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    Yeah, that could be an good option but i have checked the setup for several times...
    another usb port, an hole new usb-pci card instead of the onboard usb, etc..

    My windows power system is always on performance, even all the bios settings are high (cool-fan, etc)
    it seems that amd has some troubles with the acpi in the bios with some usb controllers.. maybe that's the reason..

    I think i'm going to try my other pc, to look of this happens on that also..
    i let you know!


    well, to be honest... both!
    some notes get out of tune, other won't play at all and then the virus will get out of sync...
    after some seconds it will back in sync again (sometimes with crackles), but when the pattern is playing the melody again the trouble comes again (ofcourse).

    i don't know for sure, it is 1 part/1 patch > one hypersaw osc detuned @ 100, the other hypersaw osc detuned @ 96 without reverb, without delay.
    some of the patches (leads) are played correct trough usb, while some other patches the virus completely gets out of sync nor play all notes..

    i use an asio driver (other soundcard) with some latency (especially for the hardware), but i try'ed to use an wave-out driver as well..
    it doesn't matter, same troubles :-(
    i've buyed an pci-usb card especially for the ti2, so i can't imagine the usb is the problem.

    Allright, thank you.

    1-vc is usable with 3x stereo out, indeed..
    but my problem is:

    when i have a patch with a detuned lead, using the hypersaw and i'm sending 3 notes (on 2 octaves) to my virus, there is a buffer/voices problem?
    most of the tones are working correct, but some of them are not played (or the virus gets out of sync).
    i think that the virus can't handle that notes at the same time trough usb... is that possible?

    in the display of the virus there is an buffer/max-indicator?
    that's normally on the half of it, but at the end of the melody it's to his max...
    is that the reason why it gets out of sync or not played all the notes?

    get a 909 kick from the ram/rom bank, take waveform 10, edit it a bit and give it some decay...
    eq the 500hz for punch, and put some distortion on it.
    hardstyle kicks are mostly done by a 909 kick-drum, but can be made by the virus as well..
    How? As long as you use the virus for the sound(s), and the use of 'external' effects to make it the way you want. (like most sounds from the virus)
    But you did it correct as far as i can see (camelphat as insert effect)

    I see you are using FL Studio, and that's not a problem but the Distortion of Logic (mac) is very usable to make any Hardstyle kicks with.
    DJ Zany explains it in his Tutorial of 'making a hardstyle kick'.

    Producing Hardstyle is a lot of practice and knowledge of Synthese.........


    Hi there,

    i'm an happy user of the TI2.
    Since i'm working with the usb controller, there are limitations as we all know..
    Now i want to use and record the analog outputs of the virus so i can use it to the max, and the vc only for sending midi-data to the ti..
    What is the best way to do this without lost of quality?
    What soundcard can do more inputs at high quality, and/or is there a digital mixer with (motorized) faders?

    Thank you,