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    oh yes, I'm a new mac lover :)

    so, you don't remember if I must update also the "second" file....ok, maybe I'll try also the second , hoping that I don't damage nothing :)

    about that ctrlrv: wooOow ! Mks30, Juno......Amazing !!!!!! But, are those vst for Logic or I can download them in some way directly into virus ?

    great I'll try later/tomorrow and I'll let you know !
    bag of goodies for me ? mmmh delicious !!!!

    oh, two fast asnwers:
    - is correct the connection I've told you before ?
    - I've S the main folder there are "S-version, T-version" BUT there is also a midi-file named "second1024", is it an extra/second file for both versions ? I think so because inside the S version the file is called "fisrt", it's just strange for me because this file is not inside the S folder or T folder but outside, into the "main folder of both versions"


    ah sorry! I didn't know about private email

    ok back to us
    the screen says nothing
    it's the first update I try
    bu wait I start to think that maybe there is some problem with my audio-interface mmmh
    well, what do you think if I try to use the master-keyboard for sureness....mac to keyboard through usb and then keyboard midi out into virus midi in ? I think it works...

    hi again woodster !
    first of all, have you received my private email ?

    well, what I need to know is....I swich on the Virus, ok...and then ? it's already unable to receive update on its memory ?

    Hi Guys, yes, a silly question indeed, BUT, the guidelines on manual are much more silly, missing every step !!!!! Theu just say "load the file into your sequencer"...ok ! but what I must do to Virus ??? any setting to adjust or else?
    Please can you explain me the process to update OS 4.8 to 4.9 ? (I've already downloaded the file from the web)
    thank you

    Thank ou VERY much woodster77 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it works now :thumbsup:

    very last question.....plugin an external audio in static mode I can use just "filters section"
    if I use dynamic mode (via midi) should I be able to use also Oscillators, arpeggio etc ?

    Hi there, sorry for the silly question but I'm a very new (and happy) Virus owner.....can you tell me how to connect a guitar to Virus ? I've tried using "ext in", but nothing......maybe I must set up something inside Virus first ?