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    It was about 18 months ago I was having this debate with myself, I was also weighting up should I buy just a desktop or just a polar?

    Both machines are identical, other than their colours and the fact the polar has a keyboard, they both have the exact same programming interface and both ship with the same pre sets. So the only thing the Polar has on the Desktop is the keyboard. With all this said though while using the Polar with USB in your DAW the Polar can also be used as a MIDI keyboard, and I have got to say the Polars keyboard is the nicest keyboard I've played on yet!

    It all boils down to your requirement at the end of the day, oh and the Polar is also awesome for live performance!

    How do you mean by drones? Do you want one of the oscs to be at a constant pitch regardless of what key is being played like a bagpipe drone? Or are you talking about making a certain character of tone that you'd recognise as a drone?

    What DAW are you using eugenebalt? I don't think Pitch Bend is a standard CC control in many synths, I think that being one of your main reason for buying a Virus is a little daft considering all methods I'm aware of can aso be applied to pretty much any other synth... Anyways back to my original question, what DAW are you using?

    Each patch on the Virus has a + and a - value which determines the affect the pitch wheel has, it is possible to set this value to 0 so that the wheel has no affect. You can easily edit this in VC, although for me to advise you how you'd have to wait til I get home from work and look at my Virus.

    I've just got my Yamaha FC7 today and have gotten it working with my Virus TI, it was quite simple really. All I had to do was plug it into the right port at the back. Then I pressed the CONFIG button on my Virus until Keyboard 1/5 showed on the display, I then had to press the PARAMETERS keys to the right to Keyboard 4/5. Then you can use either the VALUE 1 knob or VALUE buttons below the PARAMETER buttons to choose what you wish your pedel to control. I personally chose #9, which in the mod matrix is controller 9. I was going to make it control the mod Wheel but this way I can still have the Mod Wheel assigned to other controls, giving me more live control which was, of course, the purpose of buying a controller pedel in the first place!

    Interesting points you raise, although I'm not by any stretch of the imagination a programming expert I can imagine changing anything in regards to the user interface or the features of the OS can potentially create new bugs and/or aggravate anything that was in the slightest bit unstable in the first place. I imagine making something for the Windows platform can be trickier than Mac as there's more variations in Windows PC hardware. I remember having hell trying to get my Digi 002 to work on a windows platform as it was so picky what motherboards it would work with!

    Also keep in mind you won't be able to use some of the nice, latest Patches/Presets for the Virus that require the TI.

    I use a lot of commercial presets, so that would be a big limitation for me.

    Yep, the Virus B wont have the Hyper Saw oscillator, nor the various forms of the waveform oscillators. The TI has more options in regards to effects, including EQ(which only became available in the Virus C), analogue emulated filtering (virus C onwards also) and various others. Like I said previously, the Virus B is a pretty decent synth in it's own right, especially for the price you can get them for, but the TI has loads more features and you will be limited on what up to date Virus patches will translate well onto your Virus B. You can still load new patches into a Virus B but they may well sound different..

    Hi there

    The Virus B doesn't have a VST which you can use to integrate it with. It's one of the earlyish hardware VAs so you'll only be able to control it via MIDI cables. There is a very old application called SoundDiver which you can use to control it but you'd still have to use MIDI cables and it is very old, you'll need something as old as Windows XP to run it.

    To get sound from the Virus B into your DAW you will need to take audio cabled from the Virus B's out into your DAWs recording interface.

    I've still got my Virus B and I really enjoyed using it but I've got to admit I've not used it since I bought my TI ...

    I didn't suggest I gotten a Virus for free, I also paid a lot of money for mine. Although I did point out that the upgrade is free, not many other synthesiser manufacturers would hand out so many free software upgrades.

    It very often works great for me, and when I do come across issues they're mainly down to my computer system. Have you tried your Virus stand alone? Do you still get the same issues? You're still using the same OS. OS 4.5 is a very stable OS and any issues you're experiencing now I doubt will be resolved with an OS upgrade. I suggest you contact Access support about any issues you're experiencing, they're very helpful.