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    For me, this has been the easiest update I've had with any version of the Virus. I didn't even have to unplug it or plug it back in. Just clicked through the prompts.
    I put in both 32 and 64 bit versions. My 64 shows up in a separate VST 3 plug-in folder, and the 32 shows up in the x86 vst plug-in folder.
    Both seem to be working fine, as far as I can tell.

    Ya - it is. My mistake, in hurrying there to get my TI back up, I overlooked it. I ended up re-using the file I had on my drive already anyways.

    Back running again, but the only strange thing I've noticed is that I have Virus TI and Virus TI (2) listed in my midi out put area of Cubase now. I only currently have one TI, so I'm not sure what's up with that. I use my soundcard for midi anyways, so it's not a problem. I don't think I'll chance using the control panel to try and delete one of them.

    Loaded it up right away on Oct.1, and it went real smoothly. Just had a glitch now on the 22nd where I had to re-load the drivers again, but both 32 and 64 bit TI are working in Cubase 5 for me on a Vista 64 system.
    Win 7 was released today and I'm supposed to have a 'grace period' update for it, because my computer's only a couple months old, but I don't know if I'll install it.
    I hate to rock the boat when things are going smoothly. 8)

    I've been having more trouble getting into this forum lately than I've had with the TI, so I thought I'd post this little bit while I'm in here now. Just so everyone doesn't hink it's allbad news from reading the forum.

    Anyone else have positive experience with the 64 bit drivers from a couple weeks ago? It looks like only the 32 bit drivers are on the Access site now?