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    I have experienced issues as well with connection not being made between VC and the Ti hardware. Exact same screenshots posted in the original post. I had issues with no sound output as well as it screwing around with the timings of the other tracks present in the project.

    Care to share how/what you are doing to get it to work very, very well??

    Just wondering if the newly released Presonus Studio One is on the agenda to becoming a supported Host? So far it is shaping up to a real fine DAW. Amazingly fast work flow and didn't take me long at all to get things rolling. I find the Ti didn't fare so well though. A lot of times it would load with communication error messages and when it did load I got no sound and horribly latency that affected the playback of every other track currently in the project. When the Ti was loaded other tracks are out of time etc, but the moment I unload the Ti from the project all was fine. I know Joerg Huttner mentioned in another thread to not expect much since Studio One is not a supported host. I hope this is just currently and it will be in the future. Can Marc, Joerg or whoever comment on this?


    and besides this - all the "VST3 / Sequencer not being capable of sidechaining VST Instruments" (see cubase) problems would be gone for virus users

    Woah. Is this really true Marc? If you guys made a dedicated plugin just for the FX/Filters/ARP section etc of the Virus, could sidechaining then be usd in Cubase since it will no longer be classified as a VSTi?

    [quote='zebastian21',index.php?page=Thread&postID=781#post781]and of course being able to lock the "Chord" and browse through sounds with the same chord locked... I love that feature of my Andromeda and some plug ins like Rob papen plug in have Chord, but as soon as u change the patch the chord goes away with it.[/quote

    That would be really cool. Lock it like you can the oscillators, FX, filters etc so every patch you browse through can exhibit the same changes. Very nicely thought of!

    Wow, never thought of this, but now that I have it would be really cool to get some phat sounds from the Virus without having to have 4 hands to play it with. I remember playing with my old Waldorf Gekko on my Juno's back in the day and just how nice of sounds I could get with a chord memorizer.

    Great Marc, I am glad you guys are open to another idea should one come around. I think a better indicator would be great too. I would rather see a numbered % readout over that of the little bars which represent a cell phone battery life type of readout. A numerical readout such as 50%, 80% etc would be far easier to understand instead of guessing.

    ok Marc, fair enough. I didn't mean to meddle and harp, was just making sure we were on the same page. I appreciate the fact that you even took the time to explain yourself, most other companies don't. I won't hold my breath, but who knows, maybe a nice surprise will come in the future.

    All the best,


    I am sorry to hear this marc, but perhaps we are on a different page with this. I am not asking that we limit the parts indefinitely, in fact I am not even thinking along the lines of limiting the parts for resource saving reasons. I am looking at it mainly from a cosmetic perspective. If someone wants to use 9+ parts, they are more than free to do so, however, if someone only plans to use 3-4, let them only show the parts that are wanted. I was basically requesting an option to only view the parts that are needed for a particular user for their current and particular project. Have it so that 16 parts are still readily available, but if someone requests less they can simply opt to now show any parts above and beyond what they are needing for their project. This allows the part listing to be much cleaner and less cluttered. The less parts showing means the larger the parts can be in view, as well as change the volume and pan pots into sliders. How the Snow's VC looks is perfect.

    It is like a user working on a track that only contains 4 midi parts, should Cubase list all 16 anyways just because another user at another time may want to use all 16? All this does is leave the screen cluttered for those that don't wish to see and use all the parts that another may. It is all about customization and tailoring VC to an individuals needs instead of dictating it to be one way and one way only.

    This is a thread that was started on the other Virus forum and still feel it is a very valid suggestion for a future update. What do you guys think?

    Basically it is a way to have the user select the number of parts that are listed in VC instead of automatically listing at 16. Since we can't usually get more than 3-4 parts in use simultaneously anyways, why list more? I would love to only have 3-4 listed, but make the parts listed as visually bigger for better feedback. We could also change the PAN/VOLUME knobs into Sliders this way.

    Say, isn't this exactly how the VC GUI looks for the snow? Why not allow Desktop/Polar/Keyboard users to customize theirs to be the same way?

    Anyone have a sure fire way to get MONO outs using Cubase 4/5? As far I remember from a year back, it wasn't possible, at least not easily. I would LOVE to use the MONO outs for BASS etc.

    you are probably aware of the fact that the driver hasn't changed ...

    best, marc

    Hi Marc, if you read, it mentioned VIDEO CARD DRIVERS as in for my Nvidia Graphics card. It was causing strange issues with VC GUI since 3.05, previous worked fine. A roll back of the video card drivers has solved the locking up I was experiencing. Seems new video card drivers don't work well with the latest builds of VC.

    Fringe, I run 3 displays, and I've never had such an issue. Perhaps it's an incompatibility with your video driver?

    Thank you kindly for the reply. I am not so sure as I have never had this issue before, it only started with 3.05, and now 3.1. 3.03 and previous always worked with dual displays no problem. I have two UAD cards and every one of those plugins can be moved to my secondary display. Same with Halion, my audio cards mixer, the Cubase mixer, transport bar etc. All plugins work on my secondary display except for VC. It will work on the primary display without issue, but the split second I move it to my secondary display it instantly locks up and is no longer responsive. Force closing it causes Cubase to crash to desktop with an error. No clue what is going on, but it is very annoying.

    Finally found some time to give my Ti a good use since upgrading to last week only to find out I cannot use it at all. Since 2.7.5 I have been using my Ti VC GUI on my secondary display so as to keep it out of the way of my project window in Cubase 4.5.2. Like normal I would load the Ti VSTi via the instrument rack in Cubase, move it to my secondary display and use away. I noticed the moment I did this VC hard locked and nothing would work. Force quitting VC would cause Cubase to crash to desktop. Over and over and over this happened. I tried to reset the Virus via ARP EDIT and this did not help either. Since this is a fresh format from last week, was put on from the get go, so no previous version is lying around causing issues. I tried to load the VST3 version of VC only to find out it was also doing the same thing, however, I noticed the VST3 version would load smack in the middle of both displays, half the GUI on the left screen, the other half on the right. The VST2 version load square in the center of the primary display only. Getting tired of constantly moving the GUI over, I decided to try one last time and leave it where it loads. Low and behold it was working great! I moved it over to my secondary display to start using it and it hard locked! I realized it hard locked every time I put the GUI onto my secondary display! I repeated the results by loading it and not moving, loading it and moving it etc, and sure enough it always locked when moved to my secondary display, but worked as should when it was on my primary display. The GUI itself is kinda glitchy as well in terms of stuff from other pages bleeding through when changed. For example, I would get patch name listings from the browser while sitting on the OSC page. They would be white lettering with a blue border. I have never had this issue using same OS (Win XP SP3), same hardware settings in my computer including video card and drivers, and same Cubase 4.5.2. 2.75-3.03 were great, 3.05 is not. Anyone else noticing this?