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    Doo Trouper

    I can't seem to find what ever your talking about here marc ?

    Have always had intermittent issues with sync over usb, i'm also desperate to sort this one out.

    MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2019)

    2.4 GHz Intel Core i9

    32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4

    Currently looking at the best way to connect the virus's usb2-> usb-c thunderbolt.

    Which adapter should I go for thats most reliable?


    Same issue! :rolleyes:

    Currently trying to get my Virus TI 2 to work with my brand new macbook pro 2019 . Mojave 10.14.5 . 2.4 Ghz i9, 32 GB ram.

    Ive used my TI2 desktop for 10 years now. Best most versatile thing out there. Still. IMO. WHEN IT WORKS.

    I KNEW this wasn't going to be easy (never has been with the virus)

    I'm connected via laptops USB-C -> multi USB hub

    The macbook/logic recognises the audio device being connected, you can choose to use at as a sound card, however the Virus control software is not working.

    The famous/dreaded message 'No Virus can be found.' appears.

    I have followed the suggested steps but to no success.

    In the past I had a Hackintosh, had the same issue, took me weeks to fix it, in the end I had to I downgrade the USB drivers in the bios to accommedate the TI2's needs. (TI2 was struggling to connect to USB3.0 ports, it wanted old school 2.0 connection) PS. I dont want to do that again.

    Marc or anyone else qualified, Is there anything you could suggest me trying on my new system to get the integration working ?

    I need my baby back.

    Joe Hertz;(

    So gutted to find this thread confirming my fears. I've had dreams of a TI 3 ;p Will it ever happen?
    The virus ti2 has been the main synth of choice over the past 6 years or so. Super diverse! Sonically it sits in such a different place to all other softsynths (perhaps because not many people have a virus compared to the millions of 14 year olds cracking copies of Sylenth). The capabilities when it comes to recording it out live and fucking with all the parameters right in front of you.. I would seriously struggle to get the same results from something like massive + assigning midi knobs. Its getting old but its still next level to me.

    Im thinking prophet-12 is the only thing out of the box that seems to be exciting me right now..

    And now it works....

    I just kept re installing that MIDI driver (twice in a row it didn't seem to make a change)

    After hours of getting seriously technical I decided to try changing the USB port one more time just for luck(yes obviously this is the first thing I tried...) and now it decides to work.. I'm not even going to ramble on about how stupid/random it seems.

    I guess just keep trying to uninstall and re install the older MIDI driver provided in 5.0.8...

    I won but I don't really know how or why. Virus you confuse and scare me.

    Apologies if this seems like no help at all!

    Try to delete the current MIDI driver and replace it with the 5.0.8 driver that WorldStudios provided. Then restart the computer, that got it working for me!

    Hi Loghill, I have deleted the new MIDI driver and replaced it with the 5.0.8, like you and WorldStudios have suggested AND then making sure to restart...however I am strangely still stuck with the same issue.... :cursing:

    I have noticed that the MIDI driver you provided is driver version, which is the one included in both the Virus and updates.. it seems strange how this is solving some peoples issues when it appears to be the exact same MIDI driver. unless the name hasn't changed but the actual driver has in some way?

    I am currently suffering the same issue,

    'Midi Driver failed'

    uninstalling software+ midi driver/ reinstalling software has not worked for me.. different usb port, and through a power hub hasn't helped me..
    only ever use my virus over USB, so although the analogue i/o's work fine, its not what I need ><

    Since updating to 10.9.5, my computer runs fine, all USB devices work completely normally... except for my Virus TI2 desktop.

    I got a bit excited when I saw WorldStudios comment about using an older legacy MIDI driver, however I tried this and it has not worked for me. I am still faced with the same issue.

    I have had my TI2 for around 4 years and I use it for everything.

    Hack Pro
    Z87X-UD7 TH MotherboardIntel Core i7 4.29GHz
    I know it can work like a dream on this machine it been working amazingly for the past 6 months.. but something has changed in the update which has messed it up!

    Any help would be appreciated!


    Hi Marc,

    Sorry for the very late reply!
    I am indeed running a Hackintosh.

    I am also getting in touch because I my problem has come back once more.....

    Last week I made the fatal error of updating to from 10.9.1 -- 10.9.5..

