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    Forget it, got it to work. Sorry for the confusion. The problem was the setup. Apparently the Auto LFO plugin only works on actual drawn in midi data being played back. I was under the assumption I could just highlight the midi channel in question and while playing the plugin would work. This is not the case. Once I had actual midi data drawn in, sure enough the plugin was working with VC as should. I set the LFO to 40 and watched VC as the Cutoff knob flipped around as expected.

    Wondering if the Virus is accepting of incoming midi CC while in Virus Control mode? Here is what I am trying to do. While in Virus Control I have my patch setup the way I like. I would then like to use the midi plugin 'AUTO LFO' found in Cubase 5. This particular plugin allows you to choose a waveform type, a corresponding midi CC to control and the range from which the LFO will follow. Very basic stuff which works very well, except on the Virus. I mainly want to use this to overcome the limit of only having 3 LFO's found within the Virus. Having a midi plugin capable of acting as an additional LFO makes for endless possibilities as long as you know which CC is attributed to which function in the Virus you want to control. I started with CC 40 which I believe is Filter 1 Cutoff in the Virus. No audible change occured. I then tried more basic CC such as 7 for volume and 10 for pan. Again no change. I was thoroughly disappointed that my idea to get additional LFO's working with my Virus did not come to fruition. Is there something I am doing wrong, or does the Virus just not accept incoming Midi CC information while in VC mode? Has anyone gotten this to work, primarily using the actual AUTO LFO plugin contained within Cubase 5?

    Any and all help would be much appreciated.


    This does not happen here, or AFAICT, to other users. I have been making a point recently of switching the Virus off at the wall at the end of each day, and every day it boots up fine. I would suggest contacting support about this.

    Same here. I unplug my Virus directly and plug it back in and no issues at all.

    We have an EQ section in the Virus, how about a compressor? Yes I know we have plugins to do such things in our DAW, but we also have EQ plugins as well and the Virus still contains this? I think a built in compressor would be a great way to really add punch and character to a patch, especially bass and stabs where you can really get the attack and sustain to a nice level to help your patch cut through the mix. Would help contain peaks in crazy patches with lots of resonance and the like too. The Virus is all about character right? A compressor can really add some nice character. Doesn't have to be anything too special, just a basic ratio, threshold, attack and release would be sufficient.

    Thanks for reading, hope it gets considered.

    I would like to see a Bypass button in Virus Control to bypass the EQ section of a patch. I used to neglect the EQ section of the Virus cause I always used 3rd party plugins to shape my sounds the way I liked. I tried giving the EQ section of the Virus a try not too long ago and found it actually complemented the Virus quite well and that I could boost or cut what I liked in the patch itself without relying on a plugin to do it for me. The problem came when I wanted to compare my before and after results. I quickly adapted to the sound of the EQ after a few minutes of tinkering and could no longer compare it to how it sounded before hand without zeroing out my changes to here the dry patch. I think it would be really great if one could dial in some EQ settings then bypass those changes to compare what is really going on in your patch. If this could be done on a per frequency basis this would be even better. One bypass button for the lows, one for the mids and one for the highs so all through the EQ process you can hear exactly what you are doing for comparison purposes. Is what you are doing actually helping your patch or hindering it you know?

    Just a thought. I figured such a feature wouldn't be too hard to implement, would barely take up any screen real estate and can still be something useful for those who want to take advantage of it.

    Thanks for reading, I hope the right eyes see this and keep it in mind as a possible addition in the future.

    There is probably some technical reason why, otherwise I think after all this time it would have been present by now, but why does LFO 3 have no TRG PHASE OPTION? I think this would be a huge, huge, huge enhancement to using this LFO. If you are not using any of the hardwired destinations, but instead setting LFO through the mod matrix to control other destinations, it is very hard to have the LFO start at the correct phase in the cycle each time it is suppose to. Having a phase starting point option like LFO 1 and 2 have would be a huge help. Anyone care to comment? Never a go due to technical reasons, possibly a go for the future and why?


    I have had a problem with my LED's since I bought my unit back in June of 2009. From the split second I turned on my Ti the Transpose +2 LED was half lit despite the transpose of the patch being set at 0. To this day it is still lit. I was really anxious at first too thinking something was wrong with my unit, but I think it was more just 'knowing' my brand new and very expensive unit was not 100% perfect. It had a flaw and it played on my mind for awhile. There is nothing wrong however and it is purely cosmetic. I am far from a hardcore user of the Virus but from whenever I have used it it has been just fine. No lockups, drop outs, crackles, clicks, pops etc, it works well. Give Marc a chance on the update and you may be pleasantly surprised.

    Can you assign LFO rate to a soft knob? I am unsure as I have never tried.

    As well, are you using the VST2, or the VST3 version of Virus Control? I ask because I noticed the VST3 version doesn't let you right click and add parameters to the automation list as they are all listed by default and just need to be found in the long list in your tracks automation listing.

    the virus b had 2 soft aux busses,dont know why the ti doesnt

    Serious? I had a Virus B and don't remember that, however, I was not too experienced at using it then. Would be nice to have some generic auxillary busses for sure, imagine the routing possibilities. Wow.

    I have not tried so myself, but try right clicking the knob to see if you can add it to the automation list. I would not be surprised if not however. After going through the Virus more extensively lately, I have actually noticed quite a few things that can't actually be automated, such as the freqency shift mix knob for instance. I was under the impression that every single knob and slider could be automated. I am unsure, but would think that these destinations could be added to the list over time if Access felt a need, or saw enough requests for it.

    Thanks a lot for this Ben. Wondering however. Due to the convoluted setup, and its limitations, is this the only way we are going to get glide for arp sequences, or is this just a temporary solution and you guys may still implement a more solid solution in the future?

    Please try holding down ARP EDIT when you connect the power cable. It may simply be that your TI needs a reset.

    I make a habit of doing this every time I update the OS, regardless of it needs it or not. I feel it would never hurt to give the unit a fresh start after something as dramatic as a system update.

    Thanks for this info. I will give it a try.

    EDIT... What a tool I am. I knew about this the entire time when I didn't need it, but when it came to me wanting to assign parameters to the soft knobs, I completely forgot where to look. Going to the common page brought me a total sense of embarrassment that I even asked this question to begin with.

    Thanks for these clarifications Ben. Wondering. Is Access aware of the soft knob bugs so it can be fixed? As well, for the Frequency Shifter Mix knob being on a wishlist, is this something you guys would consider or no? How apt are you guys to including destinations that aren't currently available?

    Perhaps there is a way to do this and I am just missing it, but can one assign the modulation destination to a soft knob from within Virus Control itself? I see the soft knobs listed in the Easy page, but right or left clicking on the knob or parameter name itself does nothing to allow me to assign which paramater I would like the soft knob in question to control. Can this only be done on the front panel of the hardware itself? If this is the case, will ever be possible to have a menu show on the easy page where we can assign what each soft knob does from within Virus Control itself without having to do it from the front panel?


    I can confirm this. I tried assigning Frequency Shifter Freq to a soft knob, in Virus control I chose the Vowel filter, maxed the mix and the resonance and played some notes while turning the soft knob. Nothing was happening. If I turned the knob within Virus Control however, the effect was very audible. I feel this is a bug.