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    I know it would only benefit Steinberg users at the moment, unless other DAW's picked up on it, but would Access ever consider making VC VST 3.5 compatible? I am just salivating at the thought of having note expression on my Virus where I could automate and program CC's to INDIVIDUAL notes contained within a part and not just the part as a whole.

    I remember reading in the past that every other part is allocated to a different DSP, or something along those lines? I am trying to get this understood so I can better plan my projects for balanced resource sharing. I assume Part 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 etc are one DSP and 2, 4, 6, 8 etc are on the second DSP? This would mean if I had two parts, 1 and 2, that each part is on its own DSP and are not sharing? If I had 3 parts, 1, 2 and 3, then 1 and 3 would be sharing a DSP while 2 has its own?

    Please clarify if you know for sure and would be so kind. Thanks.

    I am not sure if this is just a Cubase thing as that is primarily what I use, but for the longest time now and I mean multiple upon multiple updates to VC have not remedied this, VC constantly loses the USB output assignment I have set for my current project. I will have 3 parts, each part on a separate USB output meaning 1-3. Upon closing out and opening the project at a later time they will all come out of USB1. Extremely annoying and scares the shit out of me when I hit play and of course USB1 is set the loudest and everything jumps out at me as its rammed through the same output simultaneously. For the life of me I have no clue why VC can't remember which USB output I had assigned each part to despite me saving the project and closing it out successfully. Is this just me or has anyone else had such a situation?

    You know I am with you on this SOS judging by my thread started about PCI USB controller alternatives to remedy this very issue. I literally have no clue what else to say as Jorg tells me everything should be fine, Timo has no ideas either then 'try eliminating stuff in your system to see what is causing the crackles' etc. I have done so much troubleshooting on this, my head is mush on even remembering what I have tried there have been so many variables I have eliminated as what could be causing the issues. I am completely exhausted on this issue. It has consumed my mind so much the past while that it is a bit disturbing how much it has had an effect on my life in general. 8|

    Thanks for your reply Timo.

    The USB3 card is actually part of the motherboard itself, it is not an addon card. It is the Renesas (formerly NEC) µPD720200 chipset soldered onto the mainboard directly. The Renesas/NEC chipsets are actually suppose to be the most recommended for compatibility and stability when compared to other lower/inferior branded chipsets.

    I have a USB2-PCI card already, it is mentioned in the very first post of this very thread which I started (If you have the time, please read and let me your know your thoughts). It is based on the VIA chipset which is why you see a VIA Rev 5 or later listing for the USB controllers found in my system. It is a 5 port card, no firewire etc and the ONLY device on it was the Virus Ti. While it was much, much better in terms of noise output (no noise heard like found in the MP3 file I sent you) it still has intermittent clicks, pops and crackles which really irritated me as it was my last resort to get things stable on my system. I have inquired about trying another PCI card but Marc stated it should not matter. There is special card etc needed, all should work the same as long as nothing else is amiss in the system.

    I don't mean to undermind your doing here, but I just had a look at the MSINFO file again myself. IRQ 16 does share all you listed above, however, IRQ 16 is shared with the VIA based PCI-USB card mentioned above, not the onboard USB. The two Onboard Intel USB ports are on their own IRQ, 23, shared with NOTHING else. I don't think removing any UAD cards is going to help in that matter with this being the case wouldn't you agree? The Two Intel based USB controllers are where the problem lies with the Ti, it is where the MP3 file came from when the Ti is played when connected to said ports. I have ran DPC Latency checker while experiencing the noise issue and it always remains very low, in the green, so I didn't think any DPC spikes were occuring to cause the noise heard in the MP3 file.

    I would appreciate anymore information you could share based on the above additional information. I think this will change things.

    Thanks again,


    EDIT.. I thought I should mention again, as far as I can tell with the Renesas/NEC USB3 ports, noise is not a concern. I have only had limited testing, but as far as I could tell it was quite clean and very little noise (clicks, pops, crackles) could be found if any. The problem with the USB3 chipset is how unreliable it is to actually have VC connect to the Ti during the plugin instantiation. Most times I will get MIDI DEVICE FAILED, or NO VIRUS TI HARDWARE FOUND upon starting up VC. Only through unplugging and plugging the USB cable back in will VC finally start up. Sometimes 2, 3 or more tries are required. It will run then until I turn it off and come back to it later where the whole process starts over. I really don't want to have to keep going behind and unplugging the USB cable when I want to use it. I was hoping an update to the Ti Driver or VC itself would help in getting VC to better connect to the Ti hardware when used on the NEC/Renesas USB3 based chipsets. These USB3 chipsets are extremely popular now and can be found onboard just about every motherboard made in the past 18 or so months. If the connection could be more reliable I could just stick to using the USB3 ports since they share with nothing else either and are on their own separate controller from the Intel USB2 ports found also on the board. I am sure many other users would benefit from the increased compatibility as well.

    Hi Marc. I did not send the MSINFO file yesterday as I was unsure where I should send it to. Since you have informed me in your above post I have just send off the email containing the MSINFO dump. I have also attached an MP3 mixdown of the noise I hear when trying to play the Ti on the USB2 ports found on the back of my board.

    Please do get in touch with me should you need to do so to ask any questions, fill me in on your findings etc. I really do appreciate all the help and I hope to hear from you guys at your earliest convenience.

    Good luck!


    Hi Marc. Thank you very much for your time being put into helping me to get my issue resolved. I have dumped the MSINFO32 information as you requested. I have also created a short 20s MP3 of the distorted output I am getting so you guys can hear in person what I am hearing.