    I know as a hackintosh user this is not a good idea, I must have accidentally clicked OK on the pop up in the top right during the madness of a studio session.. the next time I booted, I noticed the update installer began automatically on login, there was nothing I could do to stop it...

    Straight away I had kernel panics
    I had to boot in safe mode (-x) to get to my desktop, and thankfully my system was fine after a disc repair.... Everything except for my virus that is.

    I'm getting the same message as I was 6 months ago. In logic, the virus plugin software says

    'MIDI driver failed' the midi driver failed to start or is not properly installed. this can happen if you have too many USB devices connected. Also try installing the software again'

    My main assumption is that the latest OSX update has once again changed some kind of USB setting/driver.. or perhaps overwritten the IOUSBFAMILY.KEXT which I had previously downgraded... which is causing a mismatch with the virus ti2's requirements...

    I have tried reinstalling the same legacy iousbfamily.kext through the kext utility app which seemed to get it working last time... but with no success....

    I was very excited when I saw that had been released, I only installed it a few days ago because of my current issue, Thinking this would have solved these USB problems..

    Updating to has not helped me,

    Just the same as before, the virus appears as an optional sound card but the TI plugin still displays the 'MIDI driver failed' message.

    Is my only option to wipe my whole system and reinstall OSX 10.9.1 and follow my own steps which I did 6 months ago ?

    Do you have any advice for me for things to try otherwise?

    Desperate to get it working as I use it everyday.

    Look forward to hearing from you
    Many thanks,


    OK, somehow, I have managed to sort the problem out! I have currently got it to function completely normally again! (I really hope it stays this way!)

    I .have. spent. literally. 8. hours. today on this and thank f*** it hasn't been a waste of time!

    Technobear, thanks again for quick reply, I ran through all those things you suggested I try,

    firstly in answer to your questions:

    the TI2 DESKTOP analogue outputs were functioning normally, I could make the TI2 my sound card, and successfully play music through it.
    However, when I attempted to load the Access virus TI software (Audio Unit) on logic, it would always come up with the same message
    'MIDI DRIVER FAILED' too many usb devices blah blah blah

    The TI Hardware was showing up on Virus Control, and I tried reinstalling the OS quite a few times but with no success, same message kept appearing.
    So the MIDI Driver was apparently failing, but it felt like it was related to the USB connectivity, or some kind of USB setting in the BIOS

    Im not sure if the audio driver was the problem because I could get audio from the analogue outputs but not the USB audio.

    Was about to give up...

    I found someone posted this on a tonymac forum after complaining about a very similar case with his Virus TI:

    EDIT: Got it working. Go here: and DL the attached kexts

    The problem was that the provided IOUSBFamily doesn't support OHCI (USB 1.1 if i'm not mistaken)…-luck-please-help-me.html

    I personally have very little experience dealing with .kext files, but I had to give it a shot cause is was so bloody desperate.
    HD->System->Library->Extensions is where the .kext files are kept on MAC OSX (fyi anyone)
    After some research I downloaded a free program called kext utility which basically properly installs any .kext file you drop in the window

    I installed the IOUSBFamily.kext which you can download from that link.

    I also stumbled upon my other extensions folder by complete accident:
    HD-> Library -> Extensions

    and noticed there was a AccessVirusTI.kext in there.... hmmm there were only like 10 .kext files in that folder as opposed to my system-library-extensions there were 100s...

    I copied the AccessVirusTI.kext to my desktop and ran it through Kext Utility, which naturally installed it straight to system-library-extensions (where it WASN'T before)

    When i tried loading the software this time it started loading straight away, *excitement* however audio was still low level bitcrushy distortion.. but this was positive as I ran into that issue all the time with my virus and iMac, just usually needed to reboot ti, or computer and it would work..

    At this point I just moved my MOTU sound card to a different slot and its a MIRACLE BUT IT BLOODY WORKS WOO!

    Sorry for my lack of .kext knowledge but if you are suffering a similar issue id suggest looking into that!


    Firstly, thanks for your time and quick response,

    I am indeed an apple used that has upgraded to a Hackintosh looking for a more powerful machine to run my projects... I really hope this machine can work with my virus...its basically the only synth I use.. I built this machine ONLY for the use and abuse of my virus... would be the biggest kick in the balls if it doesn't work..

    I have tried a few of the things you outlined,

    Firstly I removed all usb devices and tried all the ports individually.. same issue,
    I have a Belkin USB 2.0 4-Port Clip Hub, again, plug the virus into that, and then that into, again, every port.. same issue.

