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    Additionally, I noticed that on my Ti2 Desktop - if you hold shift and turn the "Type/MIx" knob, you should be able to adjust the mix, but nope!
    For some reason, shift does not work with that knob, you are only able to adjust the distortion type. This really feels like they intentionally made MIX obsolete.

    If you set the Distortion Mix to zero, and change any distortion parameters: type, tone, etc. you can hear that this affects your sound.
    So how does that Mix setting actually work?

    I think it's reasonable to assume that you can use it to dial in the amount of a pre-determined intensity of distortion, but you can't.
    That's how the Reverb and most of the other effects seem to work.

    I have downloaded the chart of controller number for the Virus, and want to program a controller keyboard for programming my Snow.
    Does anyone know how you send those controller numbers from the B and C pages?

    In Logic, I can see that these parameters are available as automation, but use controller numbers above 127.
    OSC 3 volume is CC#215 for example.

    What kind of sys-ex is needed to send those controller messages to the Snow?

    I just downloaded the most recent manual for the Snow, which had newer items from updates in the table of contents, but not actually in the manual. So it looks like it's updated to OS 3.0 because things like the frequency shifter are listed, however those OS 3.0 features listed in the table of contents are not in the body of the manual. That's just bad organization, confusing and stupid.

    Once again I say, please give us a proper manual.

    I like wavetable synthesis, and I like my Snow. I was wondering if the waves in the wavetable are based on classic waves from the PPG, or Prophet VS, Wavestation?

    I think it would be really useful if you could load your own wavetables, or if at least if you could choose between some classics.
    The Prophet VS (I believe) had some of it's waves based on the old Korg DW series, and I like the sound of both of those - It would be cool to be able to emulate any wavetable synth on the Virus by loading in custom wavetables. I think the ESQ-1 used three different waves per sound, so that would be out of the question, but you could get similar sounds.

    Anyway, I assume the wavetable in the Virus is based on something pre-existing, I just don't know what.


    It's a very simple request, there have been so many awesome updates and additions to the Ti line OS, that Access should really update the manual with all the extra features put in their proper place so that it's easy to find each relevant section. It's simply stupid not to. When I think about buying a piece of gear, I download the manual to see if it's worth it to me. I wonder how many potential Virus buyers downloaded the manual not knowing that there are tons of little update files that show the true value of this synth? There are a handful of features that are not obvious, and require reading the manual - so update the manual already!

    Other than that, I would say the next big step is to overhaul the plug-in GUI. It's software, so it can be anything with any layout you want. You should be able to clearly see all signal paths, with flashing lights that indicate signal modulation, and clear indications of what is doing that modulating. If the filter mode is changed - change the layout so that it now visually represents what the filters are doing to the signal, and what type of signal is coming out of those filters afterwards. Software instruments have the most unused potential of any software I've ever seen. There is no reason to stick with emulations of hardware set ups if a new clearly designed set up can do so much more. Having said that, some vintage synths have a clear signal path laid out with their knob assignments, and if it makes sense, then improve on that. Make the layout of the controls related directly to where they fit into the signal path. I know there are lots of people used to how the VST GUI works and they can get the results they want without much fuss. But one of the fun things about the virus is creating random patches! However deciphering how those patches work, is no fun at all - but it doesn't have to be that way, the software should make it obvious what is going on and what each element does to create the whole patch.

    The sound of software synths has caught up to the analog hardware (in my mind anyway - I'm prepared for the old fart haters). It's all about the interface now.
    Why do people prefer knobs all over their synths? Control, ease of use, fun to use interface. That's where software needs to go. No more tiny tiny lights.

    I'm ranting now.
    I'll stop.
    The company that makes the best plug-in GUI is going to own the future of software instruments.
    But ignore all that - just a new manual please.



    You can show any kind of logo you want on stage - once you publish a photo with a logo, you may be considered to be misrepresenting a product.

    If you are in a popular band, they consider the photo a welcome endorsement.
    If you are not in a popular band, they weigh the pros and cons, under the assumption you have no money and usually do nothing.

    Have you been issued a notice to remove a published photo that includes a logo?

    I had been using my virus snow with Logic 8 on a macbookpro OS10.4.11 The virus control was V3.

    With this set up, using the USB inputs, I had zero latency. If you zoomed in and looked at the wave, there was one sample between the start of the beat and the start of the wave. One sample - one, 44.1 thousands of a second. Perfect.

    I tested this a number of times when changing my audio buffer, or when going from 16 to 24 bit recording.
    It was nice. Clearly Logic's PDC was talking to the Virus Control properly.

    Now I'm using pretty much the exact same set up, but on a newer computer that has Snow Leopard.
    Also, I had to upgrade to V4 of the Virus Control.

    Now I'm getting exactly 128 samples of latency - every time. My audio buffer is 64 by the way, not 128.
    I know that it's very miniscule, and some people would kill to have that kind of latency, however I know that Logic can talk to the Virus and use PDC to ensure near zero latency, so I want that back.

    Has anyone else tackled this issue?

    Yeah, I got ya, you can revert back to the old setting. . . But what does it do?

    The message I'm getting is that the Virus is sharing the USB bus with the card reader, or the bluetooth, etc. etc. All USB ports on my i7 iMac are shared with some internal component.

    So, if I use your fix, I assume that I cannot use bluetooth? Or some other internal component gets disabled?, or little green men will fly out of the Virus and smash my favorite albums.

    My past experience has been that screwing with the terminal to fix hardware issues can be very, very detrimental, and should not be taken lightly, so excuse me if I don't rush off and apply this fix when no information about it has been provided.

    So I ask once again, in all impatient sincerity; What Does It Do?


    Yes, please marc - I've seen this fix in a few posts, but before I go into Terminal and start disabling things on the USB bus, I would like to know what this does.
    Is it something that has to be redone every time you boot, or is it permanent until changed back?
    How do you change it back?

    I think you can see that there is a good reason to explain this fix.