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    would be great.. I just think that they dont care anymore however aside from funding solely Im curious if a crowd funded project would be the solution to get things moving

    I would pay prob at least $100 however also being a Kemper owner I know that the reason the Virus is no longer being looked at is that they are heavily focused on the Kemper which is constantly being updated with new features and such.. I to am highly disappointed with them as a company

    Cmon Access you already have the platform on the Kemper. Can we get " Synth Manager " just like the Rig Manager for you Virus TI's ? I mean the Rig Exchange concept is great so many users have contributed profiles ( Presets )

    Anyhow hope to see something like this soon.. with both the TI and option without the TI feature. :)

    Their Busy developing the Kemper :) Which I own also BTW and if you play Guitar its an amazing piece of gear. But I would like to see a damn Patch Manager.. Just like the Rig Manager on the Kemper.. Now that would be amazing. And the most amazing part if the database for which a user simply adds a patch and you can load it directly into the Kemper. Could you imaging the vast possibility and sounds that could become available if the Virus had the same cloud/User exchange built into to what Access could call Synth Manager ? haha

    Heres a kinda work around for loading for fav banks sound sets. Some of you may know this already but just in case.. you can load your fav soundest into the ROM using the virus control center since you can burn over the existing banks this is pretty handy in loading all your own sounds. still can't save your sound sets easily but at least you can access this without the VC plug..

    Thank Warren.. your referring to this

    Doesn't really say much in regards tot he design of the sound. Appears to be a NEXUS lead from a soundest.. He indicates that he uses a Virus " When he's in the studio "

    Im just trying to find a soundest for my Virus that has similar percussivish big room leads.. Ive been using Waves Trans-X to get that initial hard attack on the lead but still doesn't sound right.. Ive yet to find a good one soundset.. I keep trying to make some from scratch but synth sound design from scratch is an area that needs improvement. If I can find a couple leads I can probably look at the settings and figure out how to achieve the sounds I'm after..

    Thanks for the info bud!!!

    Any of you know of any sound sets with some decent leads ? MAKJ has a nice lead on the song
    Encore which he's using NEXUS however I know he claims to use the Virus in his Studio for some of his leads..

    @ 1:16 sounds pretty


    " DENIZ KOYU: Totally software, everything’s software. You don’t really need to spend money, it’s totally unnecessary. I use Cubase and I got one macbook that I use on the road but in my studio, my studio computer is a PC and I got all my software on it. All you need is some good speakers and a good room so the acoustics are good, it’s important. I got a Virus Ti too, but I never use it. "

    Quote from and electronic producer who's doing well at the moment. haha I bet if you asked him why he never uses it he'd probably tell you because he doesn't have and midi editor to load up his patches and edit with and its such a pain in the ass because its unreliable using the TI software.

    Heres a link to the article. although he has mentioned in a video on his recently producer track " Ruby " he got a sound from the TI…nterview-with-deniz-koyu/

    Access... Maybe its time to start listening.. On the Ti3 I would suggest USB3 - maybe you guys can market as the TI3 because it has USB3 :) and then maybe for us that still have a TI1 we can get a nifty Editor only version of the plugin for our DAWS.. seriously not mad at ya. I personally don't care if the TI over USB feature works or not.. I prefer the sound of the unit going through my RIG.. It sounds wayyyyy warmer than USB. So please please please develop an editor only version , very soon , please :)

    Gracias :)

    +1 The integration as a plug is just to F'n Buggy and theres all kinds of crappy issues... really prevents the create workflow.. I say release a version that only allows editing of the patches. I really could care less if I have to track the audio through my other audio interface. Already have to do that anyway because Virus doesn't let you bounce in place.

    The virus on the other hand is a great amazing sounding synth

    I've seen other request for this around. It would be great if it were able to function as both, Click a button and VC simply becomes a Library , Editor / Patch loader

    It seems no matter what I do , The TI just isn't reliable using the VC , I've used it on muletiple systems with the same performance. It eventually at some point does something wonky and falls outta sync or sounds " Drunk " at times. Also the latency compared to a direct midi connection is a bit laggy. Sure VC is great and all but I really don't mind tracking all my audio through my audio interface.



    Dont mean to piss on your parade however the Virus has a unique sound because it comes from hardware. I don't use it over USB however so its possible this is while I experience it this way. I use traditional methods of recording the synth into my DAW when it comes time to print the audio. To me I love the sound coming from the outputs through my gear. I also like the fact it has its own dedicated DSP = Awesome

    I would love to see this happen however it probably wont. I know the SDK is free and available if they wanted to because I have signed up as a DEV with propellerheads. Another thought in the back of my mind is how many Reason Users besides a sparse few actually own a Virus TI . It's a $2K synth after all.. I could be wrong about this though.