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    I have numerous soft synths and the Virus is unmatched for sound quaility. Having said that, there's an advantage of having a dedicated piece of hardware assisting that sound. The only softsyth that comes close to the depth and resonance of the Virus is U-he's Zebra 2.5. Phenomenal synth! Fun too!

    Hey Everyone! I love my Virus TI. Phenomenal sound and sound control. What I'm struggling with is modulating my voice through the Vocoder. Can the input audio signal processed within the Virus TI be output over the USB cable and heard from within my software program (Sonar 8.5)? If yes, I can't quite figure out what I'm not doing right. I've set up a separate audio track within Sonar to input my vocal. I've selected the correct input on my Fireface 400. I've then output that signal on channel 3 from the Fireface 400 and into the Virus TI left input. I've selected that input on the Virus from the bottom Edit button in the effects section and also from with the Virus Control page dedicated to this.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you,

    Michael Webb

    Can anyone tell me the exact power requirements of the Virus Desktop. I know it takes 12V current but there's no max Amperage (A) requirement listed. Any help here would be terrific. These numbers can be found on your power cord. I put my Virus away for three years while I healed from a serious fall but didn't put the power dongle in with it - so I have the cord I just don't know which one to use. Also, is it a single line cord or a two line cord where one accesses your outlet and another cord plugs into the other side of the transformer?

    Thank you!