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    Anyone else experiencing arpeggio sync problems when playing a loaded patch for the first time? It's stumbling like some drunken guy, and after a few seconds it finally syncs, and then works fine until the patch or the project is reloaded. Also it happens only when playing, not when recording...

    Win 7 x64
    Cubase Studio 4.5.2 x86

    I have always had that issue, but when i open a new project. My issue stops when i play and stop 1 or 2 times. It syncs and no big issues from that point until i open a new project. When recording i have had random artifacts sometimes, but it will stop happening with carfully SO treatment, i mean, stop system services, closing apps. Indeed, i use ASIO4ALLv2.

    Ok I am confused I see 2 people mention its working great on XP SP3 32 bit, I thought this was only for 64 bit OS's. It will not install on my XP SP3 32 bit..
    Are you two talking about the earlier OS4, or am I missing something?



    I have a very big issue with OS3.1, virus ti crashing all the time, then i bought a PCI to USB interface, and that stopped, not at all, but i could work. Then after a Windows refresh, i could never get the ti synced to the host, so i tried using the virus outputs thru my mixer and i realize that the issue was on the midi input thru usb to the virus. The output of the virus was about 350ms over the 3 inputs of the virus vst in my daw. So i tried new usb ports with no success until i installed OS4. It is kind of recently to talk about new issues, but it is for sure that they worked a lot with syncing problems by usb, now it is just perfect. My only complain is about my presets, hahha.. my acid presets with filter use intense are sounding kind of different(not worst, just different), i think it will be just a matter of adjusting some knobs.

    That's all that i for now!

    See ya!


    Hi to everyone here!!

    I own a virus ti one year ago. I use it with Cubase4. I like trance an overall dance genre music, and i would like to know other ppl with the same daw that want to share knowledge and experience with others....

    My email/msn is

    See ya!