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    Hi guys,

    for some reason only USB 1 and 2 are available in VC. I've selected use all outputs in the vst instruments panel (cubase) and the 3rd channel is there, it's just greyed out in the Virus.

    I have recently installed the latest OS.

    Also, last time I tried using the audio outputs I was getting horrible distortion from all outputs and nothing from the headphone output.

    Any help much appreciated!

    Hey, it's been a while but I'm back on it and still haven't worked out how to automate midi on the virus.

    I've right clicked on the parameter in vc and clicked add to automation set. None of the parameteres show up in the automation list in the instrument channel in cubase. Still very confused.

    cheers in advance. :)

    Sorry if this is a repost or sounds stupid, I'm having difficulties with basic MIDI automation.

    I can't see any of the normal paramaters associated with the virus in the add paramater list in cubase 5.

    Do I need to map every paramater or download a newer update or something? Pretty sure I have the latest update, downloaded of the virus website when I bought the virus only a few weeks ago.

    Much appreciated,


    Thanks for your feedback guys, sorry if it was an obvious question to ask, just got the virus so need to learn it inside out. I'm right in thinking you have to create midi tracks and assign each channel on the virus to each midi part right? Shame you can't assign each sound to an instrument channel in cubase really as you'd have all the channel settings/plugins for each sound.

    Still, it's a beast ;)


    I'm not able to use more than one of the virus TI2's at the same time. The instrument channel (on cubase 5) is the only one working for me (before it cuts out and i have to restart everything, sometimes even the whole pc. Should be able to duplicate/ copy the midi channel to a new channel in cubase and alter the midi number for the new sounds, right?

    Cheers in advance.