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    I just hope that updates still occur and that this whole thing doesn't turn into the JazzMutant Lemur ordeal. Regardless of Total Integration, which would be really weak if it was pulled, the virus is an amazing hardware synthesizer and even with the Virus TI Plugin I still usually use the knobs on my Virus Polar TI2. Plus the atomizer is awesome and the Remote section is great for controlling stuff through MIDI, which can be done at least on a Mac because the MIDI driver is plug and play ( to the best of my knowledge and please correct me if I am wrong).


    I don't know what DAW you are using but maybe you have the option to freeze your tracks in realtime? Doing this would allow you to unfreeze the Virus TI tracks if you needed to change something. It has to be realtime bouncing though or else it will not work. Which brings me to my second suggestion:

    First, bounce each of the Virus MIDI channels to audio individually and for organizational purposes place the bounced audio channel under the actual Virus MIDI Channel and name it "Bounced 'Virus MIDI Channel Name' Audio" and the, with the bounced tracks placed under the actual Virus TI MIDI tracks, mute the Virus MIDI Tracks and monitor the bounced audio version. This would allow you to still create with other plugins and such and when you wanted to change something on a track just, 1. mute the bounced version, 2. engage (un-mute) the Virus MIDI tracks to make your changes, 3. erase the previously bounced audio material and then 4. bounce the changed Virus MIDI track again so the process may be repeated as many times as you like when you want to change something. That would be the way I would do it if I was going to choose your type of workflow.

    If I were going to do this myself, and I use my Virus TI2 Polar on 75%+ of my compositions mainly with the TI Plugin, I would use the Hardware Direct Out option on the TI plugin (The upper case D button in between the preset number and the volume fader, under the M (mute) while in Browser mode on the Virus TI plugin GUI) and record that on stereo line inputs on my Audio Interface. Considering you have multiple stereo outputs on a Virus TI you could route certain tracks to the different outputs depending on their frequency spectrum or place in the song (Highs, Mids, Lows or Melodic content, Drums and Percussion, Bass and Pads) and be able to adjust the MIDI information in a similar fashion to the way I explained for your type of workflow by engaging the Virus MIDI Tracks, making the changes, then erasing the previous bounced audio from the Direct Outputs on the Virus TI Hardware Unit and recording the new, changed version to continue working on the track. Then just repeat as needed.

    I'm just assuming that you are using other software instruments and plugins correct? You would only need to do this if you are using other Software Instruments and Plugins. BUT If you are JUST USING the Virus TI's for your sounds then my suggestion would be to run the Virus TI Hardware in Sequencer Mode, giving you 16 sound presets per Virus TI ( This is all depending on how many voices and the DSP used by each patch), scratch using the TI plugin and use an external instrument plugin with MIDI or just route MIDI out to the Virus' and record from the Direct Outs straight into your DAW. I use this option a lot. Especially when I don't want to deal with the sync issues that come with the TI Plugin. The only drawback is that if you are used to using the TI Plugin then you have to learn how to manipulate your sounds via the Virus TI Hardware knobs and buttons, which in my case I actually prefer to using a mouse to change parameters. The tactile feel and physical manipulation of the using a hardware synths knobs, faders and buttons is half the fun in my opinion!

    Now, my choice of DAW would definitely be Logic Pro X for this. No, I do not work for Apple but I have been using Logic (all the way back from when it was available for PC too) for such a long time because. 1. It is rock solid in terms of MIDI implementation with the MIDI Environment and MIDI Transform Screen, Event list and Editor, MIDI plugins, Step Input and others plus Logic's ability to create custom user interfaces and MIDI filters in the MIDI Environment along with a rock solid GUI and amazing audio engine, oh yeah, plus its ability to score and allow me to transcribe music in its newly revamped Score Editor plus its amazing library of sounds and presets for its software instruments and plugins and its ability to edit audio seamlessly down to individual transients and even further to the sample level. Second choice would be Ableton Live the PreSonus' Studio One. Hope this helps.

    At times I thought I bought a glorified midi controller since using the VST would hardly work in Logic but I was wrong, even using it as a midi controller has hiccups. If anyones in the NYC area, I'm putting my Virus ti2 up for sale on Craigslist next week... I've had enough

    Sadly I'd agree. I've stopped using VC, and just run it via MIDI and SPDIF (with Virus as clock master -- the only way to not get clicks through SPDIF).

    If they ever release a non audio VC I'll take another look, but for now I'll program patches on the synth itself.

    I'm running a brand new MacBook Pro with 10.10.5 and have very few problems with TI Integration in Logic Pro X 10.2 and Ableton Live 9.2.2 Suite. I have owned my Access Virus TI2 Polar for 4+ years now and run into problems here and there. Calling Access a bad company, especially because they are in Denmark is just immature and untrue. If you work with support like Marc tells most to do, they will work very hard to fix your problem. They have always fixed mine. The company is no sinking ship. If you can't get the TI Integration to work, run the synth in Sequencer Mode or Multimode and use the outputs in the back of the Virus and a MIDI cable. Set up to 16 different sounds using this method, with no sync issues, and record into your audio interface. Learning how to program the TI2 using its knobs and buttons is a great way to dive into the synth even deeper and I would never trade my TI2. The sound is just amazing. Also you have the Atomizer, using it as a standalone FX unit and a MIDI controller capable of storing different templates for different scenarios and software. I'm not jumping off the boat. The updates are free. I don't know any other company that doesn't charge for OS updates moving from one whole integer to the next, do you? Of course there is multitudes of free software out there, but nothing has that Virus sound!

