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    access : If you are unwilling, unable or incapable of delivering a driver that supports the latest os at the time you are selling you’re equipment, open source the driver and let the community help out.

    Instead of sending more money to access, send de source code to the community. I expect there will be a lot of developers (including myself) that would want to lend a hand or 2….

    I’m afraid not (yet). I really hope this will be fixed in the near future. Upgrading operating systems is endorsed to provide the needed security. Failure to update drivers in a timely fashion denies users that level of security which imho in a creative world as ours where our heart and soul is stored on these machines is a no go… i wouldn’t want a ransomware attack on my machine so while updating my mac it renders my virus completely useless. I have to fall back on VSTI synths completely. 1800 euro collecting dust. Fix it ffs!