    To answer your question, I usually play at 256 buffer 44.1KHZ, however, at 384, 512, etc, it makes no difference. I also have two different sound cards I use and both exhibit the same behavior. Please let me know where to send this information to as your profile states I am not your friend and therefore cannot interact with you the way I would like. I look forward to your reply so we can get things rolling sooner than later.


    Hi SOS. I am running a Ti1 on Cubase 6.02. I have not tried the traditional midi method though I may when I have some time. In all honesty I don't care if it works via midi as that isn't why I bought the Virus and it will be just as much hassle using it that way then with the crackling in VC mode. The total integration is a God send when it actually works and that is how I would like it to work.

    Hi Marc. I was on it with Access, but can't be bothered anymore. Jorg was polite in his answering, however, really has nothing to offer in terms of help. He keeps stating that things 'should' work 'just fine'. He mentions things have changed with the new i7 series of chips and how they handle USB but 'it shouldn't matter at all'. He also mentioned to try a powered hub which I did and it did squat. Really, nothing works as should and it is quite a bit ridiculous by now. I too was wondering about the USB root hub implementation on the PCI card itself which was exactly why I started this thread. I was hoping to gets makes/models/chipsets used so that I may try and find a suitable replacement should one exist. What I don't want is to be on a wild goose chase spending all my time and money on multiple cards that really offer nothing over what I currently have. Seems no one is using these cards, or just cannot be bothered to reply as only ONE user has replied and unfortunately different cards have offered him nothing in terms of a clean output like one would expect.

    Checking the release notes now, I see a mention of VC: improved efficiency of USB transmission protocol. Could this be an issue in the latest beta? Could this be further tweaked in future updates?

    I am sorry for sounding so brash, but $2500 just sitting hear sounding like bacon is frying in the background is a real heartbreaker. The thing is, the clicks, pops and crackles are so intermittent that it doesn't totally ruin the experience, except when one tries to mixdown and of course they are present in the final file really dampening the experience. Sometimes I will get a click after a few seconds, other times minutes will pass with nothing, but ultimately it still does it. Getting the PCI based card really was a last ditch attempt due to none of my onboard USB2 ports being able to play sound beyond distorted chaos.

    The NEC USB3 ports play clean sound, however, VC will next to never connect to the Ti when on those ports unless I repeatedly unplug and re-plug the Ti back in. Jorg tells me he seriously doubts the NEC chipset is to blame and that no driver update to the Ti should be needed when inquired about it. It seems the Ti is the perfect little thing and everything else is the problem??

    Hi Marc, thanks for chiming in. While this sounds plausible it is not the case on my new system. This board is brand new to the market, released January of this year, actually March since it is the new revision due to the Intel SATA recall issue. NONE of the USB2 ports work with the Virus on my motherboard, but do work with everything else. I get THIS DEVICE CANNOT START (CODE 10) in Device Manager. If I do manage to get it working I get nothing but distortion for output while playing. Sounds like rate reduction gone mad and that is all I ever get. Hooking the Virus up to the USB3 ports (NEC chipset) plays sound fine.... if it connects. I have unplug and plug the Virus back in multiple times before VC will even start up. Getting a PCI based USB card allows for VC to load each and every time like it should, as well as play sound properly 95% of the time. I still get intermittent crackles, clicks and pops here and there. If the Virus is not picky on any particular USB based device, why does it still crackle, click and pop when it is on its own dedicated card with absolutely nothing else plugged into it but the Virus? I have only had this thing since June of 09 but it has not been smooth sailing on two different systems trying to run it. It is extremely finicky and not even close to be using plug and play/user friendly.

    Thank you SOS for replying. You are the first and only. It left me wondering if I was the only one using these cards.

    I am sorry to hear that changing cards may not solve my problem, however, I guess I didn't waste any time or money from doing so either. For me, using a USB PCI card is the ONLY option since building my new system. The Ti will not work on any of the USB2 ports on the back of my computer and are very unreliable on the USB3 ports as well. Getting the PCI card has allowed me to get VC up and running with 95% clean sound, something no other port on my computer would ever allow me to do. The crackling I get is not very loud at all, and not constant, but still there none the less. It sounds like faint dirty vinyl clicking. Quite annoying when trying to do a mixdown and has left me completely depressed that even my very last resort to get the Ti working on my new system is not 100% perfect. Yes I am running Windows 7 64 bit. I would like to blame that on being the problem, but I am hearing of no other such complaints so it is not widespread enough to put my mind at ease. The Ti is so finicky and always has been. It is an amazingly powerful synth but the USB issues really hold it back. I am hoping for a solving of this issue as well. May have to live with the crackling or just ditch the Ti altogether. For heavy beat laden music I would probably never hear the crackles, but on quiet breakdowns with arps, pads etc, it is very disheartening to hear the noise it produces that it shouldn't. I was hoping it was the dodgy VIA chipset on my card that was holding me back and that getting a proper NEC one would aid me in this issue. You say you have two cards, are they both based on the same chipset? If so that really may not count as two different cards. If they both contain completely different chipsets than that is an entirely different story. Would you mind letting me know your make/model/chipset used regardless please? Are your crackles really bad or just faint like mine? I would love to hear an audio example of your crackling to compare to mine.

    Thanks again for taking the time to take part in this thread.

    I hope something comes soon. Access is known to not release anything over the summer months due to the crew taking holidays. Could be quite some time before we see anything else once that starts happening. Not that they don't entirely deserve a break, just saying.