    Weirdly, both Bit accurate and Core audio devices DO show up in the audio/MIDI set up, and the analogue outputs surprisingly DO WORK! (so audio must somehow be streaming down the USB to the virus...)

    However when I launch the TI plugin software, same message 'MIDI Driver Failed'

    I have ensured to reinstall the software correctly, and I have made sure to remove the MIDI drivers from the user/HD library->audio->midi drivers before reinstalling. Still encountering the same message.

    Do I really have to reinstall OSX next? ;.;


    Dear fellow Virus TI2 users,

    I have recently been experiencing a problem that I am struggling to work out even with the help of Access Support..

    My problem in brief:
    when I load my virus plugin software in logic it comes up with the message ... \'MIDI driver failed - the midi driver failed to start or is not properly installed. this can happen if you have too many USB devices connected. Also try installing the software again\'

    I have tried removing all other usb devices AND re installing the software (also have tried changing buffer size within logic and processing speed etc, giving logic a reboot every time).... still have the same issue... I know the Virus is USB hungry but even when I remove EVERYTHING I have the same issue.

    I have just upgraded my computer: 4.29 GHz Intel Quad Core i7 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 2048 MB Software: OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 Virus software: (which I have re-installed a few times to make sure)
    I am using Logic 9 - Version 9.1.8 The motherboard I have (GIGABYTE 787X-UD7) supports 8 USB 3.0 ports and 2x thunderbolt ports.. Surely this machine should satisfy the needs of the Ti2.

    Other heavy duty synth plugins seem to work fine ie. Omnisphere

    I NEVER had this problem while i was using my previous set up: early 2008 iMac 2.8 Ghz Intel duo core also running mavericks 10.9.2 I\'ve been using my Virus Ti2 for nearly everything for the past 2-3 years and it has become a integral part of my sound. Its really slowing down my workflow while not having it fully functional! Desperate help needed!!

    support told me this :

    Dear Joe,
    Thank you for your email. In this case I recommend to remove the entire TI OS suite from this Mac with the help of the Access uninstaller which you will find here:


    Additionally please remove the Virus Midi driver under

    [macintosh hd]/[library]/[audio]/[midi drivers]

    Whenever this has happened, please shut down the Mac, wait a few seconds and then restart the computer again. Next repair the disk permissions with the help of the "disk utility" program which you will find under


    and then install the very latest OS once again on the Mac and the TI and see if this helps. To install the TI OS again on the TI hardware, please unplug the power from your Virus TI and remove any other cable going from/to the TI. Wait approximately 30-60 seconds. While plugging back in the power only, hold down the EXIT button. This will force the unit into USB UPDATE MODE. Next try again to load in the very latest OS and check if this helps.

    I have spent today following these steps above...

    I completely unintalled virus software + midi drivers
    repaired my disk permissions,
    reinstalled latest available Virus TI2 software suite.

    When I first re booted and checked if it had worked it gave me the same warning message -
    ‘G-Raid device detected on the same USB Hub.. please re configure USB set up and rescan..’

    When I removed the device in question, and re launched the TI2 software suite, I managed to get passed the MIDI driver failed message, and I thought I was getting somewhere…. However now NO AUDIO OVER USB was getting to logic from the TI OS!

    I can see MIDI is triggering the virus because the level meter under my first patch on the Virus TI2 lights up when I press my keyboard…. yet in logic I am receiving NO audio over USB whatsoever.

    I mention that because I have then tried plugging analogue outputs 1/2 on virus into my sound card and bang, audio returns, exept its frequently with problems such as stuck notes/latent response….. MIDI is travelling to the virus TI2 over USB , but audio is not returning….

    - I have tried changing some settings on the TI2 like sample rate 44.1-48kHz .. no difference, clock source internal/auto.. no difference.

    My problem still persists, now its a case of - RANDOMLY unplugging and plugging my keyboard USB a few times, unplugging and plugging my virus USB, only sometimes (rarely) will the virus software will load..currently very..very.. unreliable.....
    Even when it does load after 20 attempts, again no audio over USB, only analogue audio which, like I mentioned, has problems all over the place i.e. timing issues + artefacts… what shall I do !?!?

    Does anyone have any further suggestions?? ;(