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    HGL and all, Thanks all for your suggestion and replies. And I know that I am not alone to face the out-of-sync/latency what ever it calls problem regarding Arp.

    Could anyone pls confirm if I give up the VC and use the tranditional connection approach (midi cable), will I still suffer the out-of-sync? Right now, I don't have a proper midi interface and if it works, I may go for a cheapo 2 x 2 MIDI interface.…-virus-ti-without-ti.html

    Also, if I give up the software VC, can I do all the tweaks in the hardware? At least, I couldn't find the Puncy knob as seen in VC... Hoho.

    Thanks for your suggestion, HGL. I've never used such feature (track delay) becuase I didn't have to .... Anyway, I will try it tonight my (after 10 hrs of this post) :thumbup:

    so, I finally figured out what's the problem root cause. When using Cubase + VC with each channel set to USB L+R, then the arp can sync up nicely. But when I set them to out1 L+R then the analog will go a bit advance (those arp channels are pretty obviously) the tempo. That means they run faster than the wav drum loop for instance.

    However, according to the Access's FAQ, it said to export the sound it is better to use analog out. But problem is the analog out will make the arp patterns run faster than other software synth / drum loop sample. So what can I do? Consider, I don't have any way to export the channels via USB.... Pls help.


    intermittent problem ! :pinch: So I think I need to cool down myself and do some trouble shoot before posting the sound clip.

    Anyway, I will update here later on.

    Best Regard!


    thanks for your reply.

    The problem was : the arp didn't stay in time. It was pretty obvious if I have a track with 4 x 4 kick drum played together.

    I hope I can post the sound clip tonight (my time) then you guys will know what I am talking about. Cheers!

    I am a new user running Win7 with Cubase + Ti2.

    I've seen some threads over the internet with my similar situation : When playing Arp, Ti2 just out of sync. I am sure my PC is powerful enough, no USB Hub, only 3 USB dongles for software synth, the USB cables changed 3 times. May I know what is the root cause and how to fix it?

    P.S Though I used USB to connect to Cubase but I use out1 to connect to my amp. VC also set to out1/LR



    2nd day with TI2 desktop. Mine is running with Win7 + Cubase 5.5. If I use VC to change the sound output to USB then my speaker can have the right vol level that I expected. But if I change it to OUT 1+2, then the vol level was 20% less than USB. Is there any setting that I've overlooked?

    BTW, I didn't find any user guide particular for Ti2 in Access's Web site :

    Virus TI2 Series:

    But I found the following (english) manual, can it apply to TI2 as well?

    Virus TI1 Series:

    Kind Regards!