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    I copy this. My love relationship to the Virus synths started with the first desktop version, and it worked perfectly in my setup. Then came the Virus TDM plugin for ProTools, which was a charm, and I sold the desktop. Several years later, I purchased the Virus TI Polar and tried to use the Virus Control on my Mac. It never really worked, even if I plugged the USB cable directly into my Mac. I needed to use the other USB connection for a powered USB Hub, because I am dependent on connecting both my Wacom tablet (mouse makes my arm hurt) and of course the iLok dongle. I had a lot of contact with support at Access, but I was never able to use this setup without problems. The Virus Control simply complained about the USB connections, and/or it lost contact with the synth, or it crashed, or it just didn't work. I was so frustrated that I had to sell the Polar. I thought that maybe a Virus Snow would work better with the Virus Control, but the same problems occurred, so I sold that one too. - If I was head of Access, I would make this decision: "We make the best synthesizers on the planet. Let us make the best software as well!"

    Your PC/Mac is to blame... not the Virus.. check your set up, re-install windows/or mac OS, try again... i have never had issues with virus and 99% of time peoples problems are simply at their own hardware end...sorry but its true!!! 8)

    Well, it is no secret that the weakness of the Virus family when connected to a Mac or PC via USB, is that there should be no other devices sharing the USB connection. With my setup, this is not possible to do (the iLok dongle, my Wacom tablet that I need to use because using a mouse kill my hand, etc.), and the only way I can use the Virus is to treat it as an analogue synthesizer and send MIDI via a MIDI cable, use analogue cables to get the sound out of the box and into my mixer. This is a pity, because the Virus is such a beautiful thing! I wonder why the Virus need all of the bandwidth. My brilliant Maschine (from Native Instruments) is happily sharing the USB bus with several other devices, and it never complains... So, please Access Music, is this the best you can do? ?(

    When I record and play back my Virus TI Polar WhiteOut in Ableton Live, MIDI is in sync an behaving well. In Logic 9, however, I can't get the MIDI in sync. I insert the Virus TI as a MIDI instrument, and recording sounds in sync. When I play back the recording, it's out of sync. This doesn't happen with any of my other softsynths or external MIDI-instruments. So, please help me here: What are the preferred settings in the Logic Prefs (Audio and MIDI) to get the Virus in sync? I read the manual etc., but I didn't find the solution...