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    the Virus is back to working again,having wiped my macbook..i could do with some advice on how to prevent the Virus from becoming unstable seems to work fine for a week or so then slowly start to become corrupt...i cant believe that i have to refrain from downloading anything!! i.e my plugins and other software...but for now i am holding off Reason 6 and my other software just incase it upsets the Virus and TI...i'm going to backup from the Virus centre as well.

    Reason's shit anyways :D

    I hear that the Virus TI is supposed to work amazingly while in Stand alone mode, and that the majority of issues are computer related when used in Total Integration. Personally I've found, especially since the recent release of the new OS my TI2 is very stable indeed! I actually think my Protools hardware is more glitchey than the Virus to be honest!

    When you say Synths are you including drum hits? 'Cause I've began trying to make drum hits with the Virus, one being a not too bad Hardstyle/Gabber sounding kick.

    I think they're probably referring to the Sound Diver application, this will only work on very old operating systems, Windows XP kinda era I believe. If you email Access Support they should be able to provide you with a copy as long as you've got an old OS installed

    I just re read my post and noticed the second to last line made no sense what so ever so i'll try to re word what it was I was trying to say!

    It's important to note that assigning modulation to an LFO rate, of an LFO that is time sync'd, will have no affect on the LFO's rate what so ever. If you wish to modulate an LFOs rate make sure it's not time sync'd.

    I don't know if this is going to solve your problem, but have you considered modulating the LFO rate of a sine with another LFO, say a square?

    So say for arguments sake you want to modulate filter cut off, assign LFO 1 to the filter cut off, and make LFO 1 a sine wave, set LFO 2 to a square wave. If then in the mod matrix you set the mod source as LFO 2, and get it to control LFO 1 rate. What you should notice is that the modulation on the filter cut off will switch between two speeds, depending on the rate you set your LFOs at these speeds will be more or less noticeable. I'd personally recommend keeping the LFO speed of LFO 2 relatively slow. With some careful tweaking you might be able to get something similar to what you're explaining.

    It's important to not that assigning modulation an LFO rate of an LFO that is time sync'd will have no affect on the LFO's rate.

    I hope the above is clear and helpful to yourself!

    Hi there

    I own both a Virus B, and much more recently a Virus TI Polar. Basically what I want to do is to be able to get the ROM patches from the B and use them on my TI. I have a number of productions that once used the ROM sounds from my Virus B, and I'd like to use the same sounds for my live performances without using sampled audio so I'd like to be able to load them into my TI.

    Is there anywhere which already has the old ROM patches uploaded an easy way to extract the ROM patches from the older models?

    thanks in advance guys

    considering how fussy I am, with the amount of time I used to spend pre set surfing I've programmed the sound myself, and 9 times out of 10 it'll be a hell of a lot closer to what I wanted. Don't get me wrong, it probably wont come over night, my first few pre set designs were pretty pish..

    I can't listen to your sample at the moment but if it's what I think it is then it's quite a simple technique really.

    You'll want to start with a saw based sound, so either a raw saw or a hyper saw which you can tweak for character.

    You will also want this going through a band pass filter.

    You'll then want to assign an LFO to modulate the pitch of your occilators, and an LFO to modulate the cut off of your band pass filter. You could do this with the same LFO but I prefer to use two separate ones for full control over their movements. The modulation on the pitch and cut off will want to be going in opposite directions, so if you're using the same LFO to control both one will have to have negative amount which the other positive. If you use different LFOs I'd recommend them being the same shape and rate for the typical Psy Trance squelch, but I dare say you can probably get interesting effects by breaking this rule!

    I like to set the modulation amount to full positive and full negative for the occilator pitch, if not also the cut off rate. You will need to play with the cut off position some to get the sound you want and you will probably want to play with the trigger phase of the LFOs, this is where using independent LFOs come in handy as you can get more control over the pitch and band pass cut off relationship.

    This should get you the basic sound anyways, you'll wanna play with other parts of the virus to tweak the sound to your taste but the above should certainly get you started.

    Very sneaky Access, you put quite a few vintage oscillators in the wavetables, being new to the Virus, Iv'e been looking at the waveforms in the wavetables and Octavius is a MiniMoog Sawtooth in 6 separate octaves. I'll be posting a complete guide to the wavetables soon.

    I'll be looking forward to that! Still need to experiment more with the wavetables!

    You could try Sound Diver which used to come with the early Virus models until the Indigo I believe, I may be wrong there. Either way it's a third party application which will allow you some control over your Virus B via the midi ports, I've given it a go on my Virus B and it aint that bad. The only set back with it though is that it wont run on modern Computer Operating systems (It was discontinued some time ago) I got it working on Windows XP, I don't know which Mac OS it supports. Try emailing Access customer support if you're willing to use an old version of Mac OS or Windows they should be able to hook you up with a Virus copy of it.