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    Also if you adding phaser/chorus/reverb to your bass i would strongly recommend you look at getting a plug in to make anything below around 250hz mono. I use brainworx's bx control for this but most daws will have a stereo spread plug in and i know ozone 4 has a tab in it for this kinda thing.

    You haven't mentioned what filter your using or what lfo 1's rate is except sine?
    If you want some advice - stop making wobbles if your just starting to make dubstep. Why sound like all the other 15 year old kids using a cracked versions of massive? Especially when you have something as mean as the virus, you can make soe pretty fresh sounds if you mess about enough.
    Here's some tips - have filter 1 as a hi-pass (yes hi-pass) set it low and have it in series going to filter 2 which will be a low pass or band pass filter. Filter 1 will basically remove any sub frequencies (below 100hz) allowing you to sit a sine wave sub underneath, fits better into the mix too.
    Try using a triangle lfo to modulate filter 2. I like this shape because you can go from ramp down to ramp up shapes using the contour control of the lfo.
    Have lfo 3 set to a square shape @ 1/2 or 1/1 modulating the lfo contour of the triangle lfo (probably lfo 2 as filter cut-off it's hard-wired to this lfo) this will make the filter's mod shape crossfade via the square lfo between 2 different lfo contours making it a little more interesting. You can also do the same with lfo 3 as a square shape to crossfade between 2 different lfo speeds on filter 2 if you have lfo 1 doing say a 1/8 and lfo 2 doing a 1/16th to the filter cut off of filter 2 for example.

    Have you tried using an lfo set to a ramp up shape controlling oscillator or patch volume?
    To make an lfo ramp up you set it to triangle with the contour fully positive ie all the way to the right.
    In the mod matrix set this lfo to modulate either patch volume or oscillator volume. Make sure the oscillator volume in the VC osc tab is set to 0 that way with positive modulation in the matrix it will basically make the sound go from 0 to full causing this pumping effect your on about. have the lfo set to 1/4 for the classic kick ducking effect.
    Worth a shot :)
    Also make sure the lfo trig phase is set to 1 and in sync, change the oscilator volume in the osc tab to change the amount of pumping that you want