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    Hi, when I shut down my Virus TI Desktop by pushing the buttons on the device, I get a pc freeze and only rebooting helps.
    This happens only when the Virus is connected to the usb3 motherboard port (Intel DX79TO).
    But on usb2 ports Virus is working well :D

    yeah update works now!
    the only thing i forgot was to deinstall the usb driver in windows hardware manager.
    then i reconnected the virus and windows wants to install the driver like u said.
    new update works fine on win7 64, thanks to freigeist & access!

    thanks for answering so fast ;)
    yes, i deleted all drivers in the filepropository folder. i think there were 7 folders with "virus" or "vti" names.
    ok thats a good idea to reconnect it after uninstalling all drivers and software! i will try it out in the evening!

    hello freigeist!

    i have the same problem: always "running back changes..." error message :(
    i'm also running my ti on win7 64 and tried to install with your issue.
    i deleted the drivers in the filepropository folder, deinstalled my old ti software and turned on my virus when the installer want's it
    but the update don't work. please can you tell me what i'm doing wrong?


    The sync error occurs at random when the arpeggiator line kicks in on one of my tracks and recently has started occuring on other projects. I can't pin it down to any particular reason. Also I don't always get the sync error message. It only appears to be the Arp timing which doesn't lock to tempo, LFOs and delays appear to be ok, If it helps, the tempi of the projects are all around the 127 bpm region

    Kind Regards

    Same problem with Cubase 5.01 (32-bit):

    when I load the VST2 TI plug and choose a arp sound, it seems to be not in sync with my host.
    I'm running my TI over a PCI USB card (only the TI is connected to) with the new OS4.
    Soundcard: Native Instruments Kontrol 1 (all drivers updated)

    Btw.. in FL9 is the same sync problem.



    I want to share my solution for all Cubase users who want to use the Virus TI (in USB-Mode) without any latency:

    -use the Virus TI VST2 version in live mode
    -load an appreggiator preset and play it in a loop
    -add a kick to 4/4 (or your favourite style ;)
    -when the beat seems not to be in sync (or is stuttering) to the kick add the midi-insert-effect "quantizer" to the midi track
    -you can correct the latency with the "delay" effect at the bottom of the plugin (my latency = -19ms)
    (make sure that the "note quant" function is "off" when you want no influence to your midi notes)

    I use this effect over all my midi tracks which are routed to my TI
    Maybe the picture can help you to understand what I mean:

    [Blocked Image:]

    Anybody using the same solution?

    There is also a free Voxengo plugin for latency corrections!

    stay tuned

    Thank you mitchiemasha! I found it the button and it works.
    I have never seen this button before :)

    But does the 3rd USB Port only works in the VST3 version?
    In the dropdown menu where I can choose the ports the "USB 3 L + R" is not selectable?

    Can anybody explain me how to setup the VC with Cubase 5.1 to use all USB Outputs?
    Everytime when I change the Output for a part (ex. from USB1 to USB2), the sound of this part disappears.
    Is there any Cubase setting to change to activate the other 2 USB Outputs?
    I did't find any hints in the manuals for this feature..

    Can you please explain me the difference between the VST2 and the VST3 version of the VC plugin?
    What are the advantages and disadvantages?
    And why does a VST3 version exist when it is not recommended to work with? (Changelog.pdf)