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    Both of these are very good ideas. A smoother switching arp would be very nice and the one shot mode would be incredible for very weird stab like patterns since you wouldn't have to worry about looping.

    It was in a NAMM video on youtube, and I already quoted it in my last post but it's a secret! :p

    Ok, I checked the video, and though he said he couldn't give an exact date he said it was pretty much complete and should be released in weeks, if not days. I guess we will just have to patiently wait a little more.

    You keeping it a secret is going to do just the same!

    Do you have info because you were there, or was it quoted in a video/interview that perhaps we missed?

    Either way, spill the beans, I would rather know than not.

    I am actually surprised it hasn't been released yet, it has been about 2 weeks and they stated it seemed to be doing very well with no major bugs present. Either stuff did creep up after all in testing, or they are adding in some last minute things. Either way I constantly hammer the homepage in hopes of an updated message without the word 'shorty' in it.

    Nice thread, looking forward to seeing if Access will confirm any of this. I don't care personally which pedal the new distortions are after, as long as they sound good and are usable, that is all that should matter.

    Post in the feature request section please.
    I don't see what would be the use of a compressor, as it is really like a mixdown process to control the overall volume.

    Same could be said for the built in EQ which could be left to 3rd party plugins used during the mixdown process. I too could see a compressor being worthwhile, but only if it can be pushed to extremes and be feature rich. I am talking gain and output knob, ratio, threshold, attack and release. And it should be able to be pushed really hard to get a really pumping and phatness from your stabs, basses etc.

    Feature-complete? :(
    But where is...
    3-rd envelope???? X(X(X(X(X(
    (sorry couldn't emphasise it enough).

    Seriously, what the hell is with constantly adding new MAJOR features and always forgetting about this simpliest enhancement which might actually bring MORE to synthesis than all those new filters & fx combined?

    I wouldn't dare complain considering everything we have got for free, but I do see where you are coming from. I would love a 3rd envelope, that isn't currently assigned to any other parameter and is a free for all to be used wherever pleased. Right now we have one envelope tied to volume, and another to filter. That is great, but let us say we want to adjust pitch or some other parameter, it would be nice to be able to just adjust this other parameter without worrying about the volume of a patch or its filters being altered simultaneously by sharing an envelope between two different destinations.

    It does seem simple enough to add in, but perhaps it isn't? Either way, we are getting lots in the near future, perhaps a surprise update will include a 3rd envelope as well as other things. Then we can get excited all over again!

    Those Formant Filters remind me of what I use to do on my old Emu Sampler. Very cool indeed. Really loving the new ARP Input as a mod source as well. Should definitely stir up some mad creativity. I assume and hope this can be used on incoming audio as well to perhaps mess around with a sampled pad from a sampler etc?

    Very sweet Access, thanks a ton for this. All for free. Best investment ever is my Virus. I am going to obsess today on refreshing the page waiting for it to become available.

    I have a feeling this new update is just going to leave me even more pissed off at Steinberg for not yet incorporating sidechaining capabilities for the Virus. I know I am going to want to try these new features on my VSTi/Sampled tracks.

    Oh man, last year at NAMM they came out with OS3 which revolutionized the Virus. The thought that another will be out in a few weeks is incredible!

    Best $2500 I ever spent was on my Virus. Thanks Access, keep up the great work!

    Installed and works just fine for me here as well. Windows 7 x64 beta. Cubase 5.1.1.

    I did get a driver failed message during installation, however, after the firmware update was complete, I unplugged and plugged back in the unit and Windows then recognized the device with no error messages present in Device Manager. I loaded up a fresh project in Cubase and it worked without issue.

    we have an idea what this could be. the problem is that it doesn't happen here so far, so fingers crossed that we can find a way to reproduce it (and consequently fix it).

    best, marc

    Thanks a ton for the info Marc. I am sure everyone is grateful for you guys even trying to pinpoint the problem. I am confident you guys will get it sorted.

    Not bad at all. Only two criticisms if don't mind.

    1.) The hihat which layers over the half tempo beat is a bit too loud, at least to me, just lower it a hair so it doesn't stand out so much.

    2.) The Main break is definitely rolling, however, do something to punch it up a bit. It sounds kinda flat and not very in your face despite it rolling so well. Try some compression to add a little punch, don't be afraid to kill the dynamics a bit, but not too much. Then play with some EQ to make it more alive. I want to feel the kick from break punch through the rest of the track each time it hits, I want to hear the snare snap in my face and have the high end sizzle like a sharp sword! Try and reinforce the break with other elements, perhaps layer a nice phat kick over the kick in the break and a snappier snare to overlay with the snare from the loop. Be sure to keep it low in volume so you still get the feel from the original snare and use some high pass filtering and/or adjust the start and end of the snare and kick sample so it fits nicely with the one from the main loop!

    Despite that, sounds good!