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    @ElectroClash :

    I bought my Virus TI2 desktop on last summer, and after some months of useless posts on this forum and emails to the customer support about my "out of sync" problem, I finally found the solution :

    Never use the Virus Control VST with Ableton Live, it's only made for those who don't have an audio interface !
    I only use the USB connector as a MIDI interface with the Virus, and the audio outputs trough inputs on my MOTU 828mkIII.
    Traditional MIDI synth in MULTI mode, it's really safe using it this way.

    But I agree with you: it's a shame to pay this price for a machine with so many small (and less small) bugs and ergonomic errors.

    Had the same problem. And finally abandonned the whole VC thing and came back to traditionnal MIDI and the analog outputs, with a Max4Live patch for automation purposes.

    Read my conclusion here : A librarian ...

    VC is good for some sound design, but for live gigs, record and research, its better to avoid it. I just feel a bit fooled by Access about the "Total Integration" marketing feature, but it's compensated by the pleasure I have using it in a traditional MIDI / multi way and by the sound quality it have.

    if you aren't using vc why you connected virus usb cables,,
    disconnected usb cable and route your virus with midi input and output by you motu midi interface
    put your motu buffser size to 128-256 then play your gig...
    also check your delay compensation which is on or off!!

    because my MIDI outs are already used for other instruments, and I dont want to do more MIDI chaining.

    As I said, I have absolutely no problem this way, the problem was when using the Virus VST and USB audio.

    I have a MOTU 828mk3, and I noticed something about the SPDIF synchronisation that you may be interested in.

    I use my Virus without the VST, using the USB for MIDI only and the 6 analog outs, as I already described in other threads.

    I have the SPDIF OUT of my 828mk3 linked to the SPDIF IN of the Virus only for clock syncing.

    If you do not want to have a sync error message on your Virus, you have to power on your stuff in a precise order :

    • your MOTU
    • if your computer is not running, boot it and WAIT it have finished, because the internal clock of your MOTU may change once it has established the link with the OS. (by example if your MOTU is configured in 48 kHz in standalone mode and in 96 kHz when linked to your computer)
    • power on your Virus.

    If the message comes again on the Virus, you don't have to repeat all these steps, simply power off (not sleep mode, a complete power off: unplung the power cable) and power on again your Virus.
    But if you always execute these steps in the right order and then you don't change anymore the clock frequency of your MOTU, you won't have any problem for your whole session.

    Ok, I know why it's so bad now... Max for live is the culprit this time... Once I stopped using that I could get it to sync again.

    I've had a lot of syncing troubles and had to switch from a PC to a Mac because of it but it's gotten a lot better, on a mac. Forget Max for Live though!!

    I use max4live without any problem (see a typical ableton live set I use here :…ad&postID=10815#post10815 ), but I do not use the VC VST anymore. You have to check the latency you set in the patcher inspector.

    What is your system? What is your interface? I have found that using a DEDICATED interface help a lot with latency.

    I use a MOTU 828mk3 (firewire), and never had a general laency issue before.

    The problem is not the latency of my system (general latency of my whole system is less than 20ms), the problem is the latency of the USB audio communication with the Virus. I just don't care that the "Live" mode solves the problem: I use my system for live gigs, and yes, I DO press the PLAY button, so the "Live" mode is not avaible when I play !

    Now I don't use USB audio (and VC) anymore. I use the USB connection only for MIDI communication, the Virus in MULTI mode, and I use the 6 analog audio outs plugged in 6 audio inputs of my 828mk3, and I made a little Max4Live pach for automation purposes. See below a screenshot of a typical setup :

    [Blocked Image: ]

    There is one for download on the site, and just use the search engine to find a couple on the forums. I don't really remember if they're online here or on, but there's more than one on the internet.

    I did use the search function... thanks !

    And finally I used a magic websaïte called gOogLe and I found this file on instantly !

    Obviously these files supposed to be here may have disappeared in the glitches of time... But I've to admit I'm not a suscriber on I'm the kind of guy who like to have the official support for gear I paid for...

    Now I understand why my favourite music gear reseller told me that he stopped ordering stuff from access music years ago when he realized that support sucked, and he had to do a special order for me.

    This synth is just awesome for its sound possibilities... but really, acces music HAVE to at least do a real user manual with more than one sentence per function/parameter (I'm not saying that every function/parameter needs a whole page, but at least describe more precisely some very technical functions, like by exemple how the Virus chooses between SPDIF and USB for audio clock synchronisation, or what exactly means "Page A" and "Page B" in the MIDI parameters without having to search the whole internet !!! These are only examples...)

    I made everything as described in the tutorial exemple and the setup guide !

    I wanted to use the analog out in parrallel with the USB outs thru VC, and as I explaindes, the result was a HUGE desynchronised latency (more than 50 ms).

    I use my setup for live gigs. I need a low latency. I used to do gigs with some VSTi and quite-instant latency so the problem isn't coming from my audio config. If the USB audio links with the Virus add so much latency, I wont use them.
    I do not want to use the Virus as my audio interface, as I have a MOTU 828 mkIII, and by buying the Virus I wanted to buy a synth, not a soundcard !

    So, for now I'm using only the 6 analog outs (and I had to trim one of them to +8dB because of level difference...) and controlling via the VirusSynth USB MIDI connection (using the "External Instrument" device in Ableton Live), and the latency is really good. But this mean I cannot use the Virus Control to be more confortable when working on sound design.
    This is why I join all the people here to ask for an "edit only" version of the VC.

    PS : thanks ;)

    I jus bought a virus TI2 desktop and... this USB latency is really ruining all the thing !

    I'm using Ableton Live 8 Suite, and the sync is correct only if I use Virus Conrol and the analog outputs. If I use the USB output, that's just horrible... HUGE desynchronisation.... (nearly 50 ms)

    Please Access... are you serious ??!!

    Ableton Live is one of the most used daw actually, and I'm using it for live gigs !! Being unable to use all the outputs of this synth reduce its interest by half for me... and I'm already thinking about selling it.
    Live has a automatic latency compensation. You should at least tune your USB outs latency information to make it match !!

    what's the problem here?

    Anyway, this is why I'm adding a reply here to ask for a "EDIT ONLY" VST. Please.