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    Hmmm, that's interesting that you say that. One of my side hobbies recently has been trying to recreate some of my favourite patches from some of my other synths with the Virus - I started doing it to help me learn my way around the Virus hardware & menus a bit more & also to see just how versatile the Virus actually is.

    I never thought about it before but maybe I will make some of these patches available, it would be a "Best of …" many synths collection as opposed to individual synths.

    That's could be a good idea :) . I see videos on youtube with a virus ti sounding like a CS-80 (Blade Runner) and I though "I WANT THAT SOUND!!". A "Best of analog synth" could be a winner soundset (at last, the virus is an analog virtual synth, is possible to recreate any analog sound with it, but it demand to much time...time that more of us don't little 3 years children :love: is more important that my virus knobs ).

    Analog synth designers, now you have a mission!! :thumbup:

    Finally, the problem was the power suply (access original X( ). I changed it by another generic power suply, and the virus makes no noise :wacko: .

    I want to comment that I don't like the no "on button" feature on the virus ti. ?( Everytime that I connect the power wire to the virus, the screen lights on...

    I connect the virus ti spdif out to a Roland vs-880 spdif in. When I up the volume in the roland it makes a lot of nasty noise, like electronic noise. I think the problem could be the virus power source...


    I upgrade my virus ti desktop to OS 4.5 beta. I notice that when I want to select a parameter with one of the three soft knobs (ex:a parameter from 0 to 127), I put the knob to the end and no arrives to 127, it stop in 80, or 75, or 90, and I need to use the select buttoms to arrive to the number, or to the letter, or to the parameter that I want to select. (Another example, I want to select the phaser's stages (1 stage, 2 stages, 3 stages...) with the soft know, and always stop before arrive to the last parameter (5 stages, I remember...), and I has to continue selecting with the buttons).

    It's annoying...I don't know if it's an OS bug, but in my virus the selection with this knobs don't work fine.
    Does this happend to anyone else?

    pd:sorry my poor english, I try to do my best.

    Hi. I know that virus is a virtual synthesizer, and I don't know nothing about how dificult could be the implementation, but will be great to have drum kits, in order to use only one midi channel for drums. This could mean to use drum samples, or a type of keyboard mapping to assign one sound to a one key, and all keys in the same midi channel...I don't know, but now I need the virus and another synth for drums, because for me is more easy play drums in a drum kit, not one channel for the bass drum, one channel for the snare...a drum kit it's more intuitive.

    To much patches for only one man :D ...I recently adquire a virus ti and I spend the time searching in the ram and rom banks, and listening the sounds, and filtering, resonancing, LFOing...but I feel ok :thumbup:

    Hi. My second hand virus ti cames without the side wood panels, and the plastic screen broken (a little...). Well, I contact access and they send me to a two authorized sellers here in Barcelona...The first say me that he can't contact access for that (? ?( 8| ?). I ask for the price to the second seller and they want 90 euros :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: !!!!!!!! for 2 wooden pieces and a 1 plastic piece ?( ?( ?( ???? OMG X( X( X( !!!! sorry, but I am a little anger :cursing: :cursing: , and I'm not crazy. I don't like giving away money, my money. I think that I will buy a wooden piece in order to do two DIY side panels (5 euros) :thumbsup: :thumbsup: . That's all, folks.