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    we haven't done NAMM or Frankfurt in 8 years

    The virus hasn't really changed much in 8 years...Access has done little more than keep the lights on when it comes to having anything to really show. It would be pointless for them.

    The Virus is a mature product that's not seeing anything more than bug fixes. Why bother showing it just to show it?

    Well, for the way I work, I will probably not even install the software plug in. I work mainly with hardware and only hook my synth's up via MIDI to my workstation. I play almost everything live.

    My worry is having certain features I can't get at without the editor like there were before, specifically the arpeggiator pattern editing or I think certain oscillator parameters in the original TI.

    What exactly is section locking?

    Hello forum..

    Over the years, I have owned every virus made up to the TI. Unfortunately, the original TI software did not play well with my computer system and I sold it. Now I am reading about the TI2 and the features in OS5 that are coming out (envelopes!) and these are features I have wanted since the original virus! I am excited!

    I do, however, have reservations. Based on my prior experience, the integration part of the system didn't really work very well. The latency on it was unworkable and the system crashed my DAW regularly. Also, I was disappointed that certain features required the editor to have access too which made them essentially nonexistent to me. With that in mind, I have a few direct questions:

    1. Has the stability improved? My primary DAW is Ableton Live 8.3 running on Windows 7
    2. What features in OS5 are only available through the editor software? If I pay 3k for a synth with certain features...I want to be able to access them!

    Thank you in advance,