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    Glad all is well, its only usually Ribbon microphones that can get damaged by 48V phantom power, so don't worry about it damaging any other equipment. Manufacturers usually build in some sort of voltage protection as well. No worries..8)

    It will be fine, dont worry about it... the impedance is so high, phantom power is low current too, it wont affect your virus. no damage done. sleep easy.... :thumbup: The Virus has balanced outputs too so will be protected at its output stage. Below is an article from SOS.

    "SOS Technical Editor Hugh Robjohns replies: Most keyboards have unbalanced instrument or line-level outputs, and a standard XLR-TS (or TRS) lead or adaptor would almost certainly put 48V phantom power directly across the keyboard's output driver.

    Depending on the design of the output stage, that could result in the sound becoming weak and feeble temporarily, or it could result in more serious permanent damage. For example, the 48V phantom could reverse-bias or simply over-volt the keyboard's output capacitors, causing them to break down and eventually destroy the output stage. And that's quite possibly what happened to cause the previous internal damage to the keyboard.

    So it is absolutely essential to use some form of galvanic isolation between a keyboard (or guitar amp, DJ mixer, or any other electronic equipment) and a phantom-powered mic input, unless you know absolutely for sure that the electronic output is specifically designed to cope with it. A passive DI box is the easiest, cheapest and simplest solution."

    I have done the same thing with keyboards in the past, and they have been fine.... dont worry.

    Ahhh... what a classic.
    It's (single sawtooth + noise) --> lowpass filter with lots of resonance (more than half way) and positive key following (lots of it here as well). The amp envelope should be set for pluck: |\_. This was made using vintage synths so the analog filter type is a good candidate.
    Hope this helps.

    You took the type right out of my fingers flabber! :thumbsup: oh and a light sprinkling of reverb...

    That piano sound you are after ala 1990's was mainly derived from a Korg M1 Workstation, which was a Rompler.. the Virus doesn't really excel at these sorts of sounds, but with a bit of layering in multimode and a bright filter, you can get near the sound, but...i wouldnt bother... theres plenty of other soft synths out there that can reproduce that sound.. IMHO... :thumbup:

    No this is not right, it should be stable tuning. Have you got any other gear connected to the virus midi ports when this happens?
    Try it without any external gear connected see if that helps, if it is fine then your external gear is switching tuning in the virus.
    I would be surprised if the virus has a fault, but if you have reinstalled firmware and still the same, it only points to what i said above.
    unless you have saved your patches with detuning included?.. good luck.

    Hi Spooj!.. welcome to the forum... i hope you have lots of fun with your new Virus.

    You are correct, this part of the forum seldom gets looked at, as most people only come on for problem solving issues.. not a sociable bunch virus owners :D

    Never looked inside my TI2.. am tempted though 8) but i figured Access would have a great design concept in the Virus, whatever the model/version. German engineering is loved and appreciated in Europe, like us Brits love Rolls Royce, Jaguar, et al!...etc..etc... so i bet them caps are just top notch like the rest of the Virus.. which is what i personally love about it... you can use it as a piece of furniture! ooh...back to my polishing :D

    Interesting!... i have had this before, but cannot pin point the problem because it is so "random" not had any for months!.. spooky!!! ?(

    Who knows?... Only Access know whats in their R&D diary...... in any case, why not buy a virus now? it will hold its value more than any other synth on the market today. (not including old analogues of course) I know since i bought my Virus TI2 2 years ago they have gone up in price by about £150.00 and resale prices are very good, so i consider it a good investment, should i wish to sell it, will have had a couple of hundred pounds worth of fun/use out of it... so im happy. Although ihave no plans to sell mine as im still finding new things to do with it and features as ye unexplored!.. its a lovely bit of hardware and worth every penny IMHO so why wait for something new?.. thats one reason i bought a virus, because it WONT BE OBSOLETE in 6 Months!... you are paying for Quality, years of research and development, unrivaled sound quality, and once you buy one, you wont want to stop playing it! oodles quality and touch that you just cannot get from a cheap plastic synth..

    So, take your time access!.. im in no rush to update. Its like the classic Neuman U87 microphone, about £3000 but oozes quality, almost perfect! and cant really be improved much more,

    Thats my 10euros worth!... 8)