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    I don't think it's irrelevant, couldn't live without some of the sounds.
    I guess I could sample it but it's not the same thing with the controls added to the sounds.

    However I do think LfmC might be correct in that it won't be any successors to the current line.
    Possibly when the HW line don't sell anymore they'll turn the sound engine into a VST/etc. to get the last out of the development.

    Bought a VirusB in 200x (still have it as well) and it has never been this quite over all those years.

    The factory patches used to be part of the OS-update download.
    So download the latest OS and have a look in the files/folders for the factory banks.
    Used to be labeled lika A.mid etc.

    Or do what I did from a VirusB.

    Start Sound Diver (bundled with the earlier Virus'es), get a copy from Access support if you don't have it.
    Copy the banks you want to a new "library" and save/export it as a .mid file.
    Then open it in the Virus TI plugin and do what you usually do to get them into the TI.

    If I remember correctly the names of the patches wasn't always correct (some letters were dropped) or in the incorrect position, but the settings and the sounds themselves were intact.
    Worth a try at least.

    Haven't found a way to do it other than manually but I would like the ability to globably turn off effects, arpeg etc.
    I can do this on my VirusB to some extent by turning off Delay and Arpeg.

    Reason for this is to be able to use/browse through sounds/patches but without these functions.
    Now I got to turn them off for every patch I try :)


    I would like to start with thanking Access and BC in creating the great tutorials.

    I have a request though.
    I would really like to see some tricks/tips in regard to the effects.
    From time to time I find myself in a bit of a mess where I add to much or when stuff gets "muddy".
    Or when I find kind of a sweet spot where everything sounds great but a little more or little less breaks everything, which kind just "happens" :)
    So a tutorial in regard to the effects and a bit of do's and dont's would be great (even though there are no fixed rules).

    Keep up the good work.