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    Found it, audiophile 2496 english user manual, at the bottom of page 12 :

    Thanks for that.
    Need to get a new soundcard anyhow as the audiophile is picking up cpu and gpu noise that apperars at analog inputs and outputs. It's just about tolerable on the monitor path as long as I go direct to my monitors but rules out running thru any outboard as it tends to accentuate the problem. I get so much noise at the input that recording is not possible. The thing is almost 10 years old so I guess it's had a decent innings.

    where do you live and where did you buy your virus. and why do you want to send it in?


    I'm in the Uk. The retailer I got my TI from is no longer in business (Sound Control). The one I have was actually the second unit I got from them as the first had internal damage. I bought it almost exactly 3 years ago as I had a number of really decent gigs about that time and needed a decent synth. I had noticed some very strange noises (distortion, white noise, clicks, sneezing etc) as soon as I started using. As these were relativley sporadic and I was desperate to honour the work I had at the time, I persevered with this for a bit. But subsequent experimentation with the external inputs and vocoder functions indicated there was something seriously wrong with the unit.

    I'm raging at myself for not getting this sorted then but I've had a 2 year break from music due to ill-health and it really has been a couple of years from hell so synths have not been far up on my list of priorities.

    AFAIK it cannot accept an spdif input signal without being slaved to it.

    This would seem to me to be a quite ridiculous state of affairs. I can't remember reading that in the manual but thanks for bringing it to my attention, will have a gander.

    Ok, Maudio tech suggested installing an older driver for the audiophile, but this had exactly the same result. The set-up works with Virus clock as master but not as slave.
    My next step would be to try the virus with another spdif clock source but as I don't have one, I'm snookered.

    I also just found out it will cost me almost a weeks wages to get the unit shipped to Germany (with insurance) for service. Then after you add the cost of shipping it back and the service charges, I don't think I can actually afford it given that after shelling out money I don't have, I still won't be able to sync it to my soudcard :cursing:
    Now I'm left with a synth I can't use that cost me a relative arm and leg :cursing: And of course I won't be able to sell it as it doesn't work :cursing:

    Sorry for the moan, I seen a CS-80 on ebay and the irony of the situation pushed me over the edge ;)

    Yeah I'm definetely not getting the virus to sync with my maudio 24/96. Just a sustained 'clock problem at spdif input' message. Very bummed :(
    I need to phone synthesizer service about the horrific noises coming out the unit anyway so I can add that to my list of woes.

    I've had my TI for a few years now but I've never been able to really use the external inputs as I have been getting short, random bursts of noise at the output when I do. They don't seem to be related to the source material in any way and happen when I use either analog or digital in's. It' by far the worst when I select dynamic input mode, it's pretty constant but I've also noticed them whilst in static mode and occasionaly in multi mode without any inputs being used.

    Here it is with various sources being run thru my TI


    It happened in multi mode during a gig once and I thought I'd destroyed the sound system. I decided not to gig the synth any more. I'm a bit miffed that I paid good money for this thing but can't use all it's features. I'd like to be able to run vst's and samples thru it but it's pretty impossible at the moment ;(

    Anyone got any idea what it could be?????? ?(

    Hello all. I've been running various audio sources thru my TI's wonderful filters and FX then into my PC via an audiophile 2496 card. Works a treat when I use an analog out but when I attempt to go via spdif to spare my audio a D/A conversion, I don't get a signal. I asumed I just needed to change the output assign in the Common page but it is not available as an option. I had it in my head that pluging into the spdif out automaticaly bypassed the analog outs but I may have made that up from a list of possibilities in my own head 8|
    Is this evidence that my soundcard is not picking up the spdif out? It works fine the other way, running audio from the card via spdif into the virus, so is this a problem with my soundcard??
    I hope I'm overlooking something glaringly obvious but I'm stumped at the moment!

    There are a number of pre-assigned controls that cubase reads as VST automation from TI. You can assign most of the others by right clicking (pc, dont know about mac) on the knob you want to automate and select "assign to automation"(I believe thats the command) the parameter will then appear on cubase's automation tracks and context menu's

    I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the new skin. I thought I'd installed the wrong software. I searched for hours for a way to change it before I even looked at new delays or analog characters.
    I really liked the first one and would prefer to return to it if I had the option, yes.

    You can assign controls to soft knobs from the COMMON page and give them each a funky, groovy name like orbit or destroy :-)
    Then you can select parameters (destinations) to modulate from each control (source) by designating slots in the modulation matrix.

    I have had my TI for a couple of years now and have had similar problems. I get quite horrible distortion from it quite often, crackles, clicks and the like. It is at its worst if i run any external audio thru the inputs. If i use the filter i get a real nasty dose of harsh noise, so i have stopped using the input features including the vocoder and atomiser. Which is nadding me right off :(