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    Alright, i quit for while and now i'm back :D

    Anyway, straight to the point. When i have unison off, it stays pretty much in beat. When i add 3. Starts off beating. (Compare yellow lines on the images below this post.) Well i don't usually use unison 8 but in this case just showing and results are fiasko.


    Virus is connected old fashioned way, midi i/o and audio output. No usb connected.

    PC specs:

    ASUS P8 Z68 VLX motherboard
    i5 2500k cpu
    16gb 1600mhz ram
    2x256gb ssd
    2tb hdd
    GF 970GTX

    Saffire pro 24 firewire 400.

    Now, the main question is. Is it virus ti side problem or something else? I've had this thing over 6 years and actually never got it work properly.


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    4 notes chord, wont matter if 3. This is me having situation. First, unison voices are off, no problem. Then i add slowly more and it falls off the rails. I'm using latest software and well, it really doesn't also matter cause i always had that problem.

    Connected to USB 3.0 port and using software, Samplerate is set to 256, tried 128-512. (Live button on or off) still having same problem. I tried also with midi cables to Saffire pro 24 and also bought midi box to usb, same issue, tried on laptop, same issue.

    Question is. Does simply virus ti2 processor can't handle that or is it cause of pc? Just easy 1,6k euros.

    P8 z68 v-lx Motherboard.
    i5 2500k
    16gb 1600mhz
    2x250gb ssd
    650w gold superflower PSU
    Saffire pro 24 firewire audio interface.
    Windows 10

    So, i need help, thx.

    Thx for replying, Yes i found that it shows me C and a note when i play midi pattern. But it still offbeats :/

    I have also a problem, my virus ti2 runs off beat slightly when playing chords (hypersaw with 3 voices and about 45% detuned) with 4 notes. Using it without usb (as full midi controlled). Connected to saffire pro 24. Tried different buffer sizes didn't much help. Any ideas? Oh yeah, using FL studio daw. (Also with usb and vst plugin its hell, sometimes virus just goes crazy and gives distorted sound)