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    On a PC...go to:

    My Documents / Access Music / Virus TI / Patches

    Then select a bank...copy and paste it and then rename it to whatever you want for the new bank.

    Personally for new banks I have a blank bank setup that I use as a blank template.

    The new bank should show up when you reopen the Virus control from fresh.

    I (still) want a +/- program button on the GUI.

    There is a +/- bank button mirroring the hardware but not a +/- program button, which I would think more useful when auditioning through a bank instead of having to double click the patch name or grab the hardware.

    I know some do, but not all DAWs have this in their VST shell.

    I'm using an i7 too with a Gigabyte motherboard. One thing I found is that you need to disable most of the energy saving, processor throttling and whatever else options your motherboard has as they cause drop outs when they switch. The EasyTune utility causes glitches too, it's fine to leave this controlling the fan speed in stealth mode but the GUI for some reason causes a glitch every time it polls the motherboard.

    Also, sometimes when you change the ASIO speed you need to restart your DAW, I use Cubase. I'm not sure exactly why, but it seems to flush the system and works fine. I can happily run at highspeed and get 3ms latency.

    Be careful with things like firewalls, virus checkers and whatever else is running in the background. With the buffers down that low it doesn't give you much room for other software to start demanding attention, so you can end up with various glitches creeping in. As a rule I find Fast or Rapid work fine for me.

    Some already mentioned but:

    I'd love a compressor...that would really help with the bass patches. Esp if it could be side-chained.

    I'd really like the Characters section to have something more extreme...they are perhaps a bit too subtle, even when turned up to max. So I'd like a couple of them that would really mangle things up at the extreme end of things. Say one that perhaps gave a really gritty dark sound ala the 12bit DA converter in the DX7 or perhaps a really wonky out of tune OSC effect ala Boards of Canada. And variable so that at the lowest settings they give a subtle change through to OTT extreme results on max.

    I'd also love Program + and - buttons on the soft synth GUI and not just Bank + and -.

    And ultimately, I'd love a Virus that could actually output all 16 parts as audio. I'm actually pretty surprised the TI2 didn't have this. TI3 perhaps?

    I think given the number of bugs we've had to put up with for the past few years they really needed to issue free updates. You sell me something, tell me it works, it really ought to do what it says reliably.

    But the addition of extra features and constant development of the TI software is great. It makes me feel like a valued customer, not like I'm going to be milked ad infinitum for every minor upgrade or bug fix. A friendly attitude and constant development of great new additions to the TI OS cuts a lot of ice with me and I have to say, I am very happy with my TI and how Access deals with it's customers.