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    It's Access dude! XD

    Everything you can afford is cool.

    If you have the money for a TI, go for it! If you only have the money for the B/C, also go for it! ;)
    I guarantee you that you won't regret it... I'm very happy with it. It made me save also for a TI2. :thumbsup:

    Yeah, just like that. A user has asked them why they gave THAT much headroom to those inputs and the answer he got was that those inputs are intended for use with high-output preamplifiers. Well, I don't know.

    What I know though is that the Virus output is the strongest amongst my other synths (NL2, XS6, SH-201, Blofeld), but still it can't drive those inputs. Funny is that it can clip my DJ console and any other consumer level inputs (-10dB). So the fault is in the design of the cards, cause much headroom is nice, but way too much is a problem again.

    The DI-box -> MIC Preamp solution quite worked for me but it costed some more Euros... Oh well.

    It's a matter of your soundcard and not the Virus. Our Viri output a fairly high signal, approximately +4dB. Anyway, I got the same issue with my soundcard (Presonus Firestudio). The Line level inputs just can't be clipped by anything.

    Connect your Indigo to a DI box and run the signal from there to your mic preamps. It does wonders!


    Note: I made this for my Virus B (which has faulty buttons that I can't afford to get repaired - the Ctrlr has solved that problem and was my main motivation!).

    Motivated by crayolon's statement above :rolleyes: made here , I created a new topic just to let know all of you that have the same problems with the buttons of what I did to fix them...

    Recently I bought a Virus b second hand and it also had some "faulty" buttons. You needed to press them eccentrically or hard to operate.
    What I did and you can do too, is get a nice contact cleaner spray (not a cheap one but one of good quality for professionals which does not leave deposits behind) and spray right through between the buttons using the spray's little tube adaptor, then press the buttons several times. Have your B switched off while doing this and spray many times by a little in order not to flood it lol. Wait a couple of minutes for it to dry completely and then power on and check if they work ok. You may have to repeat the procedure. I did this and they now all operate like new. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: 8)
    Access uses very durable quality parts that serve you many years. :)
    Good luck!

    A new Virus-addict 8o ,

    This is my workplace... Actually this room is my whole house lol, the other is the kitchen!

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    Virus FTW!
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    Hello all!!! :) :) :)

    My name is Marios! I live in Thessaloniki, Greece as a student and as a hobby I try to compose Trance music... :D I'll post some photos of my studio on the other topic in this thread.
    I had always been a great fan of the Access products!
    A few days ago I bought a second hand Virus B and I'm very very happy with it! Amazing synth!
    Comparing it to the other synths I've used, it feels like I was flying Cessnas and now I got myself a Eurofighter... :thumbsup:
    The B persuaded me to start saving up for a TI2. 8) I want them both hehe! :rolleyes:

    Nice to see you all!!!