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    Hello. I am wanting to get a little database going here of PCI based USB cards and how they are working with the Virus Ti. If you are using a PCI based USB card for use with your Virus Ti, which are you using and how is it faring? Please state the following in your post.

    -Chipset used (VIA/NEC/Other?)

    I hope this collection of information can better inform myself and hopefully others who may rely on such a card to get proper use of their Ti when all else fails using their onboard motherboard USB ports such as myself. The Ti refuses to work reliably, if at all on my brand new Asus P8P67 based board. I cannot use the USB2 ports at all. The USB3 ports take many, many tries of being unplugged then plugged back in before VC will sync with the hardware reliably etc. I have resorted to getting a PCI based USB card this week which has solved 95% of my problems. The hardware will now sync with VC 100% of the time and play sound just as it should (before I would get nothing but a rate reduced/horrible distortion type sound on output when used on my onboard ports), however, I am getting random quiet/faint crackles, clicks and pops that are not atrocious, yet still present and quite annoying. I am literally SOL to get the Virus working on my newly built system any other way then by using a PCI based USB card. Is my issue with the actual/particular PCI card I purchased? Is it the 4.5 beta software? Will another make/model of PCI card help me out? This is what I am trying to determine before I start randomly buying all sorts of different cards on a whim simply for testing purposes. I will start this collection of information going.

    -VIA VT6212L

    I thank anyone who takes part in this thread and I look forward to hearing of your replies.

    I just realized this morning that I don't have to constantly close out Cubase and reopen it hoping to get the Ti working on the NEC USB 3 port, all I have to do is unplug the USB cable and plug it back in while the error message is on the screen. After a few seconds VC will attempt to load again. Sometimes it will work, sometimes not. Either way, the fact that removing and plugging the USB cable back in can 'sometimes' get it to work proves that the Ti should be able to be used on these ports as long as things are tightened up on the coding side of either the drivers or VC or both. I was originally thinking it was a driver problem and it still may be, but now I am wondering if VC could be playing a role in this compatibility issue as well. If it can work sometimes, it proves it can be done. I would like to see it work 100% of the time if at all possible. It seems the Ti does not play well at all on brand new systems with their newer ports, HUB configurations etc.

    driver and software were installed fine but virus didn't word at low latency.. :(

    Thanks for your reply. At least you got it working. Driver and software are installed fine but I can't even get VC to start up. It instantly bombs out telling me either midi device failed or cannot find Virus Ti. I am sure it is some sort of incompatibility. I am in touch with Asus about it now to try and narrow down the problem and hopefully come up with a fix for a future bios update, however, they are stating the problem may also lie in the drivers of the manufacturer and that they too may have to do some work to get things running smoothly which is why I started this thread, to see if anything could be on Access' end to get VC to play more friendly on USB 3.0 ports.

    Hi. Just built a new computer last month and on the motherboard there is the NEC/Renasses USB 3.0 chipset. I wanted to use the Virus Ti on one of the two connections routed to this chipset from the back of the case but it does not seem to play nice at all. The drivers install without a single issue. I can see the Virus Ti listed in device manager as fully working. When I plug/unplug the USB from the Ti to the computer I get the USB connection lost/USB connection made however, when I try to load the plugin in Cubase 6.02 it fails with one of two errors. Either the Virus Ti Midi driver failed and/or No Virus Ti can be found. It does this 100% of the time and have never been able to get it working on either of these two ports despite them looking as though they should work just fine. I have the latest bios flashed to my motherboard as well as the latest drivers installed for the NEC controller. I also disabled the power saving features of USB 3.0 contained within the NEC controller utility which gets installed with the drivers. I have tried everything and it just doesn't work. Since these ports work for just about everything else connected to my computer, is it possible a future driver update to the Virus Ti could possibly make it compatible on USB 3.0 ports?

    1.) Absolutely loving being able to create a fresh midi track in which to store your own presets right from within VC. In the past we had to create one outside of the DAW in the OS itself.

    2.) Perhaps I missed it before, but currently selected patches have a very slick blue border surrounding the patch name. Very nicely done.

    3.) I love how the Matrix sources/destinations are now listed in a side by side cascading horizontally for much easier reading and selecting, not the super long list vertically showing like in previous versions.

    Overall I find the GUI is very clean and crisp looking. The Virus updated itself no problem and works as great as ever. Of course the new Chorus sounds very phat, but I was more excited about the tweaks done over the new features initially.

    At first I could not get sound out of the Virus while in Cubase 6 despite it responding to midi activity without issue. Only a reboot of the computer itself as well as holding down ARP EDIT while booting the Virus allowed it to have sound playing out of the unit like it should.

    Keep up the great Access, nice to be back to the updates!

    What a fantastic idea. I like how they implemented a crossover in the new Choruses coming in OS 4.5. Since they already have this function sorted, it would be quite nice to have to implemented into other areas of the Virus such as the distortions. Access is this possible?

    This is a seriously nice suggestion and would definitely be super useful. Would you take this into consideration over at Access?

    Hi there, nice track, however, I do have some *constructive* criticism for you if you would kindly take heed.

    1.) Drums are too dry and generic, need to vary it up a bit, layers, some edits etc.

    2.) The snare is weak. Does not cut through very well and could definitely be beefed up and phattened up. Upon hearing your track the 'Action Break' kept coming to mind. Try and locate that particular loop and give it a whirl in the layering, even just the snare alone from that break would help give the track more substance.

    3.) The low end is lacking. I was really hoping for a deep, deep sub to just come from all around me but it didn't happen. A real low sub bass enveloping the track would do wonders I think.

    Besides that, good job!

    mmm, chocolate chip cookies!

    Thanks a lot for this video Marc, some very nice choruses as well as some subtle changes in the modulation that should really help spice things up differently than what we are used to currently. I sure hope the more than 45 days until we receive this update was just a gag ?(

    I have searched, read and asked for the past couple days on this and nothing is mentioned, not even a trace. Cubase 6 really seems exactly like 5 except for a few tweaks and additions. So much is still missing that I really hoped would be in there such as better window handling, sidechaining into VST instruments (speculation but I would bet my left nut I am right on this), full colouring of channel strips in the mixer, the moving of channel strips freely in the mixer, copying and pasting of pads in Groove Agent One etc. Little things that I really hate about Cubase 5 now but don't think they will be fixed in 6 either. I am seriously debating even upgrading to 6 as all the new features seems to pertain to live recording/editing of bands etc that I do nothing of. The new scaling of automation data, learn mode of quick controls and the hopefully better sounding timestretching is about all I think I will get from this new version.

    I never did know this individual, or anything about him, but it is always sad to hear of such things happening to those around us. At this time of year it must be especially painful for those around him. I too feel badly and I wish the best for all his family and friends during this very rough period of time in their lives.