    I too have been getting an audible tick coming out of the Virus TI in Logic X. I still have issues with garbled audio every other time I open TI. By shutting down Logic X and rebooting the virus it usually takes care of it. The audible tick however seems to never go away until I hit play but comes back immediately after I stop the playback. The noise always ticks to the first BPM set to a song.

    I'm getting the same crackling problems in VC, mostly when using the new "Air Chorus" effect. I get them no matter what Audio Buffer setting I use. They audio pops seem to rotate from left speaker to right speaker and are usually very short (three little pops) and only when audio is playing. I recently ran a fine tooth comb through my system optimizing it, so I know it's not anything but the VC. I've got my Virus TI2 Polar on a single USB bus, without any other devices and I'm using a High Quality USB 2.0 cable with ferrite chokes on each end. Everything was spot on until I started using the "Air Chorus" effect. The only other problem I can find is that the ring that's supposed to light up around the Chorus Amount when it's turned up doesn't.

    iMac 2.93ghz i7 Quad, 4 gigs RAM, Logic 9.1.3, Ableton Live Suite 8.2.2, Using the Virus as a 2 channel audio interface

    If you set it to "frequency shifter frequency" it will not control the Vowel Filter when chosen. This sucks because other fx parameters that use the same "knob" to adjust settings will do this, for instance the "dry/wet" or "amount" of the frequency shifter matrix equivalent will control it for all the fx in that region.

    +1 again for LFO-Clock as a mod destination for soft knob control

    But I want to modulate it in clock mode, that's the whole point. I figured out a workaround but I'm sick of workarounds. I seriously have never seen a modern synth without the feature. I have to add the LFO Clock to an automation line then either use my Virus in Remote mode or another MIDI controller mapped to that automation parameter. Not too fun.

    Please add the LFO Clock to the Mod Matrix so we can use a Soft Knob to change the clock value. In order to do it now I have to add the LFO Clock to an automation line inside my DAW then either use the Virus in Remote mode or another controller mapped to that automation line.

    I'm having similar problems as mentioned before. The chorus mix knob on the FX1 page doesn't fill in with white when it's turned. The chorus knob on the VC home page is grayed out and can't even be used. Other than that, It has been more stable than the previous version already. I sent support a question about the chorus knobs days ago, still no response.

    iMac i7 2.93ghz w/ 4gig RAM, MacBook Pro Intel Core2Duo 2.5ghz w/ 4 gig RAM, Virus Polar TI2, Presonus FP10, Ableton Live, Logic, various MIDI controllers

    I can't quite figure this one out. I'm running Reason 5 rewired through Logic 9 with the stereo Virus TI plugin. Everything seems to be synced properly until I play the song from the beginning inside of Logic. If I play it from the beginning inside Logic, the two programs play terribly out of sync. If I play the song from the beginning using Reason, it syncs perfectly. If I play the song from anywhere but the beginning using Logic, it syncs perfectly. The reason this presents a problem is because of when it comes time to bounce the song everything is out of sync. If I start the song on bar 2, I don't have this problem, but I don't want to start the song on bar 2, I want to start it on bar 1. When I run Ableton Live with Reason rewired, there are no sync problems either. I know it's the Virus TI plugin because Reason and Logic sync perfectly all the time when the TI plugin isn't in the project.

    Any ideas?

    Why can't you modulate the LFO rate when the clock is enabled? I've tried everything from the matrix to automation inside my DAW. The matrix only works for non-synced LFO's and the Rate knob on the synth and the TI plugin can't be automated. I hope I'm wrong and just missing something, but if not please fix this!

    Is there a way to automate the LFO rate? I can't get that parameter for automation in Ableton Live. And when I assign LFO rate to a soft knob, nothing happens. Any ideas?

    I agree with infraction. It's definitely a weak attempt to imitate the Virus. M-Audio makes some great entry level products, and I bet the Venom is great synth for beginning to intermediate users. If you want professional, Access is the way to go. One feature of the Venom that caught my eye was the fact it only has non-balanced TS outputs and can only provide 2 channels at 24bit/44.1k, pretty weak. I also am not a fan of Avid Pro Tools, especially their M-Powered products. It looks like you need to use the Venom with Pro Tools M-Powered to reap all of the benefits it offers. Only in the past couple of years has Avid even tried to make Pro Tools a viable alternative to DAW's like Apple Logic for electronic music production. Pro Tools HD gets all the good updates and support, while M-Powered and LE get left in the dust. If my TI2 Polar had loop-able Envelopes, it would be the perfect synth. But hey, nothings perfect. I would much rather own a TI Snow than a Venom.

    It would be awesome if the Virus TI could loop Amp and Filter envelopes. Being able to choose how many loops, reverse, invert. I used to love that feature on my A6 Andromeda. I hate trying to get LFO's to sync properly on a bass wah, envelopes loops are where it's at!