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    Dont mean to piss on your parade however the Virus has a unique sound because it comes from hardware. I don't use it over USB however so its possible this is while I experience it this way. I use traditional methods of recording the synth into my DAW when it comes time to print the audio. To me I love the sound coming from the outputs through my gear. I also like the fact it has its own dedicated DSP = Awesome

    I would love to see this happen however it probably wont. I know the SDK is free and available if they wanted to because I have signed up as a DEV with propellerheads. Another thought in the back of my mind is how many Reason Users besides a sparse few actually own a Virus TI . It's a $2K synth after all.. I could be wrong about this though.

    Why would you want a plug in version!!! Plus the TI has its own DSP.. it would not sound nearly as good as the TI sounds.. Actually sounds amazing coming from the trs outputs through my apollo

    Anyone care to help me out with this sound ?

    I'll post my version later.. it sounds like it has a nice wide stereo field and its probably just 2 saws detuned with a sub and some spread , or if you know of a preset similar in the TI that I could work with

    its the ravey sounds @ 1:06ish


    I'm sure someone may have mentioned this somewhere, but I think it would be awesome to also release a RE version of the Virus TI Software. From what I have read the conversion is pretty simple and take a matter of a week or so

    So I have just purchased an i7 iMac . I Also own a Mac Pro 2.26 Dual Quad in which I never have any issues. The i7 has been giving me issues in regard to the Virus and also my Kontrol49 because they are attached to the same bus. What is the workaround for this ? I have considered purchasing a Thunderbolt Hub. Anyone have any input on this.

    How well does the Virus TI work on a USB port on the thunderbolt bus ? Marc ?