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    I found these info in the manual:



    7x Parameterchange

    70:page A;

    71:page B;

    72:page C:

    pp Part number

    00..0F Multi part 1..16;

    40: Single

    nn Parameter Number

    0..127 (see parameter list)

    vv Parameter Value 0..127

    (see parameter list)


    C123 g Part Number 0..15;40 0..15:Multi Part 1..16; 40:Single Buffer

    How can I send out data like these from Abelton to Virus? Is it feasible?

    Hi all,

    When I use TI or the VirusHC editor, and I select a part in the software the Virus automatically jumps to the corresponding Part.

    Can I control this through Midi without the TI or VirusHC editor?

    So I can jump to a part with a press of a button instead of cycling through every part?


    Hi all,

    Am I missing something or the TI2 have no internal routing. My indigo 2 used to have it and now I am quite suprised about not ahving it on the TI2.

    Why is that? Are you planning to bringing it back?

    All figured out:

    Summing up:

    This is a valid function when the TI VST is not in use. Virus should be used in Multimode and hooked up through midi cable.

    Multi-program changes must be sent on Global midi and the corresponding field in the Ableton clip is Pgm. Note that there is a lag when it happens for at least 2-4 beats there is no sound.

    Inside a multiprogram, the Single-program and Bank changes must be sent out per midi-track and midi channel. The corresponding fields in Ableton clip: Sub = Bank changes, Pgm = Single-program changes.

    It seems that is correct. In multimode single-program and bank-changes must be sent per midi channel and track basis. Multi program changes must be sent on Global midi.

    However, another issue, the bank changes work between A-D, and after every the 4th number in the Ableton pmg field rotates between A-D.

    Hi there,

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    I experienced the smae problems. Someone from Access told me that it might be a midi controller, butI tested it and soemtimes the patch does change.

    What I did for test is I made a midi track in Ableton. I set tha track to receive no midi from any device and channel and unplugged all midi controllers.

    I set the patch to c127.

    I made a simple clip playing short C notes on every beat.

    I left the keyboard to run.

    Result: sometimes after few minutes, sometimes after 20-30 minutes that patch parameters changed, sometimes just fileter and envelope, sometimes all bunch of changes in the mod matrix.

    The random note messages are also present and only panic button works, which is not really acceptable under live circumsatnce.

    Would be nice to get a lead how to handle or fix these problems.

    Hi all,

    I have the TI2 connected to ableton all works well.

    However, I would like to have additional control via MIDI. It seems that if the Virus is in SEQ mode the midi in and out is not working.

    Is that correct or I missed something?