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    I don't know what else I can do to try & tighten this timing up, I've bounced a couple of bars to give you an idea of what it is I'm experiencing. The patches aren't identical as I've just thrown something together for the sake of this example but they are both playing the same region with the automation in exactly the same place both times but you can clearly hear the timing discrepancy.…s%20AU%20plug-in.mp3?dl=1…s%20MIDI%20synth.mp3?dl=1

    Hi all,

    I've been having a bit of difficulty getting sample accurate automation timing whilst using the plugin within Logic, I've been writing filter cutoff automation which is meant to be tied to the rhythm of the track & whenever I'm trying to play it back the automation is noticeably late. I've always got Sample Accurate Automation turned on & set to Volume, Pan, Sends, Plugin Parameters within the Logic preferences but it does not want to play along with the Virus. If I use the Virus as a traditional MIDI synth then the automation is locked to the beat so I'm wondering if this maybe has something to do with the way either the Virus or Logic is dealing with plug in delay compensation - I'm just guessing though.

    I've no idea how long the Virus has been like this as this is the first time I've needed such accurate automation timing with this machine. Please help

    Virus OS
    Logic 9.1.8
    Mac OS 10.6.8

    …sometimes when i'm editing, I don't want to move a knob to select a field and subsequently lose whatever value i had already entered.

    If you dive through your machines config menus there's an option to set the knobs to soft pick up (it's probably called something else) so the value won't change until the knob sweeps past it, this would allow you to select that parameter & keep your original setting, providing the knob isn't at exactly the right place though.

    In Logics inspector panel to the left of the arrange window, have you changed the required instrument MIDI channel from the default "All" to the specific MIDI channel?

    Sorry dude, I was just trying to be helpful & you are correct I hadn't read your posts properly which is why I hadn't seen that you have already deleted these things dozens of times already.

    About your naming system for your drives, you could have called them Ethel & Hilda for all I care but I would assume you would know where to go on your system if you were directed towards Macintosh HD just like I would also assume you would know where to look if the directory began with ~

    I'll probably go & shoot myself in the face now because I forgot about the tutorials…


    It's not a huge problem & they don't really take up much disc space, however, if you just can't cope with them being there then make your way to

    Macintosh HD > Library > Audio > Plug-Ins > Components


    Macintosh HD > Library > Audio > Plug-Ins > VST

    & simply delete the Virus TI Snow. To remove all traces of the manuals, navigate your way to

    Macintosh HD > Library > Documentation > Access Music > Virus TI

    & delete any unwanted manuals.

    …Loads of good advice…

    What do you do then? You "commit" your tracks (some DAW-s call it freeze) - once you are happy with a track, turn it into an audio file that doesn't require as much calculations. You can always come back to it, change and overwrite it, if you keep your original VST track muted.

    If I can just add a little bit to the excellent advice you have already been given - I'm not sure how things work in other DAWs but in Logic it's useful to mute the regions, if you mute the track but not the regions all the calculations are still being done by the plugins in the channel strip, but you just can't hear the result as you have muted the output. A belt & braces approach would be to mute the regions as well as the tracks, that way any errant pops, clicks or ticks won't be heard & the whole channel strip should now be very cpu friendly yet easy to recall should you ever need to.

    Hi tracks4ever

    Welcome to the magical world of the Access Virus, I'm sure you will enjoy your time with us.

    There's loads of places to find tutorials but I'll point you towards some that you might find useful. Sound on Sounds Synth Secrets series covers a lot of the fundamentals of synthesis & is a good place to start building a solid foundation of understanding on, start at the bottom of the page & work your way up (this will take you quite a while to read through it all)

    For a more Virus specific tutorial, head over to Howard Scarrs website & download the pdf of a tutorial he wrote for one of the older Virus synths - even though it's for an older synth it's still a useful guide for the TI as well.

    Check out the main Access site, it also contains a few handy video tutorials…ontact_and_resources.html

    Finally, as if I haven't given you enough to go on already. Your chums at Access ran a series of Bootcamp videos a while back, they used to be available on the main site but I'm not sure if they are still there. Luckily for you though you can still watch them all over on their video channel.

    Happy learning :thumbup:

    Any general tips on mastering?

    I'm not a skilled engineer, I'm a home studio enthusiast,

    No matter what track(s) I listen to, regardless of genre, they all have the same mastered sound -- nice, cozy, loud, warm, but without any strain or overcompression.

    My advice would be pay a dedicated mastering engineer to master your tracks for you, it's not really that expensive & no matter how hard you try you will struggle to achieve the results they can by using plugins alone.

    It takes years to develop the skills needed to become a pro mastering engineer, the equipment they use & their listening environment is generally far superior to anything any of us are using. Depending on who you choose & if they are local enough to you, you may get the option to have an attended mastering session, they cost a little more than just sending your tracks to them but it's a great chance to get a better idea of what's involved in the whole process. Before they do any work on your track they will usually do a mix review for you, this is a great opportunity to get a fresh set of ears listening to your track & the feedback you get from them is always constructive, if they make any recommendations or suggestions to improve your mix you can be sure that they wouldn't be saying it if it didn't really need it.

    There are so many positives to getting your tracks mastered professionally, you should give it a try, even if it's just the once to see if you think it's for you - I'm pretty much 100% sure that you will be blown away by what they can do. If you want I can provide you links to some highly recommended tried & tested mastering engineers.

    You should definitely not do that, since the TI already receives clock information when the Virus TI plugin is in use. Basically the unit receives it twice at this point. The "Virus TI Synth" port should be solely used when the Virus TI Control plugin is *not* in use. This "Virus TI Synth" port allows you to send Midi data directly to the TIs sound engine via USB, but again the unit receives already all this information from the plugin.

    Best wishes,
    Jörg Hüttner

    That's really interesting & is at odds with the results I get. I've tested this quite a bit & I've found that I get the best sync when I do send the MIDI clock to Virus TI Synth. For me it's absolutely locked on the money when I do, if I have it any other way then I get mixed results ranging from the first note being out & it never catching up again to the first note being bang on then as it plays the sync mildly drifts.

    I have a Logic project file with all the relevant audio files & notes explaining my results stored on my harddrive which I could send in if you wanted to check it. When I get to my main machine later today I'll post screenshots of the audio regions with transient markers on which clearly show the timing differences. After reading your reply Jorg I'm interested to know where the mistake may lie in my configuration, seeing as it works for me that's what I have done ever since - just when I thought I had the perfect configuration, on the other hand, if it ain't broke & that…

    This is just a random suggestion & it may or may not make a difference for you but you might as well give it a try, in Logic go to Settings > Synchronisation > MIDI & try transmitting MIDI clock to Virus TI Synth if it's not already being done.

    You don't need to add anything to the list in Logic, all the parameters are already there for you to choose from. Freqshifter Frequency is there but when I try it only automates the Ring Modulator or Frequency Shifter frequencies.

    [Blocked Image: ]

    In Cubase are you using an Audio Unit or a VST? We're Audio Unit only in Logic.