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    I'm planning to buy Akai MAX 25 (or 49) for my Virus TI2 desktop and connect them with MIDI cable.
    I'd like to ask if any of you have tried one of these controller keyboards with Virus TI/TI2 connected over MIDI cables. If yes then:
    -do they cooperate seamlessly?
    -does the AKAI MAX sequencer cooperates correctly with Virus? any timing issues?
    -any issues notieced?

    Today Logic X was released. I wonder if anyone of you has already tried to use Virus Control plugin in it. How does it work? Any issues? Maybe someone from Access team has something to say in this topic - is it safe to switch to version X?

    This would be wonderful. I would love to have control over the internal routing. Unfortunately,this will not happen without a whole new operating system.I am guessing of course.

    Well... this is what only guys at Access know. But maybe this might be achieved by expanded Input (VCC: FX1 tab) options: if there would be specific parts placed this could allow using different parts as effects processors. I think that also part outputs would have to be modified. But to achieve feedback loop it would have to more complex - at least I think so. Anyway it's easy to talk not knowing the internal architecture of the Hardware or rather OS Software.

    There are huge additional possibilities in Virus TI that IMHO still remain unused.
    The option to route output from one part to another part for filter/FX processing or possibility to make feedback loop would expand Virus possibilities enormously.

    The input part feedback trick just might work, if you have split TRS cables, because the sound has to get out somehow, unless you use the headphones or the S/PDIFout for monitoring. Also feeding back through VC using DAW sends might work although the latencies might make it sound more like a delay effect.

    So... in configuration with headphones-out and input connected with cable: is it possible that same part is producing sound (by standard chain: oscillators, filters, fx) and is also fed back with the input it produces (via the headphones-> input feedback loop)?

    You can try setting the OSC Volume above zero (unity gain) to get saturation...

    I meant to route audio from end of sound chain back to the filters. And I'd like to do it in a single Virus part. What does OSC Volume has to do with that?

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible in Virus TI to make a feedback in single part - route part output back to it filters? Something like this is implemented in eg. Arturia Minibrute ("brute factor" is in reality the feedback). I think that NI Massive has also such functionality.

    Despite of many distortion types there is IMHO quite a big gap in Virus regadring this effect.
    What is missing (for me) is several additional tube distortion flavors (like in FabFilter Saturn) and also distortion feedback knob (like in FabFilter Saturn, Ohmicide, Kombinat 2).

    So there's no possibility to make same note sound the same every time I hit it when using hypersaw in described way?

    I have loaded the Init patch and set the OSC1 to Hypersaw. Then I have changed OSC1 density to 9 (max value). Now, when I play the same note, each time different sound occurs. Why is it like that? If the density is set to 1.0 then sound for specific note is the same.

    When UNISON is set to more than 1 (other than OFF) - same thing happens even if density is 1.