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    The thing is, that I only start playing the arp in the chorus section of the song where there's no tempo changes. The tempo changes are in the beginning of the song. I guess I'll try to reduce it, because I had tried to do some humanizing of that part where the piano part plays. It's maybe better to freeze that part and then attack the song structure to it in mastering.

    Yeah, thanks. Well it's still decend when you put the part slider fully up and the "amp" volume to 127, and yes when you're generating a full patch it's always a bit louder. I guess I will survive putting everything down if nothing else :)


    I noticed that virus TI control USB outputs are kinda quiet compared to all other vsti's that I have. Even when I slide the patch volumes up entirely it'll just sound very quiet. WHenever I use the snow i need to calibrate my mix towards the silence of the vti. Which requires me to maximize the main volume allot.

    Is there a way to gain the usb output itself ?

    I'm using cubase pro 8.0.5 and virus vsti 5.1.0 beta


    I wanted to create some arps in virus (snow) but it's in a song that use tempo changes. I turned midi sync on for the usb midi outs but that didn't seem to help.

    It's always perfectly in sync when I play the arp within locators that have no tempo change. However when I start from the beginning of the song and the tempos change, it will never be in sync.

    is that a known issue with the vsti or am I missing something ?


    I'm programming some new sounds and I wonder if it's possible what I think, that I don't see any "delay frequency" destinations in the matrix. I am trying to send "controller 16" to softknob1 and trying to assign a delay frequency (for the tape delay) for easy modulation with the knob. However if I open the assign menu for slot 1 I see no "delay frequency".

    The destination is available in cubase automation though but it doesn't appear in the delay group but after some OSC automation parameters..

    here's some pics:

    Pic 1
    pic 2

    (well it seems I can't post any url's/pics :P)

    Yeah it's something like that. 23ms is exactly 1024 samples. The big problem is that even when I set the latency to 6 or 12ms and try to bounce the virus in solo (to get it out of the equasion) i still have pops and crackles because of cpu overloads. Because i've so much compression and verb plugins loaded and not to mention the eastwest play plugins that are loaded : it's not possible for me to export this song anyway. The extra catch 22 trap is that when I freeze the PLAY instruments, their release trails start cutting off cause they can't handle non real time freezes.

    Only thing I can still try is try to start by bouncing play plugins solo track per track, then remove them so they are out of the way. Then bounce the virus plugin and remove it. Then freeze all NI plugins. I think at that point the system should be stable enough to export the song without overloads, unsynced arpeggios, cracks & pops :)

    The problem with that is that it causes so much workload and clutter. It's nicer to just be able to export a song in one go cause I know myself. if I hear one little error i'd have to unfreeze everything. So I end up with 4 versions of the same projects. unfrozen, partially frozen, frozen final ...... :P

    hmm I hope I'm posting this in the right topic , but I'm having huge problems with this live mode feature. I told it in other topics, but if I don't enable it: the arps are completely desynced, play unstable and play in front of all other cubase events. If I enable live mode it's somehow more stable but it can sometimes happen that the first arp note plays slightly in front of the first cubase metronome click.

    So enabling live mode for me is actually the way to make the arpegio's tight. Unless I need to cope with another problem in my DAW. The particular project i'm working on is so heavy that I have to put my soundcard latency to 232ms, just to avoid all cpu overload pops and sound cuttofs on some other plugins.

    The virus doesn't seem to handle this high latency very well as the arp will play as bad without live mode than it would play if live mode is enabled. Even with the live button off, at 23ms the virus sounds very unstable and messy. I tried to set the virus driver's setting to both "normal" , changed back to hammerfall DSP, but still the virus continues to play the arps unstable. The problem is I can't freeze the other plugins because it' doesn"t like "non realtime" freezes and will result in cut off played sounds and pops.

    The only thing I can think of now is to first bounce the heavy sample plugins like play to disk, freeze and unloadd them sepparately and then then trying to mix.

    Yeah i like the way sounds from around 10 years ago can still be used. It's great because i'm releasing some of my stuff that I made the last ten years on iTunes as a sort of a portfolio E.P. project of CosmicDreamer's best productions over the years. So it's nice to come back to all these great HS , m@ and JS sounds that I used alot and find out that hey sound more direct than before.

    If I look at my own sounds I can sometimes notice that a multitude the virus upgrades degraded some as some parameters might have gone lost in translation. For example: There's these sounds that I use alot of hall reverb on but they end up in banks using ambient type reverb which is a bit more harsh than the smoothness of the hall reverb.

    But most of my "children" even sound more powerful.

    This is my "studio". Very minimalistic. Almost everything I have sits in the computer nowadays so there's practically no gear to drool at but I think it's great that way for me.

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    I'm finally able to post on these forums after having a weird state of my account on the access site. Thanks to them I can post again. I've downloaded OS4 a few days ago and I'm trying to make some tracks. (btw I have a virus snow now)

    I use the virus vst3 version in 32bit.

    If I play the sequencer (cubase 5 studio 1.1.1) with a few arpeggio patches together, they always start 50ms earlier. The live button isn't enabled at this point. My RME soundcard is set to like 6ms latency and project settings are 32bit/48k.

    Now, when I enable live mode: the arp will play allong the sequencer very tightly. The button's light will go out while playing and turn on again when you press stop. Shouldn't it be the other way around ?

    (virus driver is set to high priority and highspeed)

    BTW the virus arp also seems to have problems if you delay the track timing individually (set it to 256ms and the arp will go completely crazy)