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    You know.. I came across this EXACT issue last summer, summer of 08 when I just got my Virus and tried to sync it to my Echo Audiofire8. Nothing but problems. I didn't get pure distortion like you are describing, but I did constantly get random and unpredictable glitches, pops, clicks and crackles that were not present otherwise. I tried and tried to get this working and eventually said screw it and never went back. Interesting after all this time I am hearing of this again....

    Not sure if it is relevant or not. Perhaps Access have had other cases, or found this out themselves, but just yesterday, upon starting a new project VC would not load and kept throwing me an error about the Audio Driver Failing and that I should try and restart the Virus/VC or reinstall the software. Not had this previous in 32 bit mode on XP, but this was on Windows 7 64. Might not be much, but thought I would mention it in case it could help in a future update to the driver.

    yeah dude.... It's a way around Cubase 5's limitation. Of course it won't work as good as it would be with regular side chaining...

    As Marc said before, this is a problem that only Steinberg can fix. If you want all of the other features use Logic or smoething.
    Don't hold me responsible for the flaws of this way around. If it worked flawlessly don't you think they would put it in the manuals already?


    haha, this was a strange post. You mentioned exactly what I was trying to prove, that this method is flawed and far from perfect, and of course it would have been in the manual if it was meant to work. I was only stating what I did because others seemed to be overly joyed at what you originally posted. I was trying to avoid anyone encountering disappointments when they realized it wasn't all the other posters had it cracked up to be.

    I am well aware the limitations aren't yours unless of course you work for Steinberg.

    I really don't mean to be rude as I am grateful for your time, but this method is pretty much useless for those who want to utilize sidechaining to its fullest capacity meaning being able to have it running processed audio through the Virus while other elements in a track are going on simultaneously around it. In your video, sure it works on a 2 track mixdown, but have you ever tried to do it on a single element in a track in progress with other elements playing along side it? If you tried you would see it bomb out pretty quickly. Why? It isn't delay compensated, therefore the Virus processed material does not stay in time with the rest of your track playing around it. If you have a drum loop set to NO BUS but SEND it to another audio track containing the Virus as an FX plugin, try and setup a second drum loop but actually set it to an output bus. You will hear how the two drum loops which would normally be in time with each other slowly turn into a shoes in the dryer event with them never matching up. The longer it plays, the more out of time they become with each other. Having one drum loop being played through the Virus which is not delay compensated and another played directly from your soundcards outputs will not be in time with each other.

    You did manage to get processing done. I am sure it isn't a total waste if you are willing to use the Virus for resampling purposes, or are willing to bounce down every change you make, but to use it in a realtime environment, it is just not feasible. I am sure both Steinberg and Access know how to setup their project just like you did, after all, they created both Cubase and the Virus, but they also both know their limitations when being used together in this manner. It just will not happen until Steinberg properly allows for delay compensated sidechaining of instruments.

    The only other thing I can think of, I would love to see it happen but I highly doubt it will, is if Access creates a dumbed down 'FX only' version of the Virus Control. One that only contains the Filters and FX pages only, perhaps even the browse page just for loading Atomizer and Vocoder presets like you did in your video, just for processing, and has it made as an actual insert effect and not an instrument so that Cubase can properly delay compensate it.

    Again, don't mean to rain on your parade, but the facts are there and they aren't nice.

    Ultimately, the best way to utilize Atomizer would be with sidechain usage. Too bad Cubase is not supported in this area. Thanks Stinkberg, really, thank you.

    Wow, I can't believe this is something that doesn't actually work. Despite just how much the Virus can actually do, I find it odd that something as crucial as this does not exist. Soooo many VSTi software synths have such a function, I would think it should be standard. I really hope you guys at Access do figure out getting it to work. I found it very odd that I was told last year that you can only dump arp notes on odd numbered channels, but not even. This is something else I found very strange and annoying about the Virus, but at least there was a workaround as long as you kept odd numbered channels for dumping arp notes.

    h4nc0 and everybody else discussing "slowness" issues -

    are we all talking about the same issues? when you say GUI, do you mean how fast the virus control plug-in window is being drawn or how snappy the knobs feel?

    best, marc

    Hi Marc, this is exactly what I have noticed. Turning knobs, selecting parameters etc, all seem very sluggish. They seem to be delayed when using them and they are not very accurate due to their slow nature to respond. Running XP didn't have these problems, but Windows 7 x64 does.

