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    in the RAM banks, can I use RAM-A 0, and pull that patch up in Logic, or do I have to start with RAM-A 1? It seems like when you make an "external midi" track, Logic gives you those 16 channels to choose from in the "library." But, it starts with 1, not 0. Is that my problem?

    Hey, thanks for all your help. still kind of frustrated and not getting work done. So you mentioned "Sequencer Mode." I got into Seq Mode, but then when I wanted to assign the separate parts out discreet channels you said to: "Once in sequencer mode, enter the multi menu (shift+edit). On the "patch" page, you can choose the output." The synth then says I have to put it in "Multi Mode" to access the patch output page. So I do that, and then I can't figure out how to "save" the output assignment. In fact how do you save anything? Are all these changes automatically saved when you close the menu? I wish I could have a hands on training session on how to re-learn this synth. Its killing me. I I learned the synth through that GUI, and now I'm stuck on stupid trying to re-learn in entirely new way.

    thanks, MC

    Ok, when I edit a patch to perfection in VC mode, Then save it to a RAM bank, if I switch to MIDI and unplug the USB, do all the settings of my patch stay as I left them in VC mode? For instance if the Amp Envelope Release was left at "6" when I load the patch in with the MIDI cables attached will the Release amount be exactly "6?"
    Also, I have all the documentation for my Virus. I just don't know where or what page they describe how to navigate the menus with the front panel controls.

    Thanks you have already saved the day!


    Hi, After a long time of trying to use my Virus with the USB, I have accepted its not going to work with my iMac, Ableton, or Logic Pro without the horrible sync issues: (popping, buzzing, screeching, and locking up.)

    So I am happy to work with the synth through MIDI, and analog audio. Now, that being said, I had gotten used to working on patches, the arp, automation, and all the other bells and whistles using the plugin Virus Control GUI. So, the last couple of nights have been frustrating because I am trying to get a grip on how to accomplish everything just using the the front control buttons, knobs , and LCD panel. So I am going to have many questions in the coming weeks, I assume. The first question is: how do I tell the synth using the front control panels, and the LCD, that I want to use all stereo analog outs, and furthermore, how do I access the different screens to assign the patches to the specific outs I want? So far I only seem to get to assign a patch out of output 1. In LOgic Pro I can load another "external MIDI" track into the project, and then assign the track to Virus' channel 2 to trigger sounds. But, I cannot figure out how to navigate to channel 2's page in the LCD display. It was easy with VIrus COntrol because it was all right there.

    Anyway all help is GREATLY appreciated. And, does anyone know of any documentation that explains in detail how to use the the front control panel?
    There is nothing in the user manual to explain it.

    Can't wait to get back into the synth, because it really is an awesome instrument.

    Thanks, MC :rolleyes:

    What the F did they do with 4.5.3? I am getting the same issues. Didn't happen until I updated to the new OS. Pleas tell me that you guys at Access are going to patch this issue. Its a joke to not take this very seriously. Why should I have to hear other Access Virus T1 owners tell me " forget Virus Control, its a piece of sh*t"? Everybody bought the product with intentions to use all of its promised capabilities. I can tell you this. My production sessions are about 30% less productive because of the constant stopping to re-connect the synth's USB. Its a damn shame.


    I have a project in Ableton Live 8 with a couple channels of my Virus TI being sequenced as an external instrument. While I play the track the patches playing back from the synth are pitch wavering up and down like a warped record. I don't know what caused this. I have replaced the patch with other presets and the same issue happens with the presets. Any ideas?

    Thanks, MC

    hello. i am experiencing a crunchy digital distortion when using my ti1 with ableton live 8. my computer is new, imac i7 2.8 with 16 gigs of ram. i am running 10.6.3 and when i load in the virus ti tutorial song the sound randomly starts to disintegrate to digital noise. i have set the buffer all the way to 1024 samples and it still happens. any ideas?

    thanks, mc