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    Well, the point in me writing the topic to begin with is that I also see some slight advances in synth technology that Access could expand upon.
    Modulation is a major area where things can be thought of differently. I built many synths in Reaktor and forced modulation of aspects that normally aren't modulated and some great results have occurred.
    The Montage mod system and the Modal mod system can be expanded upon to allow the user and open architecture where you can modulate ANY parameter you wish with a modulation source that, itself, has a LOT of variance possibilities. I don't want to necessarily expand upon what I have done, but needless to say, that if *I* can think of creative ways to scrape, skewer, slip and spill a modulator as it dumps out its data to whatever it's controlling, then surely people much smarter than I can think of and implement such ideas.
    I am just asking people to be creative and stop looking a a Minimoog structure and say "Yeah, let;'s build something based on THAT!".
    Come on, with CPU power and memory these days, let's put the Moog aside and rewrite the signal path and see what happens - or - just make an update that refreshes the Virus.
    I had to buy a V-Synth XT recently just to give my brain a little drug to keep it active in synthesis and to see how far I can push it.


    So I purchased a Virus TI2 about 4+ years ago and was amazed at the depth of this synth. Then came the patches and updates and I couldn't be happier.
    Bootcamp videos? Great idea! Additions to the modmatrix, filters and FX? Cool!
    Then, -------silence------
    Some prodding emails a few years ago received the same mantra "We cannot discuss future development...blahhh, blahh"
    Ok, fine. But I am very sick of randomly opening the Virus website only to see the well worn Halloween images of the Virus on stage and a Mac Sierra update.
    So what has happened in the world since the last serious upgrade(version 5.0 was delivered in June of 2012)?
    Nelson Mandela died, Bomb blast at the Boston Marathon, Pope Benedict XVI resigned, World Oil Price Plunges to Historical Low, The Olympics, Windows 10, 2 presidential elections (god help us all) and, on the Synth side, hundreds of new keyboards introduced, most notably, the Modal synthesizer series which competes directly with Virus TI2.
    Still, nothing from Access.
    I spent $3400 for a new Virus TI2 and have been generally happy with this incredible sounding and deep synthesizer. But please, say SOMETHING. Throw us a bone to let us know that we can take a Swiffer and dust off the old gal because there is still life left in her.
    Or tell us that your support and interest are discontinued and you are moving on to another relationship. Please, just something.

    Hello all,
    So, I was hooking up some modulation the other day and came across something I can't figure out.
    When modulating the Filter Envelope Sustain with an LFO Square wave there is a slope on one side of the modulation.
    The initial mod is correct, bringing the sustain to zero but the up slope of the Square LFO slopes back up and "sounds" more like a Sawtooth LFO.
    Here's the situation: (parents went away for a weeks vaca....)
    1. Set an Initial patch on the Virus
    2. Set OSC balance to full left (100% OSC 1)
    3. Set Filter to SPLIT and Filter Balance full left (100% Filter 1) (uncheck any link between the 2 filters)
    4. Set Filter Envelope A=0 D=0 Sustain=64 Slope =0 R=0 (effectively a square wave in itself)
    5. Set LFO1 to Square wave and 1/1 (set tempo to 120bpm)
    6. Set LFO1 Assign destination to "Filter Env Sustain" and amount to full right
    7. Press and hold a key.
    You hear the initial snap of the Square wave and then it slopes back up.
    I would think that the mod would tell the Env Sustain to go from 64 to 0 back to 64 and nothing in between.
    The only thing I didn't test before I came to work was to set the slope to negative or modulate the slope as well as the Sustain.
    Any ideas why this is happening?



    Hello again,

    You know, the Virus is so deep and incredibly well built from the oscillators and filters up that it is unthinkable for me to create a patch named "Analog Bass" or "Brass" or (god forbid) "Electric Piano".

    No, the Virus is so far beyond the old analog style that there is no need for that any more.

    So I have been programming these amazingly complex patches and I constantly find myself using up all 18 Matrix routing sources. I long for at least another Matrix routing page so that there would be a total of 12 sources and 36 destinations so that I can properly mangle and warp the sound using all of the tools in the Virus.

    And it wouldn't be that difficult to create a "Page 2" in the software - would it?

    Thanks for listening and for making one of the best true synthesizers on the market ever since the MiniMoog arrived.


    Hello and thank you for building an incredible synthesizer.

    I have been using it for about 1/2 a year now and it sits next to my Blofeld.

    The only thing I wish for on the Virus is the addition of an extra Envelope (or 2) because they add so much flexibility tot he overall modulation of any sound. The Blofeld has 2 extra Envelopes which can be one shot or Looped (fantastic idea and the uses are too vast to mention). If the Virus added a few and inculded each envelope stage in the modulation section, the sonic possibilities of the Virus would go from the millions to the billions.

    I know others must have requested this feature but I would liek to add my 2 cents.

    Thanks again for making such an incredible synth...