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    @theRoyal1 the virus ti uses USB2 with a speed of 12mbit/s. are we really about to discuss this again? and, why we are discussing this here? the powercore has no analog outputs, so there cannot be a delay for obvious reasons. the crackling, i'm sure we JoPo can get rid off, many others have as well.

    Because the previous poster mentioned it...and the original poster is talking about Virus Ti USB. So it's all relevant. Right?
    The USB port is compatible with the USB 2.0 Specification with a Port speed of 12 mbit/sec. WHICH IS USB1.1 Speed.
    So it's USB 2.0 with USB 1.1 speed....Those are FACTs.
    If you wanna call it 2.0 because of the protocol, fine but dressing a horse cart with racing stripes doesn't qualify for Formula 1.
    So if a few of us are calling it 1.1 it's for factual reasons not because we are just making it up.

    JOPO, afa the Crackling Issue, Try setting up your Ti with higher buffer settings. I originally could set mine at 512mb safely. If I tried higher I would get a popup warning saying the Virus can't. I recently have gone full 64-bit and noticed I can get up to 1024. idk If this is because of that + Latest Virus/Soundcard drivers or just new settings in my DAW.....(MOTU 2408mk3/Cubase)
    I also use all 3 USBs as I have a preset for the Virus created in my DAW so It's always ready to go without having to set it up each time.
    ftr, I never bothered with that HC editor because many people reported problems and I wasn't about to attempt tackling one problem with another...

    The other thing is what soundcard/setup/DAW are you using?
    -In Cubase there's a setting to shift the latency. Maybe in other DAW's too, idk.
    -There is also a button on the Ti GUI that says "live" which helps in some situations.

    When you get it working, It's heavenly but getting there will take trial and error.

    That’s quite logical. PowerCore communicates over FireWire or PCI. Those are high speed buses with real time capable protocols. Virus TI uses USB (1.1), which was never intended to work for real time data transfer such as multi channel audio streaming. USB should never have been used for any pro audio gear.

    I've been telling people this for years about the Virus on the old forum. Their answer was to blame chipsets, usb cards..blah blah.

    Fact is USB 1 should have NEVER been used.

    • USB 2 was available, robust and saturated at time of the TI release.
    • USB 3 was relatively new when the TI2 was released....

    Either way they would have been MUCH more reliable and cohesive with DAWs if they had USB 2.0 and above.
    Absolute FAIL on the part of access.
    That said, I still use my TI2 and C. The sounds are amazing but the product could've had smoother integration.

    Do the Virus' on each end have the same Firmware installed?

    Also, try deactivating the Virus in Cubase before saving it. Then reactivating it after reopening the session.

    I have a Ti and Cubase 9.5 on PC. Other than the buffer limitation I haven't really had too many issues.

    ftr, same thing just happened. Clicked logon, taken to the Main page and said wrong pw.
    So used my other (edited) method. Wrong PW
    Reset my PW again in order to get in.

    Now going to change it back and hopefully this gets sorted out..if not I doubt I'll be coming back anytime soon because this is just ridiculous.

    Thx for your efforts though Marc, appreciate it..

    1st...whoever is in charge of all this should seriously be embarrassed as should Access.
    Loging on has been a nightmare.
    As noted the link (still) takes you to the main Access site as it did before but it does not work hand in hand with the new forum so you basically are in a never ending loop.

    I managed to login buy fussing w/the address based on what technoBear posted but I got somewhere with: [this link has been edited in order to avoid others falling into the same trap, editor]

    After that, had to click the lost password and wait, then click email link, wait, then finally login..

    Seriously, fix this or hire someone who knows wth they're doing.
    You can afford to pay them with the money you saved by using USB1.1 on your $2500 synths.

    I have stopped purchasing and using all Korg products because they (twice) dropped support for a new piece of gear and left users hanging in the wind.

    Unfortunately access doesn't seem to listen to what we want. Part of making a great product is to keep making it better.

    IMO, I think access will use the same business strategy as Steinberg, NI and a few others where they will make $$ off any "New" features instead of realizing that we already paid for it. ( I will in all fairness say that they haven't so far and have been pretty awesome with the OS Updates)

    I purchased my Ti because I wanted seamless integration to my computer. There is nothing seamless about it and while I will admit, it is somewhat stable now, I have not been using it as much as I should because I have to spend more time making sure it works..

    This product could have gone from being great to being Legendary. but, they already got your $2.5k in the bank.. :evil:

    NO. There is no interface on the computer or in any DAW.

    There are a few older 3rd party pieces of software but that's it...

    FTR, I own both the TI and C and have compared the same patches....the only reason to sell the Ti is if you needed the money but the reason I got it was for the DAW integration .

    When I upgraded to 7.o5 I had issues with a few VST's... I then proceeded to re-install Cubase from 7.0 and then 7.o5 .

    I also reinstalled the VST's giving me problems and everything now works.. :huh:

    Got it sorted. If anyone ever comes across the same problem, what I did was run System File Checker:

    "sfc.exe /scannow" from an elevated DOS prompt

    This repaired a few files, such as DWrite.dll, d2d1.dll, d3d10core.dll, XpsGdiConverter.dll and a few more.The files it repaired were all related to graphics (Direct2D, Direct3D and GDI). Looks like an update for either Windows or DirectX must have gone wrong.

    Thx for taking the time & posting the solution...always helps out someone in the future...

    Post your specs....

    There are several threads aroun da interwebz. on this...
    It's happened to me before. One thing I did was raise my buffer setting.

    Also, i have beaten that horse when it comes to the lack of power our synth has. How can 1 patch consume almost the full DSP??? That's insane..ugh. anyway. also make sure you have nothing else open during export...NOTHING.