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    abraxa , I made the repair yesterday and so far so good. At the very least I can confirm that the component I ordered is the exact same one that Virus uses. Most CR2032 holders I saw on the market have 20mm between the terminals, but this one has 20.5mm.

    I had one hiccup tho, while applying pressure with the soldering iron i accidentally slipped and the iron slid over a few lines on the circuit board. It was only an instant so there's no burn but it did leave a little scrape. Everything seems to be working fine, but I can't help but wonder what kind of breakdowns I could have onstage....

    While replacing the CR2032 battery inside my Virus TI2 Desktop, the small metal arm that holds the battery tightly in place snapped off. I did my best to solder it back on and it worked fine in my studio for a few weeks, but this past week I took the synth on a long drive and when I turned it on again the memory had been lost. The ROM reset to factory patches and the RAM was wiped, all patches being named "- Init - ", and all Multi's named "Init Multi". Luckily I had just done a backup, but I have a few performances coming up and must solve this issue ASAP.

    I need to find a place to purchase the component that holds the battery in place. Can anyone please advice?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hello DeaDeus, thank you for your response. I am aware and understand what you have explained here. I am using a TI2. I have filled Multis 0-15 and now want to back them up and replace them for new Multi Arrangements. Before I start replacing them I want to make sure i can fully restore the one's a backed up.

    I go thru the motions to save my Multis thru Sysex dumps using MIDIOX. But when I send a multi from my computer back to the virus to replace a given multi, it's only half restored. Certain 'parts' are properly transferred but other parts remain from the old Multi being replaced. Does that make sense?

    Have you successfully backed up and been able to restore multi arrangements using SysEx dumps? If so, whats you process?

    Thank you


    I'd like to back up and clear out all my Multi patches currently saved from 0-15. I've manually backed them up with SysEx dumps from the Virus MIDI cable outs into my PC using MIDIOX. I'm also using a MOTU express XT MIDI interface.

    My stored Multi arrangements are somewhat successfully being sent from my computer back to my Virus. Here's the issue: whenever I send a stored multi back, there are always several parts that are missing or wrong.

    For example, I have a custom Multi where each of the 16 parts are empty patches with each part assigned to the corresponding MIDI chan. Part 1 is assigned to MIDI ch 1, Part 2 is assigned to MIDI chan 2 etc... If I go to another custom multi with many different patches like bass and swells and percussion sounds and I want to replace it with my Empty Multi....The old patch is only partially replaced with empty patches. When I just tried now the results were:

    Parts 1-3 were correctly made to an empty patch
    Parts 4-8 were entirely wrong- the name and sound from the older multi remained
    Part 9 was correctly made to an empty patch
    Parts 10 and 11 were wrong, the sound/patches were not replaced.

    You get the idea. Does anyone know how to solve this issue? I have no problems backing up and sending single patches with this method, it's only a problem with Multis.

    To my knowledge, I cant back/up restore individual Multis using Virus Control Center or total integration.

    Can you please advise? Thank you very much

    Hello, this is my first post, I'm hoping someone can help me with a problem. I have a Virus TI2 Desktop hooked up to my external MIDI Keyboard (Oxygen v2 61) via MIDI cable. How can I go about assigning the various knobs, faders and buttons on the MIDI keyboard to the Virus' parameters. For example, I'd love have one fader control Portamento, another control Ring Mod etc. I specifically don't want to use a computer, just the keyboard and synth.

    I've looked throughout the forums and manuals but I can't find any direct help. I suspect it involves Sysex or dividing the 16 MIDI channels but I have no experience with these.

    Thanks so much for any help you can give