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    Using Logic, MacBook Pro, MacOSX 10.6.4, was having communication problems, it always seemed to lose sync at RAM patch 81.
    I upgraded to and swapped out the USB cable, it seems a bit more stable but now has the following problem...
    Under the browser tab, I was only able to set the bottom window once, since then selecting any new patch set in the bottom selection field loads that set into the top part of the window not the bottom.
    I tried using the uninstall tool, then reinstalling the software, but same result.

    I've also tried deleting any virus related files in my home/Library area. Still no luck.
    Is there something else I should try to reset this?

    Also, how do you switch the volume knob from only effecting output 1-2 and phones to being a universal volume knob?
    It seems to be listed in the new features, but I haven't been able to find anything obvious in the config menus.


    Yes, I've got the light version. NNN Mono is my current favorite, as it supports OSC and has a pretty cool interface. NlogSynth has the best keyboard interface and XY pad. ZenPiano shows that velocity sensitivity is possible as well.

    My point is that if two DSPs can get 50-110 voices, the latest iPhone should be able to do 1 or 2, and that these other programs already exist show that it's defiantly possible.

    A pocket virus!

    Currently, if you label the current six outputs A-F, the Virus currently supports sending voices to single channels and AB, CD, and EF. You can then assign any second pair as the surround channel and do a dual pan.
    It shouldn't add much DSP overhead to add a few additional stereo pair choices. Adding AF and BE would be the most useful, BD AC CE and DF would be next in usefulness.

    A pair reverse (switch AB to BA, CD to DC, etc.) for the main pair and the surround pair would be great as well.

    If the above two features were added, using multiple voices you could do smooth and complex six channel pans around the edge and through the center of a six speaker surround sound setup...

    A B
    C D
    E F

    To complete the set of possible pairs you would need to add AD AE BF BC DE and FC.

    Also, could you please make it selectable for the volume control to be a master volume, or just AB volume - which it currently is.

    I've currently got my Virus hooked up to six speakers like this

    A F
    C D
    E B

    Which makes it possible to do mid-field pans. Pad sounds are amazingly fat and rich when played with the same voice on all three pairs. It's not as useful for single stereo voice, as none of the pairs are next to each other. If the above pairing features were added, it would allow both simultaneously plus much more.

    I often find myself away from the studio, and hear some sound I'd like to try to create and play with.

    Could the Virus TI sound engine (or a subset of) please be ported to the iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad?

    I'd pay $10, $25, maybe more to be able to play with a monophonic Virus TI light that's pocket size.

    It's definitely within the processing power of these devices, check out Moogie, NNNMONO, MegaSynth and NLogSync, and probably many others.

    It would really be really awesome to be able to share patches back and forth with the real thing!

    It could become the ultimate marketing tool for Access, as there could be tens of thousands of people newly exposed to Viruses.

    Also, it becomes a worldwide accessible and standard way for people to buy and sell commercial patches, and trade free patches - through the iTunes store!

    Bonus would be the Virus Control GUI on one of these, turning it into the ultimate remote control. Finally a great reason to get an iPad - it becomes a programmable 2D multi-touch ribbon controller for your Virus!

    John G.

    I'm using Logic Pro 8.

    Double clicking on a patch in the browser loads that patch into the active slot, but I can only edit the patch name using the dials in the edit menu on the keyboard, not in the GUI.

    The edits show up instantly in the GUI which is cool, but very slow.

    John G.

    I've found (and it's in the manual) that hitting both + and - jumps to patch 64.
    How do I jump to patch 0, or 127?

    It's mentioned in the Programming Synth manual that this is both useful and doable, but my TI2 doesn't seem to behave the way it describes.

    John G.

    Is it possible to edit patch names without first copying it to the virus, editing the name there (under the save menu), then copying it back.

    My work-around method takes over a minute to do what should take just seconds.

    It SHOULD be a left click on the patch in the browser menu, select "change name", then edit away.

    And/or it SHOULD be load the patch by double clicking on it, then be able to edit the name in the name field on the left.

    Nether way works, is there another way? It's vary difficult to type with knobs.

    John G.


    Hopefully this will help, I've been playing with two pedals attached and have had to relearn this stuff recently.

    Each continuous controller is numbered (1? - 127), some are named.
    1 = mod controller
    2 = breath
    4 = data

    I don't remember if 0 is used or not.

    3, 9, 12, 13, 14, etc. are just the ones that don't have standard names.

    You can re-number the inputs (mod - > controller 3, control pedal #1 -> controller 9, hold pedal -> controller #12 for example) in one of the pages in the Control menu.
    I've set mine to: MOD, Breath, and #3. I edit patches as I find them to use these three. It rocks to be able to modulate sounds in three or more dimensions!!!

    If you have your Virus hooked up to a second keyboard feeding it via MIDI, you can configure your other keyboard's controllers as other numbers and add more dimensions of modulation.

    John G.

    I just got my first Virus (a TI2 keyboard) a few days ago, and thought I would first go through all the existing built-in and downloadable patches to see what's possible.

    A few days later, I'm still going through patches and I'm just blown away. it's Huge! The range, the depth, the sounds...
    Once I get comfortable programming this monster, I think I'll be selling my Juno 60 and other analog synths to people who think analog is still better, and use the money to get a second virus!

    Anyway, I've found a few patches online that are not working with the TI2. Perhaps someone here can help?

    The "Sounds of Revolution soundset 2007 teaser", I've put the midi file in the proper patch area and it doesn't show up in the Virus Control patch file list.

    Same goes for all of the midi files from the "Ben Crosland 1999 soundset".

    The "Realm mythology soundset" and "Ben Crosland 2000 soundset", the files show up but are empty. I'm guessing the format is for the Virus C only - could someone please translate these into MID files that are TI2 readable?

    The "Matt Picone volume 3 - Pop and Rock" midi file works fine, but it comes with this note:
    "The SoundDiver library contains more sounds than the MIDI file and the SYX version."
    Could someone that can deal with SoundDriver files please post the missing patches in MID format?

    Thanks, and awesome job to all the patch authors putting their stuff out there!

    John G.

    P.S. To the library code people at Access: please add a "Show Differences List" function to compare patches. A "Find Similar", and "Find All Duplicates" would be very useful as well.
    Last but not least, some way to export and import patch info in a human readable text format. I can think of many uses for this.