    No problems here at all stability wise in Windows 7 X64. The GUI of VC is very sluggish however. In XP it was quite snappy and responsive, currently there is a delay when turning knobs and changing parameters with your mouse. It is like navigating through molasses. Despite this annoyance I am ever so pleased to finally be on 64 bit for my music. The Virus was literally the only thing holding me back and I am soo glad it is finally sorted. Thanks a bunch Access. I look forward to any further updates and additions that will be brought to my Virus. If you can attend to the slow response of the GUI that would be icing on the cake.

    I am sure there is a way, at least I hope there is to assign the LFO rate depending on which note you press on your controller? What I am wondering is this, higher notes have the LFO rate play at say 1/16 notes, where as pressing lower keys can slow down the LFO rate to say 1/4 notes. On many, many dubstep and dnb tunes I hear this happening. I know I can automate an LFO rate change at certain times, but this seems really cumbersome. Is there some way to set a range perhaps as to what LFO rate will play when notes from that range are pressed? I would love to have an LFO at 1/16 play when I play a higher note, but when I play lower notes the LFO slows down to say 1/4 or 1/8 from 1/16 to match the 'mood' of the lower notes.

    I hope I am explaining all this properly. If anyone can sort me out I would be eternally grateful.

    Hi Derrick S, thank you for your reply.

    Yes, I do mean to use Energy XT from within Cubase. I understand Energy XT does allow the sidechaining to work with VC, so using it from within Cubase allows me to have the best of both worlds. I figured I would not be able to use the synth from within Cubase at the same time, but lots of times I don't use the Virus as a synth from within a project, but would still like to be able to use the Virus to process audio from say Halion. The filters on the virus are top notch and being able to route my drum buss through it would be fantastic. The distortion, character and other effects could be widely used on vocals, guitars, other synths etc. Huge possibilities here that can't be harnessed due to the limitations of Cubase.

    I wonder if Access would be willing to make an FX plugin of VC which doesn't contain the synth aspect, but perhaps just the Filters, FX1 and FX2 tabs so we can process audio on the fly without all these hassles of limitations and technicalities which just get in the way.

    I know this may not be the best place to place this topic, but unsure exactly where else it would fit. I also posted this exact topic on Steinbergs page, but to ensure better view ability, I am posting it here as well.

    Anyone who owns a Virus Ti knows the sheer disappointment of not being able to use its sidechaining capabilities from within any Steinberg based app, this includes 5.1. I have heard that using another application entitled Energy XT you can make this possible. I am desperate to get this feature working, and since Steinberg bluntly stated they will not be supporting this feature natively from within Cubase 5 I guess I am forced to use other methods. I am trying to get Energy XT working with the Virus Ti and Cubase 4/5 yet am at a total loss on what I am doing. It is frustrating to no end, and I can't believe I even have to jump through such hoops on a program I already spent hundreds on which doesn't do what I thought it would when the competition does.

    For those who are using the above combo, something close to it, or at least know what they are doing, can they kindly post up a tutorial on how to get where I need to? I am assuming I need to load the VST3 version of Virus Control yet Energy only lists the VST2 variant, even after including the VST3 folder to its preferences. I assume as well that once Virus control is loaded into Energy XT, I must do all my midi sequencing with Virus Control being loaded from within Energy? I will not be able to load another instance in Cubase and use it how I always have been?

    Total nightmare, and totally unnecessary if you ask me. If anyone can sort me out, please do. I would really appreciate it.

    I heard another app called Bidule can do the same. If you want to chime in on that please do. Getting those Virus Filters going on my tracks is a must. Damn you Steinberg anyways....

    I would totally love this. Yes, browsing via the computer keyboard is great, but since I have my Ti and midi controller off to my left, I would love to be able to turn my chair around and browse through the presets from VC from the front panel of the Ti hardware itself while facing directly in the direction of my controller. The way I do it now is to have my left hand on the controller and my right hand stretched out across to where the computer keyboard is. It works, but not beneficial. I actually thought you could use the hardware buttons when I first got the Ti for this very reason, but instead it just switched banks/presets as if it was in single mode.

    Marc, is it even possible to have the front preset buttons useable while in SEQ mode through VC? Something that could be programmed and amended in a future update?