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    I have to recreate sound of the previous synth-player of my band Outerspace-overdose. I know he made this sound with a Ms2000. I don't have a MS2000 but i have A Virus TI. After trying many hours creating this sound i didn't get the right feeling.

    can some body help me with creating this sound on the virus TI.

    it's the sounds thats start at moment when the drums comes in (around 21 secs) and plays almost the whole song. It's like a short staccato sound.

    you can listen to the song here.…day-the-earth-stood-still.

    Finally found the problem. On my karma i have to change one timbre to EXT and set the midi channel not to the general midi channel of my karma. Then select a patch on COMBI1.1 page of my karma. This patch number will select the corresponding patch on my VIRUS TI.

    Thnx for you help

    The strange thing is when I use my Roland RD-700GX to control my Virus TI, it' s possible to change the complete multi mode patch.

    I monitored both midi signals for patch change.
    Roland RD-700GX: only sending a single program change

    Korg Karma: sending a single program change and some Sysex data.

    since yesterday i own finally a Virus TI deskop and i'm very happy with it.
    Now i wan't to intergrate the virus into my live setup.

    My Korg Karma is the center of the setup. I will send program changes to the virus TI which i Run in Multi mode. Is it possible to change multi-mode patches with a Program chang from my karma. Instead of changing only one singe patch within de mulit-mode patch.