentions to resolve this in the future despite still producing the synth and selling it at a premium price.

    I had a somewhat similar issue when I started using Massive, trying to get sounds out of it that are similar to The Virus that is. My tip is to stop trying, they are both fantastic synths but have very different sounds. Massive offers a lot that the Virus doesn't but the Virus also offers a lot that Massive doesn't. Hypersaws, Unison and FM sound better on the Virus I've found.

    I can't remember why but the use of the Live feature when using Live is a must otherwise the latency is horrible when playing keys. Ableton Live is a little pricey but worth it especially if you're into performing live without being just a DJ. In regards to Pianos I use Native Instruments Kontakt, NI products are also pricey though, as is anything worth having really...

    MrMowgli, I believe the question is more about wishing to control at what note on the keyboard the modulation is centred (the point at which has no affect, if you go below this point your modulation is negative, above the point the modulation is positive).

    Without looking at my Virus the I'd suggest looking in the filter section, I'm pretty sure I remember something being there...

    To be fair to Access they have been upgrading the features and software of the TI and TI2 constantly for years, the TI now compared to when it first came out has loads more sonic features. Realistically other than a few layout parts and higher power processing there is little to no difference between the TI and the TI2. There probably wont be a requirement for a TI3 until the Hardware needs to be changed

    I don't believe either Logic Pro or Live are free of issues but I use both, I would certainly say Live is the better one for ... live as it also has all the other tools for live performance

    What is it you're trying to do? Sound Diver will help you load and organise patches onto your Virus B, the only thing is Sound Diver was discontinued so long ago you will need an old operating system to be able to install and run it ...